Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orange shirt

the wonder of self-timer, it captures epic moment
it reminds me of a aeroplane comercial i saw somewhere.
Our trip start early in the morning and we were brought to the palace. Whoa, under the hot sun, we were force to wear blazer because our ORANGE interact t-shirt don't have collars. sweating, and battling with the ants.

five of us mou mou <3.. from left, Ah Hwa, me, ah ning, jia wen the tortoise and sandy the bomb.
with our sexy orange outfit (bleurgh) everybody can notice us even using the naked eye. Keat Hwa 2 student come with sexy red t-shirt, the ST. michael student come with black (its going to be hot for them), Keat Hwa come with white colour and Kolej, unidentified.

inside the palace is like HEAVEN. AIR CON!! OH my this is me and jia wen posing with the princess.

with two kawaii japanese girls. their favourite pose again, PEACE

I already mentioned in my previous post that i hate the combination of orange and green, and here i was being a hypocrite, wearing orange shirt and carry a green bag. XP
and Vampire told me i should go colour my hair orange and green.

stay cool and calm

look at ning's piggy nose..LOL
it was a tiring day, but i have soooo much fun snapping pictures with the japs, singing songs with them, dancing and interact with them. It will be a moment to remember, and i'm going to carve it in my brain..

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