Tuesday, September 23, 2014

short post ~

i'm busy like a horse
don't ask me why, i also spent money like water, but i try to think of my parents each time i wanted to indulge myself with something ho chiak yet so expensive, then i just shrink away and order something cheap instead
but then there's so many things to spend on, my daily breakfast, books, notes to photostat, join this and that event need entrance fee, food is not cheap (unless i walk back all the way to my hostel just for lunch then walk all the way back to campus to attend class again, which will be exhausting so i ate inside campus)
so now i'm downloading this budget money app in my phone so that i can keep track of how much i used (inspired by Hueyfern cuz she always jot down what she spent on on her handphone haha)


i have awesome friends though!
didn't know before we even met, we already manage to clique into each other, and talked like old friends
so when we meet each other, there's no reason why we are still so distant away from each other

*picture taken at our first day out to queensbay mall to watch Maze Runner*


well i think friends are really important when you go to university
they are all you got and i really do want to find a true and loyal friendship here. 
you see they be around you all the time, and they'll be just like your family 
and we can care for each other all the time
friends are important!

i can say i hardly see my boyfriend at all, haha only some night when we go down for dinner together, or if i ever bump into him in any corridor i just say hi to him like mutual friends (okay lah nothing to worry about we already 2 years, *consoling myself*)
so ya i can say even my boyfie around at campus too, friends ARE still important

Here's a last pic to end my post
i finally search through the mailing system in usm already
and get to know that poslaju is quite near 
(skynet quite far which is still a bummer if i have to go pick up my things)
so i'm starting my online business back again this 1st of october 
because i REALLY need pocket money
(this time not for the sake of occupying my time, my time slot is packed like sardine except night which i have to use it for studying)

cheers to another day of busyness tomorrow
btw, it's my birthday tomorrow
and my timetable is full
boyfie actually have to go Pulau Jerejak for project work
i can predict a lousy birthday tomorrow 
oh well~


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon from Natta Cosme

hi! it's been ages since i done my make up review on anything
and this time Natta Cosme sent me my all time favorite make up product: 
Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon
*spray confetti* 
seriously, i can't go out without putting any colors on my lips because i do not want to look pale . Putting colors on my lips brighten up one's feature and making them look energetic and so on. 

now let me tell you why i prefer colored lip balm than lipstick and lip tint
 it's moisturizing (: lipstick tends to dehydrate your lips, i don't know why my lips always feel chapped after using too much lipstick over the weeks

here's a very nice illustrative work of an art by Natta Cosme team 
they are always so dedicated in making sure everything looks nice even if the product is just two crayons.

i can't believe they actually gave me real crayons too! just brought me back to my childhood days where i used to draw everything out of crayons. haha
as you can see natta cosme had upgraded their box too, it used to be box colored, now it's black and it's even more hard cover now 

and they sent me a postcard asking me to draw my childhood memories in conjunction of creating peace to the world (: 
so i drew it and i'm going to post it back soon to natta cosme (:
okay, i have no talent in drawing but i'm sure i think i spread my message clear here ? haha

Let's move forward to the main star of the day: the lip balm crayons
i got two in different shades of colors
that is:
1. Sakura Season 01 (which is more towards purplish tone)
2. New York Uptown Pink Girl 02 (which is my favorite because it has a hint of peach color blend with pink)

product description:
Rose Hip oil: smooth dry fine lines
Aloe Vera Extract: soft supple lips
vitamin E: moisturize lips

What can Miss Hana lip balm crayon do? 
Keep your lips well moisturised and protected from harsh and dry environments, especially for you ladies that spend hours under office air-conditioning, which tends to leave your lips and skin dry, resulting in chapped lips. With several colours to choose from, you can easily achieve a natural lip colour, and repair your dry or damaged lips as well!

[ Increase Your Charm ]
- Use at any time, release and moisturise lip all day.
- Apply lip balm crayon before bedtime, your lip still keep tender when you wake up.(though i find it funny to sleep with my lips looking colored ) haha
- Bicycle riders wear face mask, can protect yourself from dry lips that caused by sands.
- Reduce licking lips.
- Do not rip off the lips dry skin.
Suit : chapped lips and dry lips

[ Note ]
- To maintain the quality of the product, to avoid placing at extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures and direct sunlight.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Do not use if wounds or abnormalities. During use/ after use, skin appears flushed, abnormal swelling, itching or pain, stop using it immediately and consult a physician.
- Please do a skin test stimulation before use.
[ Packing ]
4g from Taiwan

let's see the shade of the lip balm on my hand
highly pigmented, it really stood out like a lipstick too haha
and it's also very shinning when apply, really boost the oomph effect

New York Uptown Pink  girl 02
i seldom have natural pout lips, my lips just sunk down like a moody turtle. 
When i apply the lip balm crayon, it makes my lips pout like Lana Del Rey (<-- abit="" beautiful="" but="" exaggerating="" font="" haha="" her="" i="" is="" know="" m="" nbsp="" pout="" so="" think="">
the moisturizing effect is really superb , i guess it really works better than any lip balm i've tried. 
plus i really like the shade, it matches with my blusher so i decided to used it during my photoshoot for that day :D

i can go out and take photos without lipstick (: 
it's so moisturizing that i do not need to worry if my lips would turn out dry in the photos. plus the glossy look really add a plus point to my MUA of that day (: 
shots by : KingP Alexa Sheryl 

