Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cyber bullying

i think i'm a hypocrite. I use to loathe teenage girls that had their hair covering all over their faces, until all you see was the tip of their nose and their lips would form a shape like daisy duck.
and when i got this fringe, i more or less look like them..
seriously, i need to do something with my hair to stop looking like them.

i look at  the mirror, i gasp, who is this PONTIANAK?? face soo pale, hair like mop, standing like a banshee..woo~ don't you wanna see me in the middle of the night, grinning at you like a big fat pig? or shall i drink a pot of fresh blood, spill it out while i'm grinning at you and then take my hair away from my chest and show you

mwahaha..wat a commercial that would be..

anyway, i did a  violin cover for Boa-Eat YOU UP..surprise surprise, people think it's all about beat and dances, that you can't play real song on it. I feel that it's easier than I am the best-2NE1.. there's no flat notes, it got real melody in it. right, since when i become a k-pop fan..
nah, i LOVE the way they dress, its like SUPER SUPER omg..
you can't compare pussycat dolls..
pussycat dolls look like SLUTS
Korean girls look like REAL STAR.
can't believe i am ranting for once. i feel like a real bi-atch now, critisizing Pussycat dolls..=.='' they are legends in some people's view, but to me, is like one whole group there's only Nicole singing and the rest of them acted like they deserve to be in the spotlight. Nah, they just show off what hot booty they have and thought that Nicole couldn't pull it off alone.
wat crap

i know all K-pop celebrities are like STEREOTYPE..more or less the same genre. but you got to respect them for dancing and trendsetting. Seriously, you compare them with those in Taiwan, what Fahrenheit, what lolipop, what 'hei se hui mei mei' ..their songs sound like kiddy song. I just hate kiddy, childish song. Put those groups beside those K-pop singers, they look like a bunch of tadika kids trying to spell ABC with their hands. 
whoa..(can't believe i'm critisizing..forgive me god)

anyway..i'm fierce, even though i rarely voice out anything infront of people. i remember at school, a malay girl was getting on my nerve, she was sooo fuuu*cking rude, i blow up and yell at her. i don't care what crap would happen to me (probabilty that i would turn up with my head dunk in the school's toilet bowl (my school doesn't have toilet bowl anyway)

let me tell you a freaking good secret about me.
I WAS bullied at  school TERRIBLY when i was 13. They taunted me, those taunt HAUNT me everyday and nite. One particular girl spread HORRID stories about me everywhere. I had to deal with CYBERBULLYING too. My whole 13 yrs old was like real SHIT. there was an extend that i cried to my Geography teacher, saying that they had taunt me. There was AN extend that i ask my parents if i'm allow to change my name? 

i guess those pre-teenage years had really build me up into a stronger person, more sensitive atcually, but i'm more aware now to things around me. Yar, and it build me to be a SMARTER person too. I don't give a damn on education when i was 13, but after being trash around, i work soo hard to get out of that HELL class.

i made it..
to those who had been a victim of cyberbullying, or school bullying
avoid them
and make sure you are WAY BETTER THAN THEM!
when they see how SUCCESFUL you are, it's like A SLAP (or maybe 100 slaps)acroos their poor weak faces.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adult remarks

Once i do not have any pictures, i guess my blog will be dead for a few days until i have a picture to upload again. if worst come to worst, i dig out my old pictures again and recycle it =.=''
boring right? i mean like DEAD boring!!!!
and what makes a blog interesting is to rant about stuff. and when i say rant, is to critisize something really badly till you get to influence people.
and when i say critisize, means you have to stick a few awful and obscene remarks.

but then if i stick obscene remarks=.='' my blog will be rated R. not for children. i'm suppose to be lovey dovey right ? but i'm gonna be 18 soon, i'm suppose to grow up anyway. The F word should be openly used..=.=''
okok, enough of me being badass (woots!)

