Thursday, February 25, 2010

My beloved ORIGINAL novel (rated 16 above)

I was thinking of spoiler if i wrote whatever drops of words is in my masterpiece..but who cares? because it will never be publish..just unless my mum find me a publisher or an agent..fat chance..
Note: This is an elite story of upperclass adolescents..

The story start with Ava who is sooo lonely and desperate that she wanted to give a try to smoke..What she didnt know was that her long lost best friend had just came back from rehab and saw what she was trying to do..
So the story patch back..All Ava know was her best friend, Sarah went to rehab for kicking a guy's groin and made him impotent..ouch..and she had a case of drug abuse..Ava was left alone when Sarah dumped her best friend without telling her which rehab centre she went or what so ever detail about her..
and now Sarah is back..

Things get better when they agreed to make peace and the story twist into another love story..Ava had this huge crush on this guy name Jason whom real identity is a hotel heir ..He changes his name to make sure nobody knows because he didnt want any special treatment..(a not blond Hannah Montanna?)
Jason hadnt had his first girlfriend yet..(surprise..he's 17!!)

Ava seemed really original and non-faker like the other girls in his elite school, so he give it a try to ask this girl out..and it worked...(C'mon, Ava's parents are the biggest bussiness branch in her city)..
Neither did Ava know that Jason had a loads of secrets behind him..
is she really his FIRST girlfriend?

Meet Ed Tresswood, Jason's cousin who had been living with him since he was a toddler in diapers..His late father owns three clubhouses, one basketball team and five restaurants..(So, Ed is RICH)..
The con side? Ed is well known as the Prince of Cassanova as he seduces almost every girl her walked past..(cant blame his look, it's soooo seductive)..
Ed had this obsession of recording his "one night stand' each time he brought someone home, he got all the tapes in the cupboard (More then his POSH clothes)..

So, One day, Ava went to where Jason is staying, (the hotel of course) she went to look over Ed's room. She saw a whole strech of tapes with all sorts of girl's name over the label..She spotted one label that didnt have a name but instead..acronyms..J T S V...
out of curiousity, she went to view it (Which is very STUPID) and caught a big surprise as she saw Jason (much ragged looking) and her best friend, Sarah Vincy (surprise!) on the bed...(that's gotta be interesting)..

So now you get the secret right? Jason and Sarah seems to have a history behind them, and Ava didnt know..(well, who would want to know?)
Ava confided Jason and he told her it was his past and he didnt even know who Sarah was..He was too drunk and he was overdose with drugs..Sarah was also heavily dosed and the two happened to be next to each other at the clubhouse..(so, you get the picture right?)

Ava was sooo angry that she went out with Kyle who seemed to be the male version of Mother Theresa...
But he's not that holly from what he claims to be..He turn out to be fantasizing( bad one) her ever since he met her trough the community meeting..
Then, Sarah and her cliques of friend plus the guys came and rescue her as Ava was pushed into Kyle's car..
too bad huh? Ava was drove out of town, her worst fear was at the East side where her mother had warned her not to go there since small ..(but Ava go there once in a while coz Jason lived there)

Ed was the only one with driving liscence, and the car could only fit an extra one person..(you guess it, Jason was the one that went)..They were after the car and soon they reach a very remote area that even local people like Jason couldnt identify where they were..

Then the car stopped and Kyle came out from the car with a knife on Ava's neck..He threatened to slit her throat if they come any nearer to her...He brought Ava through the trees and Jason dialed the cop number quickly (why didnt he do that earlier?)

Conclusion,(well, i didnt get to continue the story yet..)Ava was half-raped..(not completely) as the cop seemed to find their way there..Ville city is not tthat big...
so how do we end a story like that? Did she get back with Jason? Did she still keep Sarah as her friend..(they waren't atcually cheating on happend six months ago)
i derno how to end this story..i have left it hanging like that..

which is a PAIN...

