Saturday, October 27, 2012

just a little riddle

 ola, just back from a HECTIC and tiring day. i sat for four hours straight and thank god my butt is not flatter than the ironing board.
i followed dad to this seminar on PA at penang and dang, was i feeling alienated at 170 pairs of strangers' eyes looking at me curiously.
but anyway, morning, i had a short time shopping at queensbay, but ended up buying too little. aargh, 

 studying! my study mood~~is deteriorating!
down down down, each time i study, i will look forward to wat i'm going to do when i STOP studying. so basically, i put down my books and daydream about what will i do when I AM Not studying . which does not make sense because once i daydream, i am NOT studying.

 Ohhhh so adorable!!! ( no i mean the orange fellow!) Ernie got himself a new girlfriend! weeee
he's soooooooooo cute *sigh* i wish my future son will look like that..haha (of course, minus the orange skin..yikes!)

 my terrible with the clothes. i don't know how to draw the clothes thingy ..hee..but i guess the eyes are okay. atcually, he's one of my book character called Legend. i created him and he's a beast hunter. 
haha, that novel had long lost into neverland, i don't know where the bloody hell did i misplace it. all 91 pages gone, and all left was this picture ==

 so readers, i've been thinking hard for my new BLOG DOMAIN.
you see, people just couldn't pronounce my blog domain correctly when you conjoin FATIGUE and CHIC together, 
it just sounds like

and i've been getting healthier now, so why keep labeling myself as fatigue right?
haha, so i've been playing around domains concerning my name
for example like
or even more plain and lacklustre name like
there! plain and simple, and people would remember it always!

still choosing, so don't worry readers, i'll inform you guys 


Monday, October 22, 2012

decipher this mood and i give you a hug

 just when u are able to sit down and heave a sigh of relief, 
you were told to get yourself up, move ! stop lazying around, do something!
and i just sit there and started pouting till i vent everything out on one single text and a post of nothing but a pure teenage angst.
how long am i going to sit here and be "babied" around
be carried on with just a piggyback and getting unwanted walls when all i can say is that
no, thank you! i'm eighteen with a full fist of breaking free.

 totally dig this!

owkay, so i guess this is another one of those growl moody post ..again..
if the stress is coming around, it's getting right into my head.
thankfully i have enough to deal with , not to mention a few kiddie tantrum would do the trick. but in these four corners of the wall, those kiddie tantrum were all unheard, ignored, left aside, 
that is why being left in an open space is much well enjoyable. 

 and that is why i call this post hard to understand though.
funny thing is, we tend to grow up and think back at what childish thing we had done to make your parents pluck all their hairs out with one fist.
i jokingly said if this was a phase of growing up, i rather be stuck with my pacifier or carry a wooden stick.
i get to learn that the best thing that ever happen to me was that i let go of the past.
and all the past was nothing but a rotten full of unfortunate events. i griefly quote that if i spend another year returning to what i had just jotted down this year, i would say the exact same thing.
nothing but  unfortunate events.

 i found a safety net hidden below my thoughts. 
yes, that both arms are going to carry me on and accompany me through this tough tough year. though i still stuck with a great depth of moods that could blow this net away, it was unintentionally as the more i jump, the greater thoughts would be implanted to you. Somehow words seem sooo easier said than done. 
just by canoe-ing with both arms, i would be able to go over the horizon without drowning in my dreams.
 and yes, there were times i feel totally leftout.
not to mention those talks and silent giggles would sent a cold shiver at my bone wondering if whether those mock laughters were meant for me.
just to grab a few hunch, asking why and what happen sores my throat and eagerness. and just like i have been asking myself repeatedly soooo many times each year, why oh why couldn't i fit into the nicest bottle of my world

 sorry for the illogical and insensitive brickbats i threw to you.
looking in a pessimist way is not what i should be doing. 
a million times i told, i would tell what i loathe and what i dislike, 
but a million times i failed as i couldn't get my voice box or hand to do the trick.
forgive me for the sorry ways , even though it has been a thousand times since .

 cutesy is not a crime.