its raining sooo heavily now, thunder..i just watch Namewee song againts Lynas. WOOO~ SUPPORT ANTI LYNAS!!! My bro is working there at Kuantan air base, i don't want him to be affected too! ! no way..
(woots, cencor cencor)



like seriously, tat guy fell down like a pancake flat on his ass.
damn, i should have record it, post it on youtube, it worth more than million views

Friends day out!
left: Akira, Wh Kang, mememe, and tortoise moy(jovelle)
not in picture: Sandy for coming ONE HOUR late becuz she got work..=.=''

haiz, gonna get a new camera soon. it's soo flimsy and blurry...

so this is the score.
From top to bottom: Akira
                            Wh Kang
atcually, the first five games, i play, then i gotta go back earlier by half an hour, so the next five games let Tortoise and Sandy play for me. THANK YOU MOU MOU, at least i BEAT AKIRA!! MWAHAHA

I forgot to upload this photo. ..><
i think the angle is kinda nice from here but my face still look fat anyway..

Drove to town today ..almost had a heart attack at the roundabout and the construction area..

anyway, Wee~


Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthy chipmunks

my mop hair =.='' is growing over chest length now. Is it time to snip snip snip it off?
i wake up feeling that my throat had finally heal. (no more having Adele's voice) but still there's a bit of phlegm caught inside. YUCK
anyway, i'm still dripping from my nose, but i can finally breathe through it!
bt when i came bck frm piano, i feel dizzy ><

i've been playing Tetris Battle all day long. And funny thing is, i keep ranking down instead of up =.='' i know i'm a noob, and when i keep playing it, mummy would go like "not again! you don't have any other game to play keh?"

she ask me about Maple Story, i look at her like she had just ask me to talk to Chuck Bass. Maple story??! lol, the last time i played it, it was at Genting cybercafe when i was 14 yrs old! and the pain of downloading it, and signing up for a new account again, and building my avatar again..=.=''

I believe i am going to grow up to be an obese person =.=''
each time i woke up, i open my lappie and online. If my eyes grow too tired from the internet, i would on the TV or watch DVD. That's it, that's all i do. sit and watch, watch and sit
and when i had to go four times a week of piano lesson, i GROAN.
>< that's because i have to walk four blocks away to my piano teacher house and stay there till one and a half hour..

YEAH! WHo wanna dare me to shuffle while playing the violin!? who!? who?
i don't knw how to shuffle yet, so i should rather say 'dare me to dance while playing the violin" i try singing while playing, it works, but your voice is abit stuck, besides, you can't hear your voice, so you don't knw if its out of tune of not. and the violin just block your vocal cords for being melodious anyway. at least i'm in tune..

YESterday, i tried playing 'I AM THE BEST" by by ear, took around 10 mins to get it all right. WOO~ i didnt know i can do it, considering that the song had sooo many raps =.='' flat notes, and well, speaking a language that i don't know ..
next step is to wait for me to get better, and then i make a violin cover of it..
if i wanna make a cover, i don't like SLOW put me to sleep. ZzZz, and i grow very impatient after playing it a few times. and i dont like happy song either.
aargh, i feel sooo sick now..
wtf..i'm suppose to be healthy this morning..

sweating, and my body is cold. ..



another brand that i love! <3
it come from singapore and it is more towards accesories, from laptop bags, phone cases, hats, umbrella =.='', hairbands, headbands, rings. More towards the male fashion atcually

yeap, more towards metrosexul atcually ><
they just sold SIMPLE stuff, but i think it's hot..LOL
don't ask me about the price wise. i have no idea atcually, but i know that the girl's high waist acid wash jeans cost around Rm99.90..
anyway, i've only bought stuff from there twice, because i seldom shop at Gurney or didn't even bother going there when i was at KL or SG

All the shoes, and male loafers.

the boys clothing.
i recomend this shop and brand for all the males out there..
Price is reasonable


