Thursday, February 28, 2013

from an all girls school to a boys school

it's been ages, ages since i ever did a real life realistic post.
okay, i know this post will be non-related to the pictures i post up, but this is how i blog.

today i would like to talk about the pros and cons of studying in a school infested by almost 89 percent of males. it's been one great step for me seeing that i've been studying in an all girls' school for five years without having any contact with any boys. seriously, i didn't have any boy friends back then and even so, i didn't have much intelligent conversation with any of them.

having to go to a boy's school (they open up to females for pre-university level) was a vast step but hell yeah, i learn something through it though.
no more shyness or treating the opposite sex like they are aliens.

the chair --again. many wonders what was the chair doing there. i didn't know it myself but i just took the chance to have it as my props. love the high waist jean skirt my sister gave it to me! 

anyway, it's great that you have boy friends because you know you're protected somehow. but there's always a pro and con. just like one day i went down to the canteen to buy some snacks and obviously there were young teenage boys everywhere crowding over the counter. i didn't think much but to wait for my turn, but my really tall  guy friend came over and took my money off my hand, i thought he was playing a joke, but he offered to help me buy the food that i want. later did i know that he didn't want to risk me getting push or probably worst case scenario --getting grope or something by young hormone wrecking boys. 
forgive me for my ignorance
but really thank you for your thoughts.

i know my legs are not-to-die for . 

and there were times where i have to park my car real far behind in dark places before going to tuition. The guys will wait for me and walk me to my car to be sure i'm safely there. which i probably feel like a big queen being escorted by super bodyguards. 

and last year i use to have my donkey friend accompany me to the school's toilet (if the girls didn't want to go, i go alone) because i once walked alone to the toilet and a group of boys started to mock at me and one even bend down  to look at my legs.
but well, no worries now, they open a girl's toilet in my pre-U block now so i wouldn't have any of this horrifying moments though.
but again, thanks ya Dan.

having fun with

what i wore
Lace singlet: from sister love, Sg
high waist jean skirt: from sister love, Sg
Red wedge: Summit
hat: material
waist belt: Cloud boutique at Kuantan, Pahang
scarf: Fourskin

by the way, i figure out what kind of fringe length suits me now~
my hair had grown incredibly long so i really have to figure out what to do with it now before it gets too out of hand.
got half my exam results back! did ok for economics but i'm not exactly satisfy with my BM. 
got my Rm250 book voucher from the government!! thank you!
been watching ghost movie with the girls in school!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

First CNY gathering of my Form six life !

it has been ages since the whole group of us had atcually went out together again! it's like six months since our last hang out, and tadaa, that day has come during the sixth day of Chinese New Year!
we decided to meet up at Shu yee (my new friend!) 's grandmother house!
and here's a group shot of us in the bedroom after the girls wanted to have a bath before continuing the night.

a group shot of us girls! from left: me, lai yein (also my new friend!), Shu Yee, Shireen, esther, Jesslyn, Shue Tin and shu ping!
i came pretty early around two in the noon where there are hardly anyone there. we get one extra ang pow (red packet) more than the others, a reward for coming early perhaps? 
we settle down to play some cards which i handsomely earned a few dollar notes.

the boys! 
tallest to shortest?

tadaa! what we had been doing all day!
i became broke at the end of the day . 

so after we play to the fullest, we went up the room for a girl camwhore session. 
while waiting for a few girls to dress up, we snap and snap all day. 
i had a phone call from mum asking me if i had reach my destination or not.
i asked what time she expect me to be back . so she says my curfew is before twelve midnight!
i can't believe my ears, because normally i would just stay up till ten thirty and make my way back!
i had the same curfew as my sister.

after that we got hungry so we went to Viet Cafe to eat. 
i have no idea who suggest this place, because i always ate there and the food had deteriorate trough out the years. 
i didn't know why i didnt voice out to go Asioki instead. 
but anyway, eating in groups is sooo much fun!
after that we went to blackball for some dessert.

and here are a few shots of what we are doing in the bedroom. 
meet my new tall skinny friend! Lai Yein!

esther and me! 
thanks esther for uploading it!

outfit of the day!!