Friday, October 19, 2012

a potrait of a fierce lady

does it matter if you work hard and get something you doesn't want in return?
does it matter if you relish every moment you have right now just to know it's forbidden?
does it matter if i just shut my eyes and pretend that i have already past these stages of life?
yar, it all matters.
hello bloggie readers, i've been dealing with a whole mood of trainwreck
not to mention sudden mood swings that could kill a flying bird by just glaring at it
my left eye kept jumping. i went through the diagram and found out that its an indication that i will be happy, but hell nt, i have been crying for the past three days continously.
 1.i confronted what i don't like
2nd. mummy growl at me
3rd. my dad was disappointed in me
my long locks of mane *love*
i don't cry literally outside. Its hard to spill tears outside, but at home, those tears come like a ready waterfall. i'm a grown up young lady, but why am i getting more and more sensitive over such mere little things.
if this is a phase i'm going through, then make it fast.

haha! a funny photo to bring up my mood.
school is getting ridiculously boring. The only lesson that i'm atcually paying attention is see, this is what you can do in school all day long

1. daydream about your prince charming
2. stare at your phone wishing it is a smartphone
3. try reading your book eventhough the noise pollution caused is worst than the spectators in a yankee stadium. (if you knw what i mean)
4. try to count how many pimples you had on your face
5. walk to the toilet even though your bladder is empty and you don't mind rolling down four stairs and climbing it up again
6. sing an annoying song just to see the mad expression of your friend's face
7. search for anything edible even though you know you had gain a lot of weight and you know your stomach is not hungry

 wooo~ miss ann~
erm...i'm having this BIG exam in another 17 days (oh yeah)
i don't know whether to laugh, or cry or to just sit there and act like statue of liberty.(if i do feel that free..hhuh!)
seriously, i am more excited what to do after exam than to sit for the exam.
but judging by the amount of huge volcanoes on my forehead, somebody got to know i'm stressing about this so called exam.

My class! if you can spot me, i'm the one with the sleepy eyes!
o yea, i caught a stomach bug again today~~~
but i still went for breakfast with the dudes and one babe to eat Alor star famous pan mee!
meow~ so i won't be going out for a very very long time till STPM .

anyway, i'm gonna do something major to my hair this december.
i don't know how, but i'm just gonna change it for a new 2013 year.
owkay, i'm sorry if i didn't get to update for the next few weeks.
as i did mention before, i had a huge test coming up in another two weeks!
this lady gotta do something before her parents growl at her for disappointing them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

born to be beyond extraordinary

Domino's pizza~~
last sunday was my first time meal at domino's (even though the one in KL had a classy dining table, over here at AS is more like a fast food counter..zz)
the fact that you have to wait in line for half an hour and wait another half an hour for your food to arrive is really a pain.
so we spent bout 20 minutes in Guardian looking at face products instead.
haha, i love to look at products after products without buying anything.

the new york crust was just nice, but the fact that the crust is thin, it couldn't fill up our stomach though. by the way, the breadsticks was infact nice ^^

bowling session. That was ages ago, but i just manage to upload it. Haha..
anyway, i got back all my result already! my pointers were beyond expectations but enough to get me into a university though. But as everyone said so, it is just a trial exam.

and the con side for our batch was like they drop a bunch of new born babies into the middle of the ocean. Some may drown while some lucky ones will resurface again. So yar, this is how it goes for the new system of our form six.

our class photo 2012. Pra U1 Omega!
a lot of people eh? Our class had once reached 50 students, but thank god some got away to other learning instituions and yar, this is pretty much how many of us are now. and if you can spot me, i'm always with the prominent ribbon and had a left side gravity high ponytail.

unpublished photo~~ hahahaha..the day at MPU night~ girls doing the make up
i think that time PAST really damn damn fast. I thought it was just yesterday that i went to muet tuition ..zzz and now after tomorrow, i had to go muet tuition again. anyway, last wednesday, i and a few schoolmates were called (without give any notices) to do a trial muet speaking test.
WoOts~ O.O
i think some of them did really well, but in the end, huh? you got to be kidding me right? i got a high band five for the overall speaking test.