Sakura Season 01

next i tried a different shade for a different feel
i don't really like purple shades on me because it's just look too lady gaga (i don't know why i refer it to her but maybe i watch too many mv of her wearing purple lipstick)
but i decided to try it anyway and i was astound that it actually not that bad after all. With proper outfit that matches it, this would be my favorite too (: 
plus i think the pout effect has gone up seeing that i used this lip balm for a week already. 
I can't stop snapping duck faces selfie hahaha
which is cool, because having pout lips is sexy, Real SEXY~

a comparison between two shades of colors
sorry for the bad quality : i'm away without bringing my camera and it would be another two weeks for me to go get them again back home T-T

Pro: it's highly moisturizing and it's like buying one product for two ! a lip balm + lipstick 
plus you can  sharpen it after the tip become blunt. The price is also affordable : RM35 and it has a long lasting effect which i do not have to worry to reapply it over and over again . 

Cons: it's easily smudge when sipping on your drink and eating (i actually ate my lip balm and my food taste weird)  

photo credits to: Natta Cosme

you can shop for other shades too! they have a darker redish tone too which i am eyeing on it as my next target :D

you can check all the pretty colors here : 

Good News for my readers (: 
you are entitled to get a free Miss Hana Lip balm sharpener worth rm15.90 with any purchase of Miss Hana Lip Balm crayon from @Natta Cosme (: 

Price used to be rm39.90 , now it's only rm35 :) 


thoughts to ponder on

i know i NEED to hand in a review post by this week, i'm working on it, i didn't know uni life would be so hectic , like i had just sign up for "the biggest Loser" weight reduction program which never works because after all the walking i get hungrier faster. 

but this is not the point for this sudden night post
you see i signed up for Jazz Band which i thought it would be cool. I didn't know it would be some sort of "orchestra oriented" thing which i had develop a sudden loathe towards it because of practicing in a large group and you can't even hear what you are playing. 
nobody HEARS you. i thought it would be a band oriented where you can form your own band, learn new instruments, play your pop song, jamming together, have fun! i went through orchestra for almost 8 years already and none of it was pleasant because of late practices and playing accompanying notes instead of the melody . i don't like to play accompanying notes, i don't know why, it just doesn't sound like a song when u pick up the violin trying to practice it as firsthand
no, i do not like orchestra.it is not my thing even though i got 8 years of experience in it.

i was very excited when they have the audition booth opened for any freshmen to enter. a violinist was playing solo with all the famous pop song like Let it go, Frozen, i thought i wanted to be that. That is ME. but i didn't know that i would be signing up for orchestra activities too ): 
Everyone was so professional and the  lecturer is sooo stern and fierce.   they play till almost midnight and there's no bus and i have to walk all the way back to my hostel which took 35 minutes (my roommate actually timed it) 
okay bratty me couldn't even walk for 35 minutes for three times a week 
oh well, if u everyday got class and u have to walk here and there and at night u have to walk again, especially up the hill, you get what i mean
and it's dark...

and dangerous

you can picture zombie apocalypse coming

*troll laugh*

 i went during the morning session, decided to skip the rest to go on an important mission for my friend. then realize we had took up 7 hours for that mission and came back hostel already exhausted just to receive a message from my roommate about whether im coming or not because they are asking for me. T-T i just recovered from my sickness and i don't know i felt such a big heavy burden being placed upon me

Now i post a question to myself
"am i happy when i'm there?" 
"so far, no."
"do you think it's worth the effort?"
"to get my csd to ensure a hostel spot next year? Yes."
"But are you willing to commit?"
"No, when things become stressful, any commitment becomes a burden"

i talked to my friends, 
they ask me to drop , maybe when things become un-enjoyable, it's time to stop
when i think of dropping it and had made up my mind, i felt a weight lifted out from my shoulder
like , finally! i have free time~ i am able to balance my life, i am able to do the things i like (not to say i don't like music, I DO, just not my genre), i can go back to my hometown every week! i miss my family ): i miss my blogging life ): i miss my online shop
maybe, with this burden dropped, i be able to blog during the weekend, spend time with my family, do some online sales ? instead of being tied down 3 years with a big family but no freedom to do what i want ):

i think i make my decision clear then ): hope it's still in time
and i do hope i didn't offend any of my seniors there 

Next i would like to thank a lot of helpful friends , without them i don't know where will i be or stand
even to those who only knew of me for 2-3 weeks. 
Danelle, Amanda, Juee , Wilfred , Choon, Miaohuan and her roommmate (without them i won't be able to get into BM class ) , Choon , adrie , susu, hueyfern,  Julia (even though we are not close during class), shekinah, boon n andrew


Monday, September 8, 2014

busy post

Been in and out from uni these days
surviving with only 1-3 hours of sleep
and now i'm finally starting my first day of class
which turn out to be nothing but an express slide show and finishing minutes earlier than our given timetable


it's really hectic but at least there is bus now for us to vroom to anywhere we want instead of walking again
(trust me , orientation week is a PAIN in the ass)

will update soon, too busy to actually care about my blog and shop.