Monday, April 30, 2012

when the baby falls

I've got a call today from school telling me that i had a change in my SPM result. WOooo~ my english! T.T so now i got an extra A inside my SPM slip which is by right, too late to apply anything good rite?
but anyway, now i get 9 A's!!! omg *slap my mouth shut*
never in my mind would i dream of that kind of result.

 but anyway, i got REJECTED from Singapore polytechnic because they told me my english couldn't make the cut. bwhahaha
but everything is too late ady.aha!
bt why feel regret or anything..
so what if i didn't apply Matrix, so what if i didn't apply UPU
fated already, can you take a time machine back?
of course not==
(well just unless you belong to Steven Spielberg's world)

and today i check on the net portal again, (thnx Gray Ban and Zicky! for informing me) i got an interview for Maktab (teacher trainee school?)
yup, they give me my first choise : MUSIC for SJK(c)
primary school teacher?? ahahaha, can anyone imagine me as a Primary school teacher??
*laugh my ass off*

 but it ain't easy! ahaha, you had to pass this IQ test where you had to answer 100 questions within 30 minutes? (sorry if it's the wrong information)
and then you had to be interviewed and obviously this interview will be in Malay (because it's government! DUH!)
and mummy ask me to wear baju kurung to the interview!
woots~ O.O

 so all my friends are going here, there..and well, everywhere~!
most of them were in UTAR, or TARC
and i'm here inspecting Form six students on what shoe they will be wearing >w<
ahaha, i really hope i get UPM so that nobody can say ANYTHING to object me on music.

 ahahaha, E.T girls! ahahaha, don't ask me why we had this name. hmm..let me see..there are eleven of us? so the full name of E.T is ELEVEN TEENAGE girls?
we won't be teenage anymore~

Owkay, tomorrow is LABOUR day!!!
i have no idea what to do tomorrow, since every weekday seems like labour day to me ==
and to think that THURSDAY is the start of my FIRST tuition class already!!!
*wake up*
*saw the calendar*
*faint again*
i don't want to go study arh~~~~~
study means, no online, no blog T.T, no texting, no hanging out
stay at home and look at books
and then wear school uniform and go tuition



Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ann (photography)

 as you can see, there are different photographer's name printed on each photo, so in total, there are atcually five photographers and two model on that day.
this shot(above)
is like a Dejavu to me again, coz i did this background last year.

photographer: Wei yunn a.k.a Sam
from kolej school

 this is one of my very first pose on that day. I realize nobody that i know had done this pose yet, so i just get down on the grass, with my mum's D-I-Y notebook for a touch of vintage.

We are all very akward from the start because we are not that close to the photographer. What more i go and call my childhood friend, Daniel Ting and he brought his another friend (even stranger!) joseph. Everybody is like sooo akward and not feeling comfortable.

 Love this shot pretty much!
anyway, i came without tying the red polkadot head band, so when i tie it, i didn't view the mirror at all. Now as i see it, it's lopsided! AAARRGH!
hahahaa, but what is past, let it pass

photographer: Shi chyn a.k.a Sjing
my schoolmate back in convent

 O.O Soft!
i'm not really comfortable taking full face front while laying down because i had a HUGE face. haha,

PhotographerL: Daniel Ting
childhood friends since we were babies!

 a shot by Daniel .
Joseph brought the ipad? and he plug in the memory card and there it is, my picture was sooo large in that ipad screen.

and then MrGreenz and EKK kang came!
(just calling their FB name, coz i have no idea what is their real name)
this makes thing even uncomfortable and akward, seeing that they are more pro towards photography.
suddenly, i feel extremely self-concious all of a sudden.

 one of my very last shots. The grass i'm sitting on was the culprit that gave me GRASS POX!
i was practically lying down on it, sweeping the grass with my body! lol! and thank god everything is back to normal now...

 me with Jesslyn Loh.
we're both from two different genre. Her clothes should meant to be in Kuala Kedah where she would look nicer shooting on the beach.
Mine is more back to 1960's where i should shoot infront of a mini vintage van. you got the picture? no?

 mouth wide agape!
anyway, i did some research
during a photoshoot, wear something BRIGHT, so that you STAND OUT from the picture.
be comfortable with the photographer >w<
variation helps so that the photgrapher won't feel bored!

