Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving house

i don't knw why i rotate it, it still remain the same..forgive me..i'm going to move this hinterland where you dont see any shopping mall, see no friends and see no chinese..but at least i got a room , with my musical instruments, many places great for photo shooting and a compound..

My friends plan to have a SLUMBER pARTY over here during CHRISTMAS PERHAPS? hopefully, they just don't say it and won't do it..because i'm having really high hope on that..i've already sort out the gore movie, the comedy and check whether this whole place is fit for five bubbling girls to jump up and down..we can go boating after that at the lake, sit the buggy and yell at the hill..

all my clothes had been move there already..i can't believe i dare to depart with my clothes for a while..OH see, this old house cannot be stayed..the whole cupboard look like it can collaspe anytime..houses with an experience of three flood incident can really damage the house..imagine how many bacteria living inside it..

Ann vs Tree..
Shirt dress: H & M
Crochet Bag: Mummy Made it


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