Monday, May 22, 2017

SwissVita Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum

Hi guys, it has been a really busy month. I've been going out running errands at school here and there under the hot sun without bothering to shade myself with the umbrella or even try to avoid the sun. They say Kedahan are not afraid of the sun, so obviously i walked under the sun like a boss without thinking how badly it can affect my skin later on. 
     My mum and sister have dark pigmentation on their skin due to the sun, so it be no time i be having the same problem as well. I do have some dark spots on my face, i think are pimple scars. So after i got this product from SwissVita, which is Micrite 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum i think it be a real help to my skin.

Swissvita anti-spot serum have the power to lighten your dark spots and also improve overall skin condition, improving your skin texture and also with a better skin, your skin will not look so dull and pale all the time. 

This serum is jam packed with ingredients like tranexamic acid that hinders sun spot from appearing ( i really need this) and treats pigmentation from sun. It has also LS 908 Extract which lightens your skin shade. They also contained AC-11 which is a skin lightening herb that helps in repairing and minimizing dark spots. Not only that, this will help you get whiter and clearer skin. (say goodbye to dull skin)

 I like how it is so small which is quite portable seeing that i will travel frequently later on. It is also easy to apply. It is 30g for this serum and cost about RM135 which you can get it from here directly 

(If you buy it in pair, you can get it with RM115 per piece)

 After receiving the product, i always like to try the texture out on my hand first . So here is some test and go pictures. 

 The serum. Not oily at all, but i do advice you to squeeze a little bit out only because once applied it will give sufficient coverage already. 

 Applying on my hand. 

Before/ After

Okay, so i apply on my spots where i think my skin tone is uneven. Results can only be seen after one week of applying, (don't expect to see it works like magic after applying for one time) So i give it a minimum one week time to see the wonder.  
After one week, my pimple scars are lighter and hardly visible. It is not greasy, easy to dry of (so you don't need to worry looking like a grease ball after applying). 

Swissvita Micrtie 3D All Use Anti-Spot Serum has won Watson's Beauty Award and received numerous positive reviews from users. I know it can be a little pricey for just a small tube of it (even if is small, it can last pretty long seeing that just a little serum of it can do quite a lot of coverage).