 yup, i curl my hair temporary if you are wondering. i look like a bush anyway.

love this shot pretty much! by Sjing
vintage feel !!
and Sjing put my name :Ann Tan a girl that is good in posing
i also don't know where it came from, but maybe it was because i watch too much America's next Top model

i'm not lowing the british invasion on America's Next Top Model!!
all the catfights, MEOW!!

so yar, i know i do not own a pretty face but i DO know how to pose


Thursday, April 26, 2012

preparation for Form Six

 Hello guys! so i'm suffering from Grass Pox now, (even though the world only exist Chicken Pox) How do you contact with Grass pox?
well, i lay on the grass pretty long for photoshooting to get the best shot?
and the grass itches everyone, and i am stilll infected with it since three days ago
Grass pox, anyone want to feel it? good, come here and sleep on this grass
*sly grin*
 so yar, everybody checked if their name is on the form six list.
I was placed in Kolej science stream (gonna apply to get out of that school after orientation, HAH!)
then there was the Matriculation, i didn't apply so i didn't need to worry, didn't need to vomit out of nervousness.
but i was a bit regret for not applying it anyway==

 you see, my school TOP student who get 8A+ and 2 A, she what shit also didn't get!
if this is call Justice, the world must be upside down==
those of my friends who had straight A's didn't get matriculation, instead those missed by one A get it easily.
and what did i hear, my friend (chinese) 3 A's get matric??
wat? he must be kidding me or maybe he got it all wrong, or the government decided to pull our legs or something.

well, i don't mean to be racist or something, but sometimes it's just injustice.
i heard a claassmate of mine (malay) whom i think manage to scrape 3-4 A's get an interview from Petronas.
and my friends who get straight A's can't even get a dot from it.
the country is obviously meant for two
if you know what i mean..
i'm just talking facts here

 hair become bushy==coz i try to curl it.

 so i bought my school uniform today
WOW! i was the FIRST one who bought it, this is EPIC man!
on the 8th i will go to Kolej to register myself, and then observe how many friends i know are going there.
the skirt for Form six is soooo weird, i mean it doesn't look like a pencil skirt and it doesn't look like a flare skirt, so it's like

my bunny headband from Cotton ON!!! love it!

so how's everyone preparing for Form six?
despite the fact that i hateeedd the style of the uniform
i'm pretty excited over it.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Make Up before and after

this is my finished look
first thing, i am not so good in make up == though i do think after making up, i look hell lot different!
i can never draw straight line (even using rulers), so you can expect the hell when i'm using eye liners.
so for this look, i didn't even put on eye liner or eye shadow! HECK! hahahahaha

 ok, first thing first, as usual, put foundation and compact powder.
and then! my essential stuff, double eye lid sticker!
(left original, right sticker!)
so which eye is prettier? of course right wan right??
and my eyebrow need trimming by the way ==

 left:fake eye lashes, right: didn't have any fakes yet.
and oh yeah, besure to clip on your original lashes, apply mascara then only you put in your fake eye lashes ==
then clip on both fake and original lashes together to blend in

finishing look (non edit)
i'm still working on blending the sticker, making it as invisible as possible
(it's shiny so its obvious)

haiz, still working on it, i know i have flaws!


Coming Soon (photoshoot)

 here's just a group shot of our school's top students. ==
if you atcually squint, i'm over there right beside a pull and bear red jacket that cost Rm200++ giant.

i look soooo short and mini..==

yar, the moment when your parents had to be present just to snap a photo with you infront of hundreds of people watching below.

 yup, coming soon!
it was an itchy and hot evening, but i am willing to sacrifice everything to give them poses!
and it was pretty akward to have only two model and five photographers?

special thanks to Sjing lim, Wei Yunn, Daniel Ting and his friend, Yiying kee!
and thanks to Jesslyn Loh too!

more updates coming soon, i've only get this two for the day.
can't wait!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fake double eye lids product

Koji eye talk bought at SASA

(wearing koji eye talk)
 as you all may know
Whenever people say fake double eye lids, they link to DOUBLE EYE LID TAPE. Not many know about this (above picture)

its very versatile, you can even use it as your Fake eyelashes GLUE too!
that is what i've been using it though to stick fake eyelashes.
i seldom use it to create double eye lids because

Bought all these from SASA! (Rm10 each)
THESE are double eye lid sticker  which i tend to use it everytime.
here's my review on each of them!