Sunday, February 26, 2012

My sick diary

just after i cut my fringe, while snapping my hair picture, i started to sneeze really badly. I keep sneezing sneezing and sneezing, so i thought maybe it was this morning that i washed my hair or last nite air con was too cold.
Then my nose started running..
uh-oh..Flu alert. I hate the flu, i can't go to sleep at all, because i can't breathe through my nose. and then my throat started to get lumpy...last nite fried chicken kill it!..

so i spend all day with a hankerchief, the constant running to the toilet just to wash my nose =.='' i look like a holy sick person yesterday with the hairband and hair tied like i had just finish delivering a baby. and the best thing is, during evening, i can still walk out to the garden with my sexy friend =.=''
sick ady still can go gai gai! OMG *faint*

So dad make lemon for me. I was sent to sleep in another room so that i don't pass the flu to mummy. And then last night was like HELL. Firstly, i can't get to on the air con, because i got the flu remember? then, the whole room become soooo hot and stuffy(coz that room is where i put ALL my clothes, so imagine how stuffy it is)

i toss and turn, i CAN"T sleep at all! My head started to feel like somebody keep hitting the gong. *bang*Bang*bang*! i got up a few times just to drink water to relieve my throat. URGH..and then can't stand anymore, hit the air con button, and started to sleep..

it didn't last very long, i woke up at 3.30am. Off the air con again, because air con sucks your throat making it dry. This is further aggravate my SORE in the throat. lol..=.=''
then i had a big pain in my cheek. Uh-oh, not again!! this had occur to me three times already, is where each time your teeth close together, it will bite onto the flesh of your cheek. Good, now i feel like i have a huge toothache, a right migrane, and yes, i started coughing too..
its a wonder i haven't had fever...yet..maybe..Nononono, get away

and this morning i got up from bed, there was a sudden feeling of nauseating. >< i DON"T wanna VOMIT! no no no!! then i try to listen, my right ear is partially deaf..><
its 27th today! i don't wanna have my period at this time of my life!! it will totally sent me six feet underground, because period pain is like somebody is inside your stomach, tearing all your tissues out.

yar, imagine that..

*cough*sniff sniff*aaahcchooo*
better don't get my virus..



New bangs!

My eyes look huge here. (no contact lenses, no lashes)
i can't stand my DISGUSTING fringe anymore, so this morning, i CUT IT..i look down and saw long strands of hairs being snipped off...My old fringe which is right to my chin is snipped off till the brow line.

Tadddaaa! i look 10 times younger!! (exagerating)

after having this look, i am (again) label as being GIRLY *sigh*
so if you have long fringe, you can be sexy and rockish watever, if you have bangs, you had to be like that? Cher Lyod had bangs and she look soo Rock, maybe imma gonna take her as my trendsetter, stick her face all over my toilet seat..*CRUEL*

imma thinking of leaving my hair long until it reach my waist. Make it a record that i had never reach before!

imma having flu right whole body system look like somebody had stuffed cotton wools all over my ear, nose and even my throat (i got sore throat too, due to the constant inhalation through my mouth instead of my blocked nose)

i don't wanna fall sick! no! CURSE THE FRIED FOOD i ate last nite..or maybe it was the EPO, coz it is quite heaty atcually..

argh, sexy voice, and whenever i have sexy voice, i will make a song cover XD but now i got flu, so singing will kill people's ear off..


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Strike a pose

Here i am trying on a cotton on long tank top striking or maybe mimicking Blake Lively signature pose. The S shape..=.='' just that what differs me and her is that she had the a beautiful FULL S shape..not like mine, like a deflated S balloon..

so here is Blake Lively. I call that the MOST BEAUTIFUL BODY EVER..and yes, she had the MOST BEAUTIFUL bossom ever too...and she is tall, thin and sleak..lean..whatever you wanna call a goddess..and she was the first cacausian that i've seen with MONOLIDS..
 this proof something, even monolids can be drop dead gorgeous.. 