Hat: Material (hundred percent eco-friendly material)
Peplum Top: Bugis Street, Sg
Shorts: P.Co from Padini
red strap wedge: Summit
Bag: kiosk from Queensbay

a very scary looking me
anyway, i went back home at eleven. i didn't want to push my limits too far even though my mum agrees that i had to be back just before twelve.

well,just before we left for Viet Cafe,  my car couldn't accelerate. i went panic stricken. luckily i carried Shireen by my side, but i feel embarrassed that she had to bear with my car problem. it started drizzling and i quickly phone Dan who was the only car remaining (the others had sped off)
he tried my car, it didn't work, but we had to be at Viet Cafe cause the other is waiting.
damn, my heart felt like it has just drop off my car seat.
so after offing the air conditioner in my car, wind down the window, the car works like a boss
but , again, i feel embarrassed to have to let my friend bare with it.

the next day, i had it repair. Rm510 god damn money splurge on it just to repair one air con pump.
i pity my dad.


Friday, February 15, 2013

babe cny gathering

shey hwa house was just like it was last year when i last visited her.
full of great designs
a work of an art.
anyway we went there for steamboat on tuesday which is the third day of chinese new year.
i didn't quite remember where her house is so i had to fetch one of my bestie , jia wen there.

and we spent one hour thirty minutes waiting or maybe drooling for this (above pic)
looks soo delicious right? yum yum! i tell you everything was in place. we had bowl chopsticks sauce pot all in our places. so it was pretty organized unlike the steamboat i had over at my house. 

within the one hour and thirty minutes we watch jia wen curl her hair in this awesome bedroom like closet. yup, this whole bedroom is like a boutique store full of neat clothes hanging around. 
I've noted that into my "TO DO LIST after i get myself a house"

ok, i think somebody is going to catch me because of illegal gambling.
for the sake of chinese new year, gambling is a tradition.
we don't bid huge amount of money but we just did it for fun.
but , well, as good citizens of Malaysia, we didn't gamble (i deny the fact even though there are money lying around the floor , that was ang pow money. just in case i got into huge trouble)
no offence!

tadaa!! a clear picture of the bedroom like closet!
i spent my time looking at coats after coats
drooling at it 
getting my hands on it (even though it is rude to touch other people's stuff)

picture time! i haven't meet Xin Ning for approximately eight freaking months!! the last time i saw her was around May before she skips off to another state. 

my proud to own neck piece from vintage wardrobe.

and my current facebook profile picture.
yah, i've been getting loads of questions whether i dyed my hair or not.
nah uh, i didn't. those brown strands were due to excessive exposure towards the sun.
there, damage hair =brown hair=you dyed your hair!! XD

anyway! today is the last day of my chinese new year holiday!
had a crazy blast yesterday loosing approximately Rm12 but had to pay for somebody else's dinner.
will update about it at thursday!!

to all my blog readers! I only update my blog weekly, which is thursday night or friday night. 
i constrict myself to online only once a day to concentrate on my studies which is huge and important this year!
but i will take my time to visits each and every bloggers who left me a comment on my blog!
i will also follow those new followers who followed me!

love love


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese new year day 2

what i wore. 
recently i'm obsessed in curling my hair regardless of how much damage it will do to my hair due to excessive heating. i just make one awful conclusion which i find it hard to believe it myself.
i try curling my hair and put on some bedhair wax, final result: sticky, stiff, bloody you have to wash your hair after that.
i try using curling styling foam result: awful nothingness
i use nothing , just pure heat! and my curl still last till now.
so i really don't know what is wrong with it ..zz

one big group of my family!
using my superb timer!
but damn, i broke my camera stand ! argh!

siblings, erm, i look awful weird here. my bro look even creepy like some kind of kinky murderer staring at you. mwahaha.

ok so on day 2, we went to visit my sister's godmother place. 
apparently that place seems to be infested with girls.
seriously girls! well except my dad . look up! see, what i mean? hahahaha
and we're all about the same height! 

