Monday, December 19, 2011

girl with the red skirt

haven't eaten any breakfast at all this whole morning and my arm is swollen. Something bit me, vampire perhaps? i badly want to buy a HD microphone, but of course it doesn't come that cheap. Rm200++ and i only got a few bucks in my wallet (curse the shopping) just pass my comp test and going to my practical tomorrow with Ning. Bizarre, i met j3 friends, but he wasn't there, ha!

my dad complain yesterday after he was force to clean up the room. He said i should go check my head because i drop a lot of hairs. True though, there is really something wrong. But after further investigation frm fellow friends, i found out that dropping hairs are completely normal and the bee said the human drop 1000 strands of hair per day..crazy arh? i never heard such thing, she will be bald by another month!

going to rehearsal for Japan night with Sandy and Jia Wen and Ah Hwa
muack muack muack
can't wait to see their faces again


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