Friday, December 23, 2011


At pizza, eating cheesy wedges..>.<' credits to Jiaying for taking this picture.those were the days, our choir members..*sigh*
and now i face reality, i have just come back from 6 hours non-stop teaching. I tell you, it was sooo aching, my ears don't know want to listen what and to tell you the truth, i was atcually Bored..

i love this choir costume best.
Okay, my first official student is a teenage boy who wore braces taking grade 2. I think teaching teenage students are better because they atcually know what you are talking about and when you crack jokes to them, they atcually laugh. and then within half an hour, another girl came in. i had to jump into two places this time, and that girl is in a higher grade, so i had to pay extra attention to her too.

Brilliant, and then after the guy, another girl came in and she didn't know how to practice on her own. So i kept jumping here, there, until i don't know what on earth am i doing. Then ANOTHER girl came in, and i was like..OH MY GOD, where am i going to put you? thank god, that girl is very outspoken and outgoing, she said she can do it herself, and she join the other girl. and i was like, good, you make me like you.

then at four o'clock, dad quickly call me down to have a cup of drink with him at the nearby coffee shop. Then i resume my lesson again until 7pm, goodness, it is okay to teach the same student for one hour, but it is NOT OKAY to teach the same student for two hour! There is nothing for that person to do, you keep repeating the same song, you look at them, they look at you, and we both vomit at each other..
(hold on, i wrote this sentence before twice in my blog =.='')

tomorrow another day, even longer! 8 hours!!!!! sorry dear blog, today i can only manage one post. *yawn* i'm sooo tired i want to burried my head in pillow filled with cotton candy. I'm going to board the bus on my own tomorrow, eat by my own.


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