From left to right
  1. obvious result, but hard to detach the sticker
  2. perfect, best of all fours! but a bit pricey for the amount
  3. too thick, hurt your eye because of friction
  4. Result is not that obvious, but it is good if you don't want to be seen with it

 This is my recent splurge when i saw another SASA at Bukit Mertajam.
First thing i saw the price *faint*
and then saw again how many stickers are in it,
bought it, go back and try.
LIKE SHIT! haha!
okok, it's just that you better stick it properly for your first attempt because if you make a mistake, you have to throw it away coz it's no more sticky!

hmm...maybe next time i should try DOLLY WINK. *swallow*
This is one of the SASA store. They have a lot of branches anyway

 oh, one thing nuisance when you are using the double eye lid glue, you have to clean it up after that, unlike sticker ==
this is MY eye make  up remover, from the BODY SHOP.

This is emergency lash RX. it's a serum (not a mascara) for you to have long lasting lashes. though i don't see any vast difference after applying it ==
haha, saw many advertise this saying it will make your lashes long, voluminize it and whatever. i saw little difference but not as big as what you read in advertisement.

i finally done a review on make up products~


Black Canyon Coffee house

 This is something different

it's spicy after a few bites, but i try to deal with it by sipping my oreo mocha shake. But it's definetly something different, mmm, the taste..

yum yum! Where is this place? atcually, there's a lot of branches out there, and i happen to be at Bukit Mertajam AEON Jusco.I went there with my bro's gf and mummy after a day teaching Choral speaking in her school!

 The tom yam udon mee!
SUPER SPICY!! aargh, i can't eat spicy food! haha..but i try to deal with it, if people say, you must try it, dude! it makes your eyes go BLINK BLINK and you will shoot of the the stars and knock on it!

 aah! the Salmon SALAD!
this is quite PRICEY, but it's salmon after all ==
i don't get it how people atcually can eat raw vegetables and pay such an expensive price for it. I only eat the salmon and the four tomatoes!
my bro gf said that tomato is atcually good for skin and can give you natural blush!
so after that, i went to the hypermarket and search for Cherry tomato!
until now still in the fridge, didnt eat yet ==

straight hair~
just now went for badminton and for the first time in five years (i think) i sweat like i'm in a sauna.
and then we went over to Springleaf for dinner.
too bad, nobody is interested in camwhoring with me, so there's no picture ==


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pose of an emotic dancer

 today i went to work for FOUR freakin hours with NO students ==
turn out that each of my students have school today so half of them didn't come. i spent FOUR freaking hours at the music room doing one whole book of MUET
played two music books
played my favourite word games ( i did 210 words!)
snap photo
and then use my phone to online
(eat my phone battery  T.T)
 if you say this is indecent just because i bare my stomach, i totally disagree with you. crop shirts are totally ok for me just as long as i don't wear it out because Malaysia is a controversial country. It's just for the sake of posing as a character . it's a character that i'm playing for photos!
*shake head*
so what is my character next week?
should i dress up as a boy? 

anyway, sorry for the poor quality of the image. these pictures were shot by my compact camera and not my new camera (coz it went missing >W<)
but i found it! thank god!! ==
all of a sudden, my mum open her eyes again (well, in another second she could change it again)
she wanted me to open a music shop next time, because she look at my boss and nod her head.
HE can renovate his already perfect shop and still have the money to sent his daughter go USA to study Music.
(rich people)
so we are now scouting at rural area for me to make money. Rural areas mean fewer competitors, fewer competitors mean more CUSTOMERS!!

so far we did highlight a few places.
Jitra? Langkawi? Kuantan?

anyway, i'm going BADMINTON tomorrow! (first time going out to play badminton) i don't even know how to serve! i'm going to be a laughing stock for everyone! BUT I'M just going to wash my brain from loneliness and boredom..
hope i won't humillate myself tomorrow

Crop black shirt: Cotton On
Long slack pants: MANGO a.k.a MNG
shoes: ALDO