Thursday, August 26, 2010


Obsessed over Ed Westwick and ...myself...

okay okay, there are a few parts where i over reacted and acted like a dimpy kid with a very small world to live in...forgive me,..i am very childish ...

Blair and Chuck memorable scenes...though i hate season 4 because Chuck found a new girl who happen to act in Harry potter and the Goblet of fire..Ugh



Watch while eating

ways to wear a harem pants..

i suddenly feel like i totally had no mood to blog now..HAHA
but i have pictures ..ready to be upload..i can't just abandon them right?
you know what?
because i kept watching Ed's video...
the fan did a great job in making his video...

Sorry guys, i kept writing Ed's name all over here...can't believe he died in gossip girl season! he got shot dead..
I"m broke...i can't even afford a dress!!!
and i kept eating oreo...and i kept thinking my stomach is big and i kept thinking that i nearly need to stop thinking of ed Westwick because i'm afraid my heart will leapt out and i have to sing 'Don;t run' to it..

what am i talking about???


I think after you read all what i write, you had to wash your brain and maybe bake it dry to make sure i didn't affect you deadly...
SERIOUSLY, i still had to talk about ED WESTWICK...
don't blame me...please...i know you're getting annoying that i kept typing Ed Westwick all over my
i found out blogging is way boring then watching Ed's still picture..

I just hair is longer's quite long atcually..
soooo happy...

people asked, where do you take all your photos? in my house of course...
anyone notices that every full shot photo i took had a black dot on the wall? yeah yeah yeah./.
that's for making sure the door did not make a hole through the wall when i bang on againts, it is obviously, the front of my house...with the cameara timer on, and not a single person around..

Mainly, i'm just crawling around the house like a leech..

i still had to write Ed Westwick's name again...
and again...
hopefully, this obsessed thingy will end by the end of the month...
loving of Ed W. is like having a foetus in my heart...though i'm not sure how on earth did it appear there..


Pick a cucumber

Choo-Choo Ber

"i am ...MRS WEstwick.."
people! laugh your head off ..

oKay okay..i keep watching his pictures, keep watching his slideshows..keep hearing him singing...don't get it wrong..i'm not talking about a random person that exist in Alor Star..
he is way far away from my continent...
He is of course, no other, but Ed Westwick..i LOVE him..OBSESSED with him..CRAZY over him..and one day...I will MARRY him..
ha! in my dreams...
  1. He make my heart beat extremely fast each time i look at him (through the screen)
  2. He is hot, gorgeous, hot, good looking and hot (can i say that agaiN?)
  3. He has a pair of seductive eyes (the main reason why i had the hots for him) 
  4. He was once in a band
  5. he is only 23, (not too old for me..haha)
  6. He is not CHUCK BASS (yeap, he and JEssica had been an item for 2 years before breaking up)
  7. He is an ENGLISH man..(hear the accent, baby)
  8. He is not that freaking tall (173cm.)
  9. His eyes his eyes his eyes10.His everything...(except his hairy chest..Nah-uh am i going to see him half naked without a shirt)
Mummy made the cake, i decorate it with creams, biscuits stick and oreo ..again..

Mum had made an appointment with the technician to take my braces off...this coming tuesday..WALAU!! imagine, you had been living three years with that braces, and now it's going to depart with you...It sure feels like one of my legs got amputated then...

can you imagine me being without braces, smilling like a baboon? (without a red backside of course)
haiz, no more getting tease by people about my 'PAGAR' more getting a freaky smile by the ice-cream man infront of the more getting magnetic attracted to my hairpin more getting the trouble to brush my teeth more getting glee-ing at people with DEMI LOVATO's big mouth, no more..

how sad....


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ed Westwick hearts...



Who the heck?


