Friday, May 31, 2013

Symphony orchestra 2013

it's been ages! really AGES since i've been in this orchestra!
no, it's only been one year that i skip the orchestra which is last year. 
seeing that i have no longer continue my classes on my violin, i didn't expect my teacher would call me up (as a replacement) to join this orchestra again!
and seeing that i will only be given two days for extreme practices, i manage to get through it in one piece

i was so grateful that my friend, Choon Siang snap a picture of me! i was feeling kinda disappointed that i didn't get to snap this concert! (seeing that it will be my last year around here)
but thank goodness he came with his camera! haha

anyway, i've been to this concert since i was 12 years old. Back then our first concert was not even a symphony orchestra! we and other school students joined up and form a real orchestra (ya, with real bands and all that, with the percussion and woodwind instruments)
then after that year, we perform annually for the music school. then 2009, we had our first SYMPHONY orchestra club in ALOR STAR!
we finally get a name as a team in our state!

My violin teacher and his wife and all the keat hwa people
he looks like Sam Tsui (the famous youtube singer) and an asian type of Willy wonka played by Johnny Depp. 

the empty seats before we started filling up. 
but anyway, this year concert (or maybe since last year) was filled with Keat Hwa Students, after they had ALSO form a Symphony club in their school. 
our song for this year is just much the same like our previous year. 

stealing pictures from Chewwoon Ooi ! haha

backstage before the show starts!

i thought i was the oldest among all of them after walking in the hall and looking at all young faces staring back at me. 
but finally i found a friend who is older than me! haha
no kidding, i didn't know where did all the seniors go to, i think i'm the only one left here ><

flashing back to 2009, there were plenty of seniors back then. it went very well. 

this was our concert back at 2010! the BEST damn year ever!!! why? because we get to collaborate with Penang PESSBAND (the percussion team) and we also have CHARIS CHUA!! a very young and talented musician! she played and sang her original song while we play the background music! it was the best damn concert ever that year! so much life back then!

but what i cannot forget was back in 2008 when i am the only one lone ranger from kedah that came to KL with all 14 states of Malaysia gather together to build up this concert at KLCC plenary hall.
i skip school practically one week in 14 days. 
this was the best experience i've ever get, to see the big soundproof hall, the faces of fellow ministers in the ASEAN countries, to get to know all corners of Malaysia people (i didn't know Sarawak has soo many musically inclined people!)

practicing was a nusiance though, 
they have strict rules , you have to wear your school uniforms to practice, 
you have to be punctual, 
practice time duration is like going in for a roadkill. 
and to the wonders of all, we manage to organize everything to the max, from the strings, to the drums, to the woodwind, to the piano, and THE DANCERS! AND THE SINGERS too!
and there were also choir teams too!!

this will be my last post of the day, and the last happening that happen lately. 
will be off to Koh Lanta for five days!

this is Koh lanta! a beautiful beach at Thailand!

till then, wait for me after five days!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tea Garden Alor Setar review

it's my first time doing a food review in ALOR SETAR! my own hometown!
i choosed Tea Garden because i truly think this is the only place where people can really HANG OUT!
people don't just hang out and chit chat, they have fun, playing games while having their drinks and snacks. Tea Garden has it all!

This are their menu! but what i like best other than drinks and desserts are their western food and snacks!
damn, i really think it's really worthwhile trying it. 
here are a few of them

i bet this is the famous snacks of all, because it's the bottomless french fries!!
you can eat and refill it again and again and again! limitless! the french fries are also crispy too! everytime i go to Tea Garden i'll be ordering this without even thinking what to order!

wanna eat something filling? you can eat crispy chicken with thai sauce with rice! so you can even have your regular meals here!!

i remember the first time i came to Tea Garden, i tried their chicken drummet, it was really crispy! and not like other shops, their chicken tend to be bony, but this seems meaty enough to eat!

