Saturday, December 31, 2011


Japanese night with Shan Zee
omg, it's 12.35am now..just now i had the greatest pain at the spot where people usually say its gastric pain..I have never had gastric pain before, but i know where it is, and it hurts..>.< wat a day to start 2012! !

preparing for the next girl generation?
Shoot, i'm still hanging on the internet even though i feel like sleeping to forget about that diaphragm so-called whatever pain. SHIT!! i ate something just now, like two hours ago, what happen..what happen grr~
with the japanese, their kimono is AWESOME at the back.
vampire is celebrating at Rock Cafe.Unfortunately, i don't think i'm allow to go, because it will be till midnight and its like sooo FAR..

O.o..i like this picture XD jia wen wanted to snap photo with him because he had this hairstyle where most girls who snap at it.
oh yeah, he's not japanese, he's a local =.=''

wee~gastric pain to remind me how i celebrate my new year
what a year


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