Here are all the things normal friends won't know about me *GLEE*
  • My whole family bake frozen foods....i still don't get it why you had to fry it to eat it..imagine all the oil spurting out each time you take a bite..YIKES..and i kept thinking is normal to bake frozen foods, but it's not...
  • I only eat eggs...for normal meals..yeah, throw me any eatable eggs and i gobble it without realizing that i have gobble you down mistake
  • I do not like the colour orange, because i don't look good wearing orange and i hate to eat papaya...there, now you know the reason why orange hurts my eye
  • i have an obvious mole on my right =.=''
i've been walking the lonely road of boulevard streets...MY FOOT..that's only my house..
My family is VERY food-healthy.
.I've been eating wholemeal bread since i was born, brown rice had been intruduced to my family since i was 12, egg yolks are considered as poison, candy is a no-no (chocolates are legal btw..), pickles and persevative foods will cause cancer after you take one bite, fried rice, noodles are full with veggies till you can't even see there's rice or noodles in it, homemade cakes, bread and pau are either wholemeal, eggless, less sugar...
There, now you can see why i turn out to be sugar's biggest fan...

And the list goes on
  • My house don't close our gate..Yes! only at night, when we're sure nobody is going out after that..WE leave it open from morning till night without closing the gate..and there is yet to have any robbery thingy going on...Who don't close their gates at home? EVERYBODY closes their gates at home...
  • I used to be sooooo utterly obsessed over HARRY POTTER when i was 11-14 years old..i bought up every HARRY POTTER stuff that i saw and i make a list over the price..gosh...i can buy an iphone with that money..i've watched the movie soooo many times, read the novels till it doesn't looked like a book (it looks more like someone had puke all over it)..bought all the games, list down all the characters in HP (you don't want to know how many characters, is uncountable) and oh yeah....i've even wore HARRY POTTER clothes to tuition when i was 11..can you believe how childish i was back then???? ARGH!!!
One of my collections that i've still have..The dice, the HP characters, the invisibility cloak, and the MAZE boardgame that costs me a lot..i REGRETTED it thinking back..i could have easily bought thousands of clothes with that load...ha! and do you know? i used to have DANIEL RADCLIFFE's half naked poster sticking on my school's's that for a boyfriend?
And i collect magnetic cards...from Hotel cards, unused credit cards, membership cards and so on ..Guess how many are there in this pile of mine?
Number: 174
and yeah, please keep a secret about the Genting hotel cards..normally, after we check out, my dad would just hand in one card and hand in the extra one to me that a crime?

I used to dance...for four years...hah..and my dance teacher is Lini's mother who is a great belly here's what left for my dance memory...i don't think i can dance again, body had turn very stiff and exercise kills me..yeah, when i am diagnosed with fatigue sickness? hah...don't expect me to show off my dance move, i'm sure you'll had to wash your eyes out after watching..

Got nine nail polish (took it from sis as a hand-me-down) and never used it..completely wasting because ANN doesn't have fingernails...
EEW..don't get the wrong idea..

And yeah, i have to admit that i am very dumb, naive and don't know anything..throw me a crocodile and i say hi to it...throw me your shoe and i think it's a telephone..but throw me a guitar, i'll play you a's a promise..
thank you Annick for your wonderful Poem..
though i still need a translator..
She's the pretty girl with rock star dreams
Her young heart yearns for no means
She's the pretty girl with flightless wings
Her wild eyes craves for beautiful things
She's the pretty girl with braces smiles
Her tight pursed lips once filled with cries

and this is how i define BOREDOM
BOREDOM is when you read the instruction manual to a remote control
BOREDOM is when you kept pressing the refresh page, just to see if it works
BOREDOM is when you type your names in GOOGLE just to know if you exist or not
BOREDOM is when you start opening the fridge door and popping your head inside just to make sure the temperature remain constant..

and if you're boredom is as bad as mine
tell me about it

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Blabber Ga Ga
Just a brief moment..
here's what i've been thinking for the past few hours..


Jie Jie is on the train to KL
Couldn't connect to Ah Jia's new blog
Wonder if Annick had post something about my 'inability'
(i do not have power though)
J3 hair cut sucks! why on earth did he shaved his head?!
What am i going to wear tomorrow..
What am i saving up for that i can't buy any 'ball ball' at school
What picture am i going to upload to my blog this coming thursday..
Why am i stuck at school half an hour later then everyone..
Ann fall for Ed Westwick again...


