Thursday, December 22, 2011

Basic growing up

Thank you Yumie, my junior for taking this picture and constantly viewing my blog. XD
I don't know how to survive when school reopen, not to say that i have school, but i can't drive yet, so i be stuck in the house staring at the screen, and the screen stare back at me, and we both vomit at each other. Bleuargh..

Me and sandy. Atcually, i don't remember this picture was taken.
I want my SPM result to be out now, i want it to come out now now now. I don't like to wait for something that i work really really hard on. Come rain or shine, i just want to see what is the result of my effort in it.

me with turtle Moy a.k.a Jovelle MJW.
recently i watch gossip girl season four and found out that Ed Westwick has become sooooo fat and shaggy looking. He can only look great with Blair or else he just look like a pervert hungy polar bear.

currently FB realationship status with Jovelle MJW <3

oh yeah, i wanna rant about recently, my parents had become very very conservative about my dressing. goodness, i have been wearing the same thing before and they didn't speak a word of it last time. Now only they blurt out that i shouldn't be wearing this. I was like...hey, i wore this before and you didn't even say anything before. That dress is not even low-cut, it's just above the chest, you can't see anything there..
and then i had a plain answer
i shouldn't chop my hair at all. My hair covers my neck, and shoulder. It i had short hair, it would be bare and i bet all my closet blouses and dress would be prohibited! >.<

urgh, i'm a grown up.


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