Friday, December 16, 2011


angel? the colour is just soo suitable for my clothes. .. I didnt get to go Sentosa Island , but i have a really great time at Bugis Street..It's like shopping at Shen Zhen, and its better than Sungei Wang ..the price of clothes normally range from $10, of course when you convert to malaysia ringgit, its a different story..

But everywhere there's a shopping centre and it seems kinda gimmick..everywhere is the same format, you see it pretty familiar, pretty tired looking at the same thing after some time..and the MRT escalator zoom you up and down instead of escalating you slowly like Malaysia does..

Best Popcorn iin the world..GARETT (i spell wrongly, forgive me) SOOO NICE, and addictive, can you imagine pouring gold into your feels like that too, coz its pricey yet you want it MORE MORE MORE...come feed me, come come come

Orchard Street/somerset..

YEAH, BIG ELMO..i walk to every toyshop in search of my ORANGE fellow, Ernie and it turn out that it doesn't even exist at all..NObody likes this guy, nobody thinks he is cut, people think he is weird, ugly and well, distorted perhaps? because he doesn't have an infectious voicee like Elmo does..

Bought sunscreen..XP

At Bugis street, where the bee brought us to the best bubble can choose 25% sugar, 50% sugar, 70% sugar..or even 0% sugar which will taste awful but taste like heaven to my mum..
so i got the bubble milk tea, and i couldn't finish drinking it..

walking down the red carpet?
spot the red shoe? it had bows on it! and it cost only $19..but its singapore money larh..

I wanna study there, stay there, work there..


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