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Be patient...Ann...
Nobody asked you to wear shoes in the house...=.=''

I must be patient..i must be patient..Like Jia Wen always say, "human must be patient"..

cannot get to use facebook~ Be patient..
cannot stand people showing off ~ patient (normally i would just show off back to them *GLEE*)
cannot stand the jerk and maggie mee: Be patient
cannot get to go out with friends: Be patient
cannot get to use phone: Be patient
cannot get to have a recording demo: Be patient
cannot get a real band: Be patient
cannot stand living in silence looking at J3: be patient

Okay okay, i must NOT sulk if my mum didn't allow me to go on facebook..i've already ask for her yeah..i should think of the positive side instead...I may not be able to enjoy a teenage's life..but i get to dressed myself up...
like i'm allow to wear shorts and skirts..
i'm allow to do my hair
not enough??

I just realize...i didn't realize..
Double faces?
really, there's no one whom we can really trust these days...even if she treat you better then your best friends, just don't know who she is behind your back..when you get the news about her tail..
(here here, your teddy just loose it's head)
I can't stand people with two faces...They need a mirror to walk for god's sake! so as a warning to everybody out there who is as naive as me..(ahem..i didn't say i was that naive) please keep a mirror beside for safe keeping..
that person would backstab you any moment..

Hah..forgot to write something interesting here..which happen last week..
As usual, everybody had to go to another class for chinese exam
the minute i stepped into it..
the form five's banana (chinese who didn't know chinese) exclaimed..
Mdm chua looked down sternly at me thinking that i may have entered the wrong class
Mdm Chua: You take chinese?
Ann: yeah ( be thankful i didn't take tamil)
and just this afternoon, my math teacher went around and read the class result paper..
Ms Beh: You take chinese meh?
Ann: Yalarh..
Annick: She doesn't seem like she knows chinese right?
Ms Beh: know how to speak bo?
Ann: (i sooo many times at class speak chinese you didn't hear kah?)
Annick: That's why she speak very weird de..



Pray for a wishing star?
Finally get myself to wear an ORANGE wasn't pure orange no big deal

My violin teacher asked me one day if i would like to got KLpac (KL performing art centre) and join the KL team..two days for RM300++ this must be insane..My friend is having a trip and she only needs RM 297 for six days five nights...I cried so much because my parents didn't want me to gooooo..I'm going to perform..not going to a TRIP ..for goodness my sis helped make a deal, i need to write three malay essay per week in order to go..
HUH! it's all up to fate..THE TRIP TO KLPAC got the tears i spilled..

Recently (or maybe quite a long time ago) i had put on some serious weight..Like on earth can someone put on 3 pounds with one go? Blame the food! Blame the cheese ball (i called it ball ball) at school! Blame for the never ending foods at home! Really, i can't imagine why i couldn't stop eating..At school, i brought like two tupperwares of food and ball ball to eat..I still FEEL HUNGRY...( no, i wasn't hungry for clothes this stomach is empty) I had to write 'STOP EATING' on my hand at school to keep me for begging for food ..but there'll be no control at home...
Ann: Mama?
Mama: Har?
Ann: I'm hungry larh...
Mummy went to the kitchen to cook something...
(After ten minutes)
Ann: I'm still hungry larh
Mummy went out to buy bread for me..
(Two hours later)
Ann: Got food?
Mama: yeah, i just bake cake for you..
Ann: Oh great...
Ann went on eating and eating and eating..
Annick:What kind of hair next time?
Ann: Pixie cut
seriously, i think pixie cut paired with glam rock is like AWESOME female Michael Jackson..
There was one time i went in MNG (there was a huge sale there) and a girl came in with pixie cut, wearing high boots over black skinnies and a grey cuffed long then onwards i make up my mind to get a pixie cut before i die..
Mata sepet..