I was intrigue by this maxi tarzan like dress and when i put it on, i was disappointed that it look like a GUNNY SACK on me..totally no shape, like i had just crawl up from bed with nothing but a poo-colour blanket wrapping me..
after i tried it on, i freak out, took a picture of my freak out face (too freakish until i stick a sticker on it incase it would kill a three year old) and flung the whole dress out of the door..
Today at work...I've had to climb THREE FLIGHT OF STAIRS up and down for god knows how many time..
they are doing renovation there so i had to use a smaller room which i maximise only TWO students in one room. then came five, then six students, i shriek at the sudden increasing amount, ran to find the boss wife, she ask me to exchange with the guitar teacher who also had to use the ground floor after i kick him out from his room...

so, from the top floor, roll down to the ground floor, with violins in one hand, stand in another, the leg carrying the bag, another leg carrying the books..
and then after a few hours, i exchange back with him again..
so up i go...
and then forgot a few things, up and down up and down..



Friday, February 24, 2012

a painful smile

Pale looking eh? coz it's uneditted..
expectations hurt, and people would laugh at you, because you are the one who expected IT, so DEAL WITH IT.
good, so i'm going to soak it up, seeing that you are sooo baddy mood, which i try to understand your situation, i absorb it like a car absorber, and pretend that nothing happen..

it's always me, keeping everything inside my heart, as usual. i remember someone told me before, "You didn't tell me what you are sad of, you just come here and had this moody face of yours!"

Ok, next part...i don't have any fate in dancing at all. it seems like working during the weekend is not a good thing after all, even though the pay and the working time is sooo reasonable. okay, fine, i try to console myself that i am still young, that maybe, MOST PROBABLY i hadn't rust from my flexibility on my hip yet.

URGH, i beginning to hate my SOOOO utterly mess up life of mine right now.
what mess up?why do i feel a sudden embarassment when mummy ask who are those two boys that went bowling with me?

is it because i had NEVER went out with boy friends(not lover) that i feel a bit akward when your mummy found out? i was sooo afraid she was being UNREASONABLE again and forbid me to go out at all..i shoot her back "you ask me to meet NEW FRIENDS WAT!!"

and then she misunderstand that i just scoop them up while bowling over there..=.='' i've known them..LOL, not strangers at all..But that shows my mum, I DO HAVE BOY FRIENDS!!(not lover) how dare she said putting me in CONVENT makes me an ALIEN when i met any RANDOM guys. it's such an insult..

I've been reading this. Yeap, that is a THICK TEXTBOOK on music totally dead boring..ZzZz..all they talk about history history history and how to distinct different music period....and i can't believe they put Steven Tyler in it too, that monkey? seriouslY? on an academic book? REALLY??

another hectic day...
after waiting what seems like a decade, all i received was a text, that put my heart to rest.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cotton On

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND! god..okay, i first get to know this when i was 16, gone a big crazy over it, and then it died off..and now it's back again.
Cotton on is an Australian brand..(which i think so) and their price is soooooooo
AFFORDABLE for a branded brand. Dang, i fall head over heels for it again.

and oh yeah, the long tank top that the model is wearing, i bought it in black and dark grey at SG. Two for 20$ which is..hmm near Rm50.. but you can act it as a tank top, dress or tight skirt. Sooo versatile.

Yeap, one of their tops.  WHY OH WHY, penang don't have Cotton on?!? so i only know genting has one..=.='', yar, i'm too outdated. I'm only waiting for my KL trip so that i can bankrupt over there. ZzZz

Other than clothes, there's also RUBI! RUBI had the typical shoe collection, accesories these are the bits and pieces of it. They even had other RUBI store seperated from Cotton on, so that you only shop for shoes, accesories, sunglasses, blah and blah..

OMG..the leopard prints is super HAWT..god..i saw the red polkadot at Junction8 and my fingers is itching to grab it..

and yeap, cotton on had bags too. did i mention i need another baggie now?

Another baggie..

this is a brogue, not an oxford..

earrings! XD

and also high end shoes.


and my ribbon...XD
omg..quit the

can't wait to shop for my next cotton on trip..