(author of Elite Secrets)


Anybody had any idea that i exist in Youtube?? YooHoo?? anybody??/
ok..that's very quiet..

i didnt noe that youtube could be sooo boring after you watch video after video of ppl doing covers, making fun of celebrities, or even talk about themselves all day ( i did that too..that's called a vlog)

Hey, infact i think doing a violin cover for some popular songs could be more ..ME!
please watch me playing Bad Romance on my out of tune violin (yeah i noe, its out of tune...)but its from my ear..and i have done ssooooo many retake that i nearly smash the violin on the table...GRR..there's sooo many disturbance..

So other then doing violin covers, i  have a lot of guitars cover that i am very ashamed off..and i have done one piano cover that i think nobody had done that cover yet..its NO WAY the unpublished song sang by Lady GaGa...then IM THE FIRST ONE!!!!

Then i got bored and talk to myself infront of my video's soo addictive that i forgot how time flies and i found out i have spoken at least twenty am i going to post a twenty minutes VLOG out at youtube? absurb right?
( so i have to limit myself...i shall talk and talk while im at school then..there's sooo many might be wasted not to hear me talk right?)

and then i spent most of the time finding new songs so i could do another violin cover..i only do fast tracks as slow one could be dead boring...the only prob is that i always ended up with zero result..tooo bad...i didnt uploaded anything new recently..

and oh yeah, i got my original song..too!! i wrote lots and lots of songs..but it can only be played on the piano..there are only a few that could combine with the guitar but it always sound soooo lackluster..urgh,..
sooo..i doubt anybody is reading this...HELP PROMOTE i dream of working in a studio, help ppl record their labels..i wish to work like is the base for me..good myself..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

So how's new year guys? Awesome? Boring? Well, it's better this year because i think i had a better hair (last year was short and i hated it every second..)

so this year, i have a very huge dilema of what to wear during the first's the first time i take branded stuff seriously but who cares about expensive stuff when they don't even know you're wearing one of them? i was planning to stay in my Grandma's house which is in Perlis (the Northest side of Malaysia) and have a duet cover with my Singapore cousin ( she only come back here annually, wouldnt want to miss a chance)

So, we had this CNY (chinese new year) tradition where we always watch ghost shows together, eat ice cream and at night, my aunt will treat us cereals, .but this year? erm..there's a lot of difference in this year..we turn out ..

  • watching concert shows which kept repeating each day ( you know what ASTRO is famous for)..

  • stuffing our face infront of the laptops..(no Internet, but we got hook on playing Comp games)..i was playing the Sim 2, and now having an obsessive addiction towards the clothing section where my cousin had download lots of amazing collection..AARGH!!

  • playing with the dog, whom belongs to one of my cousin in KL and they name the dog Bobby..he's a shih tzu and he's really very obedient..( we got sooo bored that we were thinking of teaching it how to play poker) po-po-po-po-poker dog..

So, we had do a lot of visiting...and i had take lots of pichas...with my cousin of course..HEHE
this is my favourite cousin, Regina...who lives in Singapore and had an amazing voice and happen to be 13 going 14 this year..
we were sooooo bored that we went to the beach (its not exactly a beach, its a port) and there was a huge playground we decided to give a go with the see see saw atcually is equal! that prooves our weight...

my dad didnt get a goodnight sleep so he ended sleeping at the back of the house , in the middle of the road and under the tree..great place huh?
and then we ended up visiting our relatives houses..this is the house where we called it 'the chicken house' because it's like a farm there..and we even watch a 11 year old boy playing mahjong with his folks..greeat..
i was soooo bored that i snap my ya doin, spongebob?
the weirdest cousin( On the right) didnt appear to have any fault..

so how's my Cny huh? pretty boring huh?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

who am i?

i am sooo nobody, recently i just found out that i could talk about myself without getting tired infront of my Ipod video recorder..gosh, it's so addictive talking to myself infront of a small piece of gadget that i've ever had..

so, who am i atcually? normally teengaers aren't that great in identifying themselves, neither do i..but as years gone by and now im stepping into some new year that i learn how to grow into a more mature and thinkable young lady (didnt it sound old?)