i have a sudden rush to go curl my hair once it reaches over chest length.
yaya, here i go again, destroying my hair with the hot iron and chemicals.
but,ann needs money of course to do that.
i'm tight of it right now after estimating a total amount of Rm43 every 10 days for petrol . haha..== and by that, i'm only left with Rm7 for my weekly allowance.
great, oh great, i really need to stop spending and start saving.
 blazer with LBD
what's install for my school holidays then?
going to Singapore to see my sister (check)
going to Kuantan to see my brother (check)
goint to Sabah to fulfill my mum's wish to shop for baskets over there (half check)

not to mention, i've saw the map of LEGOLAND. it was like INCREDIBLE!
i mean, of course all those pamphlets are meant to be too good to be true, but dang, who doesn't want to go to somewhere new right?!?
*sigh* wish i can go ..HEE

i suppose to wear this to MPU night, but i change my mind after i realize my back is far too revealing to wear it out infront of the teachers.
countdown 3 weeks to STPM !
why couldn't i get the hinge to get my heels start kicking to study madly like i did last year for SPM huh?
is it because my brain was left rusty for six months or the fact that everything in form six is just too hard to absorb .
my face started popping pimples (other than my forehead) already ==
two on my right face and one on the chin.
oh great, just oh great.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Peplum clothes galore

my all time favourite sexy lip singer : Lana Del Rey in H&M
that peplum blouse on her cost Rm59.90
i done a bit of catalogue shopping just now and got all these favourite
ooze out cutesy peplum which i consider really really adorable

 this remind me some sort of pin up girl style where you would look super cute with tight colourful contrast shorts or long skinny colourful shorts pair up with pumps.
and on my own account, i always add my own signature piece which is bunny headband! haha^^
different types of peplum.
so you guys should get the idea what is peplum right now right?
some people would say it make their hip look bigger, but i guess its just how well you pair it up with.  

 oh sooooo cute peplum skirt! ^^
peplum shorts! but i don't really like the fact that the back of the shorts seem a bit funny for my liking though.

 super super cute bow peplum blouse from Zalora~ the online shopping spree.

and well, topshop peplum.
i have only one peplum blouse at the moment which somesort look like the peplum above (picture) in a different type of colour pattern.
peplum is girly, is cute, is oh soooo hard to resist.
i'm gonna get more of these even though i know this may be summer trend.

Coffee Box and the school baboons

I have half of my results back from last week trial exam!
apparently, it was better than what i had expect but in another words, it is still beyond horrible from being excellent.
thank god that my business subject pass and i'm so-so satisfied with my general paper.
now that i have a clear vision of what i would get for my economy paper, ha! fat chance that i'm going to get great pointers for the overall papers.
*tie a knot around my finger*
seriously? ==''

a distressed looking look
anyway, we dreaded the yellow disciplinary paper, all 11 os us were called to stand up infront of the class. at first our beloved economy teacher started to brief us about the school rules and then her high pictch voice went one octave higher and she pin point at my poor friend, shu ping beside me first. DANG, i swear she scold worst than my mum.
so i take a deep deep breath to prepare for d great scolding from her

*scroll down to read my conversation between the teacher*

Teacher: And you!? who allow you to go back? huh? Go back on your own or boyfriend sent you back!?!?!
(zzzz. boyfriend? since day one, she had always refer to me as being not available)
Ann: go back on my own
Teacher: *fierce glare*
Ann: i'm sorry...TT.TT

so the case is close, all 11 of us didn't get the yellow paper until now like she had firmly said she will gave it to us.
anyway, *scroll down if you want to know the exact story of what REALLy happens*

you see, WE went back early right after Business sub exam which is around recess time. there is no heck of a lesson after that, so what for waste your time sitting in class and stare at nothing but a complete whiteboard, right? or waste your time daydreaming at completely nothing but the dust in the air?

might as well go back home and at least do some house chores (which is worthy) or watch tv, online (which will act as a reward system for us being extremely hardworking during exam week)

just seriously tell me this is justice or not?

The coffee box mmmmm over yummy delicious scrumptous fluffy chocolate waffle with banana, chocolate syrup and whipping cream topping @ Phuket

love love love love love!!! oh sooo yummy !

anyway, i've been having GREAT mood swings these days, i get angry easily, happy easily , everything turns into a whirlwind whirlpool.
forgive me if i had become entirely illogical at the little things i get upset about
this sunday~ Domino pizza !!!