Tuesday, December 20, 2011

friends aloud

yay, got the whole hall to ourselves! okay, so daddy agree want fetch all my fwens to new hse even though we will reach there at 11pm. HA! so, i'm going to tell my moumou friends what they are going to expect inside it.
LOTS OF PLASTIC BAGs AND BOX!!! because we not yet move finish our things,and we try to stuff alot of things in it until we could not find any space at all. very paiseh atcually, but i rather you guys come this month than to wait till new year, because as the saying goes, once you're free, grab that opportunity!

singing chan mali chan HOO HOO!! the rotarian guys are sooo funny.
and oh yeah, moumou friends, there will be three bedroom vacant. i don't think you guys would love to stay at the fourth bedroom because no air con in that room. LOL! three bathroom so no need to worry how long tortoise jia wen would be inside.

I think this activity could really liven up my life, occupies me and i'll be really elated.
after this, January! lol, i will be super busy. right now, i have to cook the rice, sweep the floor, fold the clothing, try to heat up the vege, tend to my father needs in computer, fold my bedsheet, and all sorts of chores.
I think i am finally growing up. I cycle all by myself to throw rubbish, buy mummy soap and cycle back like a big girl..lol
yayaya..i know to people out there this is no big deal. Haha, but i want to show my parents that i am capable of going out to study, to go out and everything. Its time to  start to do some big stuff and never sweat the pathetic stuff.

Bring it on!


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