i personally didn't try this yet, but i've been there loads of time to know that this dish is a favorite among the customers. seem nice right? will try it one day

they have really nice interior too! you can choose whether you want to sit at the chairs, or the cushions! or even better the one behind me!
i always choose this place though. 

they have this! which make it really special and worth spending your time for hours there!
they not even have Jenga, but they have monopoly, Uno cards (tons of them), poker (loads), sticks, chess, board games and tons of magazine. 
one suggestion to them, put MONOPOLY cards! i love monopoly cards! they should have a pack of it!

my gang of friends~ we were split into two groups though

the place~ it's always pack at night. 

and this is the last time i went there. even with a group of four of us, i didn't wan to leave so early. 

we sat like a boss in there.
on the whole account, i only manage to refill the french fries five times (which is quite a lot)

and the highest Jenga i did was this. 

Tea Garden is the ultimate hangout place , you can drink, eat, snack, play games with your friends, read magazines and ALSO
you can bring your homework here to study too! their wifi surprisingly is not that lag the last time i tried it. 

Tea Garden is situated at Jalan Putra (opposite Sentosa, right beside Kek Sayang)

for more information, you can check out their facebook page and take a look at their food and location! and the feedback of the customers!

i know people will say i'm a hypocrite. because there was a time i didn't like the dessert, but if you want me to rate the place i wan to hang out at, i'll give Tea Garden 5/5. 
besides, i really like their snacks and food!


*Tea Garden is a franchise, you can find branches all over Malaysia*

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fast and Furious 6 review

just after my last day of semester 2 exam, me, shi yun, Yk, esther , low and dan went to catch the last show for the day. it's the 2nd showing of Fast and Furious 6, and seeing that Big Cinema had limited choice of movies, and since it's a boy's film, we just go and watch it. 
honestly, i spend half my time asking Dan what is going on? who's the bad guy? Why she do this? 

I've only watched one series of Fast and Furious, and that is Tokyo Drift. 
(that's because the theme song sounds nice and i watch it just to hear their background music . O.O Oh me god)
but ok,this time is full of action pack! no more those racing all for nothing (like the first few series)
 there was one part where it left my mouth agape wide open. 
this Vin Diesel guy (the bald fellow?) can jump up for like what? 12 feet with just to push the girl (who was flying high too) right into an oncoming car. 

Even James Bond film don't have this kind of action thingy .

and oh my god!
hahaha, so funny! right after show, we snap a few pictures.
this picture randomly snap a guy with his nose stuck in with some kind of tampon looking thing. 
(just kidding! it was just a nose breather for people who have stuffy nose)

last picture! right after that, we went to Fresh to eat dinner. 
it was pretty early after we eat so we were wandering around where to go. 
so finally, we give in with the boys, and follow them go cybercafe. 
it was the first time i experience this. no kidding, the whole place is full of foul words flying around! lol!
i went back after 30 minutes because i couldn't find anything interesting to do except watching Wrong Turn 5 on the computer screen. 

this is my Dad! hahaha
anyway, Pengajian Am(general paper)'s answer is out! my Dad is marking the paper, so he has the answer scheme. 
anyone interested can chatbox me!
on facebook or blog!

playing in a symphony concert tonight and tomorrow night!
no kidding, we have been practicing from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening with only 45 minutes lunch break!


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lucky shirt with homemade banana chocolate walnut milicrepe cake

it's been ages since i last posted ? lol! okay, it's just one week ago! i went for a last minute shopping (even though my wallet is sickly thin and dehydrated) i manage to dig out a few change to buy up this super duper ultra i-don't-know-wanna-wear-it-out-to pants!
i saw it's the trending black white prints recently and i think i should have it! so, i spot it at MORIS again! omg, i just love that shop. HAHA
and even though it looks soo tight outside, surprisingly it's really loosen at the waist there. 

tadaa~ i now regret it though, why? because the first thing that came through my mum's mouth was "where are you going to wear it to?"
and it got me thinking, yup, i can't wear it to anywhere! people would stare! I'm not living in KL, i'm living in ALOR STAR! people would stare
and i think
if i can sell it, i would!
anybody interested?

