Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seasick, Airsick, Lovesick

I don't know whats wrong with me, but i blurt out a question to my mum if i'm allowed to date boys. >.< She says must see the boy's background. Those selling phone that dropout from school is what she consider BAD enough. Then i told her about vampire, and she says we know each other soooo short, why can ask for a date sooo soon..
and i was like $*#&^&, coz its  two weeks already..i shall wait patiently till the right time come.

and i feel so bad, i MISS that vampire~ vampire, vampire,..hopefully you can stand not meeting me that often. You always say it's OKAY, but i know it won't last LONG. People have limits, and soon you're not going to be here anymore...T.T You'll be leaving Pluto to Penang~

and when vampire start working while i am not working, i feel soooo empty. yes, thats lovesick for sure. Today i waited for him for FOUR HOURS! but thank god, i'm busy with my work too, so i didn't feel that sick enough to throw up. Yesterday, i found out that each day he spent rm10 on me >.< and with that, one month he shall spent about Rm300. curse his hp plan, its too absurb!

after knowing his obsession with vampire, i guess i start to believe in twilight =.=''
Dear vampire, you ask me to promise you something and i did. But i didn't ask you to promise me anything..well, not yet atcually, it's pending.



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