Friday, December 16, 2011

FIVE ways

5 ways to heal a broken heart
  1. Occupy yourself with FUN things you like to do
  2. Whenever you think of that pain, try to think other things that make you happy
  3. Always console yourself that there are still many people outside for you to meet and open your heart to.
  4. Join HAPPY activites with your friends and family
  5. Never contact that person because your heart will fly back again
Five ways to regain happiness
  1. StAY AWAY from things that may hurt you
  2. Always tell others what hurt you and they will give you happiness
  3. Do things that elate you, like hobby or just sleep to forget everything
  4. go for food comfort or in my case, i just listen to HAPPY song
  5. Avoid watching soapy drama, romance movies..

five ways to regain your cool
  1. Always wear a smile
  2. wear properly, talk with passion and be confident
  3. meet new friends, meet new people, meet the WORLD
  4. view people who are eveen less unfortunate than you, you will appreciate
  5. Don't be shy, you are who you are.

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