from the top, i like how comfy it is, i don't feel at all tied up!

unpublished photos!~
anyway, i would like to share my exam experience
i think it was much easier than last semester, but as usual, Business studies really is my weakness. i messed up the whole essay questions (which stands in about 50 marks)
i am sooo going to die in that paper again. Last semester, THAT was the result that distort my whole result, and i can predict, this semester will be the same. 
oh why!?!? *cry in dismay* ) :

first banana and walnut milicrepe cake by my mum!!
i was melting overthere because mum put my favorite fellow Ernie from sesame street on the cake!
i gave it a good bathing later on!

the inside of the cake. 
and i have fun on my grandmother's bicycle. 

and a short photoshoot with my cousin (reading the newspaper)


anyway, i've been stressing out real hard!
i have two weeks holiday break but i don't feel any rest at all!!
my sister came home from singapore and seriously it's exhausting!
i've drive here and there, go here and there, did this and that!
and out of the blue, my old violin teacher phone me up and ask me to join this concert (i was a last minute replacement, no doubt, i was given only three days to practice)
and his practice hour are insane!!! 9 am to 5 pm!!!! !&*^#(*??!?
i just went for the first practice today (2-5pm)
and it already killed half of my soul inside!
i can't imagine having to go through 9-5 for the next two days!!

and next week i'll be off for a five days convoy trip to Thailand.There will be 40 cars in one stretch driving to Koh Lanta (a beautiful island near Krabi island)
i don't really enjoy this very much because they be visiting temples and stopping by to see the scenery. 
but seeing that my parent can't stand to leave me at home alone for five days, they drag me along. so i comforted myself by looking forward to the food, hotel, swimming pool and beach

two weeks of bloody packing day!

and i was feeling too sensitive ~
forgive me

Saturday, May 25, 2013

being ignored or was i sensitive?

feeling very down ever since
was i being ignored or was i too sensitive?
am i the only one realizing that nobody answers me whenever i talk?
am i the only one who realize that i'm the only one who cares about them and they don't care about me?

they say you will have the best ever friend when you're in school
i have the best ever family in school
but they are breaking up
flashing back to the beginning of the year
when we don't judge each other
when we group together and have fun regardless of what background we have

until the conflict starts, 
until people understands you and starts to judge you
starts to realize you're not perfect
and they keep their distance

they have codes, they have secrets you'll never tend to have your share with
is this how we roll last time?
maybe it is, that i didn't notice

wishing things will be the same again
) :
feel lonely

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sisterdream and younique clothes!

I don't know why i am not a big fan of make up and beauty products but i focus on clothes!
each time i online, i'll be sticking my eyes on clothes all the time!
no kidding, here's my clothes addiction

this is from a facebook shop called Fashion Store
here's the link

This year trending prints! i saw this at Moris but goodness! i don't think i can ever fit into it!! it's really super small!! (i'm a size 4 but i can't even fit into it!) guess this is only for size 2 girls?

and this is from Sisterdream and younique
Sisterdream collection is only Rm25 per piece!!! super damn bloody cheap! and for younique, the price is a bit higher, but still cheap if you ever compare to buying it offline!
i realize Fashion Store took some of their pieces to sell too! and they are selling it at rm69!?!? so, i guess people, brighten up your eyes before buying ! check out the original store, you get it way cheaper than that!

one of their "younique" piece

i wish i can wear pieces like that too!
plus the models are really pretty don't you think so?

something for prom?


i love bralets!!! ahh if only i can wear it out!

nice high waist shorts for casual

this is the bomb!!

saw this piece at Moris too!! but pieces at Moris is a bit more expensive than this


Damn freaking like this!

damn! i'm in love with it. 
anyway ! they even have their own website!!! it's like a shopping galore there
here check it out!

no need to crack your head to search for anything, just click on what type of clothes you have in mind!

*clothes drooling*
i'll be buying some of the pieces after exam! oh i know i will!!