and back home, mummy made dinner! the butter prawn was the bomb! love it, unfortunately too little for us. waakkkaka

and here's one bloody lucky shot of me through the hand of my timer.
so this was atcually yesterday's outfit. i'm like one day late from everything.
today i went for steamboat at my lovely friend house! we had our babes gathering there and her house was as lovely as i had been there last year.
updates later!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Day one

hello guys! i finally get my new year dress and clothes and everything!! thanks to my sister who appeared with a bag of clothes!! oh my god, i was expecting only a peplum blouse from her but it turn out she brought LOADS for me! i can't help biting my nails in excitement when i stare at that pile of clothes. 
anyway this is my outfit for my first day of chinese new year!!

all the grandchildren! (well not quite, we missed out three of my cousins from KL)
we didn't do much because my second aunt wasn't there and my third aunt only happen to come to my grandma house at night. so my sister suggested that we go back alor star to visit my mum's side aunt.
and for the first freaking time i drove my dad's big long car from Alor Star to Perlis like a boss using the remote area road.

we visited the temple early in the morning. me and my sis wore the same blouse .
so back to my driving experience. 
first of all, i had never use my car to drove such long distance in such narrow and busy road.
secondly, i have never even bothered looking at the road. 
and i manage to figure out the road back .
phew, thank god we didn't get lost.

me and my bro and my sister.
again, everybody said i'm the older sister.
woots, do i look like i'm 26 years old? T.T 

one whole shot of us in our grandma house.
mummy not her T.T
using my camera stand and my self timer shot. 
well, i didn't get much of "ang pow" this year because i didn't stay long in Perlis to do some visiting . 
so poor.

ahaha don't ask me why is there a chair over there.

one final picture

ok here's my ootd
peplum blouse: Bugis Street , Sg
Pink shorts: P.Co frm Padini
Strap heel: Summit
rabbit polkadot headband: Cotton On
Necklace: Vintage Wardrobe

i wish you all a happy chinese new year!!! 
more updates coming soon! today is the second day of chinese new year and obviously there are more pictures!!
gonna go for a steamboat gathering tomorrow
chinese new year really makes me fat!
all i do and all i think was to eat and eat and probably eat in my dreams too

anyway! wish you guys a happy chinese new year!


Friday, February 8, 2013

favorites Chinese New Year 2013

me, flying up high self shoot myself with Nikon p510 . 
if i am not mistaken that dress is from my favourite blog shop
which i will detail review it later after chinese new year.

i rant about not having chinese new year clothes right? so that day i had a shot of going to this night market. 
i didn't find any nice clothing piece but i found this awesome accessory from VINTAGE WARDROBE.
i had a shock of my life when i saw that this facebook shop i use to view is just right before my eyes.
so i bought this after much fussiness  for Rm23

i appeared in Emcee Couture blog! ahahah
didn't know she would choose me out of hundreds of satisfied customers!
ya, i'm wearing one of her pieces. 
ok here's a full detail of what is Emcee Couture

Emcee Couture is a blog shop and the owners CREATE her own clothes
CUSTOM MADE it to fit your body.
sounds awesome right?
you will have clothing that fits you like a great apple pie.

this is one of her new February creations!
i always love peplum but most of the peplum i wore from stores seem weird around my waist. 
i bet with a minor customization, this will fit me perfectly!

Crop top

lovely peplum top again

"Minor Customization."
Minor customization to existing creations.
For example you can request for different lengths,different fabrics,slight size changes etc.

"Full Customization" 
You could send me a picture of an apparel that u wish to own and we'll have a discussion to make it happen =)
The charges and whether it is achievable of course depend
1.Type of design
2. Level of difficulty of the design.
3.Type of fabric 4.Design of fabric 5.Sizes

And the charges quoted will be inclusive of:
1.Material(fabric and lining etc)
2.Accesories like hidden zipper,buttons, laces etc
5. Sewing

copy paste*

she even appeared in the newspaper!!

lovely!!! go on! click on the links!! you won't regret it!

and a final picture to end the day before stepping into chinese new year!
will have pictures of the great celebration!!!


my day this week
skip school (with my parents permission) because i didn't want to join the running marathon in school
so i went to the library to do my general paper project work
ended up having a 30 minutes shopping for nothing
drove 15 minutes to BLACKBALL for some taro balls and wintermelon ice shaves
drove to see my aunt
what a big day that Tuesday!