Saturday, December 24, 2011


The second day of my work~ not that chaotic as the first day but i had to board the bus alone. and guess what, all the passenger seem to get down the bus during the journey and then left me and the driver alone. all sorts of images flew through my head like, articles of passenger getting rape, murdered, blah blah blah..i text my mum, and she phone, i put it on loudspeaker, so that the driver atcually know that i am telling my mum where i am

lol, the dress i'm wearing is  atcually very very short, but it's singapore after all.
The thing about today is that i had to speak malay all the time today and i kept mixing it with english. I don't know if they atcually understand what i am trying to converse.
and i make a total blunder a lot, but i manage to buy myself food.XD

dude, i just realize the bee hand is on my butt >.<
Merry Christmas to everyone out there
tomorrow gonna go to penang~hopefully i am able to find the perfect new year dress for me.
finally, monster is out of my head ~
thank you, Alien...


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