So, im not 16...YET and i later decide that i will always follow the trend of a fashion addict but will not dream of myself falling into the fashion industry because i have no idea how to draw...I have discover that i really love music technology (working behind the scenes inside a studion, audio editing or record people's label or made some pretty awesome music)

 Have you realize that when you're younger then 16, you think dresses are awful? you wouldn't want to be seen dead wearing heels and your big sister's big floral dress.. you rather ought for something emo, black is your new ghetto..but when you're older..

"i want a dress!! i want punps!! i want at least a high waist skirt or dresses!" there, this is what a normal 16 years old girl would go on yakity yak yak away to their friends..feminine? i do think so, but maybe it's because a girl is a girl anyway..they finally realize what DO look great on their body..

So, when younger teenagers looked at older teenagers, they will started talking saying that this girl must be going all out to impress guys..But i will get that point straight! WE DONT DRESS UP FOR THE DUDES TO SEE! WE DRESS TO FEEL COMFORTABLE FOR OURSELVES! Juniors, there will be a day when you finally wake up and think that you are too old for you shirts and shorts..and sneakers..

i remember that when i was fourteen, i and my groupies would laughed as we heard someone our age wore make up outside and dressing like she wants to go to a ball..I shall take back my words now as i know it's no big deal dressing to please ourselves..who cares if you dress with fishnets and low cut tee's or had on a GAGA wig, it's who you are..dressing up is to express ourselves..(besides music)

so, whenever im feeling down, i would really need to go shopping! Really, a great shopping could please me and i will never get sick looking at dresses from top to bottom.. here to talk about who am i and i ended up talking about teenagers turning point of maturity..
anyway..just to tell you guys straight..i have a small pair of eyes (yes, you may sleep looking at it) and a long nose ( are you thinking of Ronald Weasley's nose?) and a very small mouth that contains metals and wires..(braces, geddit???) i am five feet one and a half inch tall, weigh about 92 pounds and had hairs that certainly is a pest to me..

so who am i? To all teenagers at this point..they certainly had no idea who they are and what's the point of living in this world ..My opinion, i strictly had no idea who am i ..too...


Thursday, February 4, 2010 gotta love em

Well, school's started...all my friends are seperated..well not all, but only me...It's obvious didnt it? That i was the only one that didnt get through great grades but they do and now they left me leaving my own life with another clique of friends which are NOT YET my Bff... Nah, i wasnt complaining about let's get this straight...i have two Bff which i found highly amusing to atcually intruduce them inside my blog..

Let's meet them:

OCY ( She kills me if i wrote her name out here..exspecially in red!) so she's the school prefect..a futsal freak and a Miley freak..well, the only things we had in common is that we talk nothing but crap stuff..she loves to be funny..and i love listening to people who are funny..she's about five feet four and recently dyed her hair brown during the holidays..( now it's black, after all, she's a prefect) okay, so this is how she works out for me..

  • We walk around the school every every morning during the holidays we cycle around the houses every every evening ( not to mention making new friends with a pug dog named SexY..)
  • We walked each other to where we wanna go we always share about the magazines and our favourites.. oh wow..i can only think of four..but i know we had A LOT to talk about..and i am very glad that she stills come and find me once in a while...i appreciate her a i would never find another as crazy as her..WAKAKA

Nicole is nothing but a great listener and a great person to talk to...She's a great swimmer, great in English, and not a rule-breaker ( of coz!) she had been my bFf for like two years ( more then OCY) and my mum knows her which is even better becoz we could hang out even more... We talk a lot about a lot of things..i have no idea what we talk about anyway.. We use to gabber and blabber about this and that We use to imitate people's walking or dance or other it's hilarious) I went to her house twice...XD ( nuthin to be proud of but i am!!) I know, there's a lot a gabbering ..but we cant stop talking anyway...I appreciate her a i would never find another as talkative as her..WAKAKA
our form teacher (2009)
Nicole on the on the left..

me and Shireen Yong..we used to be best friend back in 2008..i dont noe what happen after that..

this is SuYin who had been playing the violin with me since form she's the cellist and our string leader..O hail, senior!

erm..i do look weird here..Wei Ying is even weirder...she is now our keyboard leader.


I hope it would not be the's really hard to find real friends at this kind of stage and i was hoping even more uproaring journey with them! Dont let the class seperation affect us..please..Boo HOo