The chess mania starts again..I'm addicted to chess!! seriously, i'm going to quite ping pong club and join the chess club instead (despite that the club T-shirt is red) Bring it on baby, i love love love CHESS...only English chess, i am completely hopeless in chinese chess..

CHECK OUT THIS shopping BLOG please
my sis and her friends had just opened it!


and if you're my classmate..
you don't need to pay for postage..
i'll bring it for you


Thursday, August 5, 2010


RAWW!!!!!! THE BATTLE BEGINS!!! and it ended rather sadly...
Me and the Japanese Soldier, San Dee...XD XD XD

Okay Okay, we got consolation prize and got the BEST SCRIPT...But NO! we are sooo not satisfied with the result..but in order to make peace with the other schools...and fight for some school's right..i do not want to offend any school in the winning i apologize

Me with Yan..who can't differenciate between me and Annick..she calls me Annick while she calls Annick as confusing...-.-'
Waiting for our turn to go in ...Behind us is our supposing cupboard..


Mei Mei and Fatimah sitting under the Banyan tree...
Mei Mei getting frusrated while Fatimah is consoling her...
*God, the microphone battery drops*

After the musical performance, Mei Mei came home feeling delighted that Mak Cik gave her a violin..
Mei Mei's mother, Su Ling found out about the thing..she was mad and VERY MAD
Annick cried on stage..=.=''
Got scolded from my 'mother' can you be soooooo inconsiderate???

The Japanese soldiers came in..AAH..demanding me to play one song..

I made one stupid mistake..they can't hear my violin because i wasn't standing under the microphone..
End of story...

WE went back school by stopping by at KFC and bound at Keat Hwa students there..
so this is how our Drama competiiton ends..


DRAMA part one

In for the kill
Me, as Mei Mei and Amal as Fatimah

So, we finally got a real proper bus to sit in, unlike for the past few years, we had to squeeze ourselves in some bus that would loose their tyres after a few turns..So, there were many empty spaces so we decided to call more more supporters..(for god's sake..Keat Hwa had a whole truck full of suporters) But then to my utter amaze, that jerk decided to come along with her precious diamond..I objected it, god knows what would happen on stage..i'll be sooo distracted and boiled up..

Top left: AMal, Jia Wen, me and Xin Ning...XD
Guess the journey there was a bit confusing and blur..Snapping pictures is advisable..this will be our last year in Drama..for mainly all of us, it's our first and the last...But as everyone in the whole entire Daerah Kota Star knows, Convent Drama always set the impression low and never to expect ourselves to get in the top three...but hey, our script is original, we're SPECIAL.
Amal Amal Amal Ann Ann Ann Mei Mei Mei Mei Fatimah Fatimah Fatimah....

heck, do you know what? the moment we saw Keat Hwa came with a whole load of supporters..OMG...i can't differenciate which is the actor/actress or which is which or which gender is which?? haha...but then Kolej came, wearing nothing.........oh wait..that's not what i mean...they're not naked but they didn't wear their costumes...not like us..semangat terlebih..LOL =.=''
Wait..can you guess which is the mother and which is the daughter?
Annick had on a Roxy shoe..Roxy exist during World War Two?
Me with Fatimah's mother, Mak Cik which indian?? that is sooo wrong...!!

White powder on Annick's hair...XD to make her look older ..
Me and Xin Ning...bliss bliss bliss

My darling sister woke up at 6 in the morning to do my make up..note to self: LEARN HOW TO GROW UP!! START TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE UP!
HAR! wonder where we get this costume from? My Darling mum lent it to me  and Annick is wearing one of hers too! People would be wondering where on earth will my mum wear it to..

So , That's just the beginning part..we waren't supposed to be up on stage till after break so we got hell lot of time to waste our time..Azeera's Roxy bag went missing and we were searching high and low for it..ROXY bag, man...and before that she even offered me to lent me her ZARA dress...
it's ZARA for god's sake..Ann will be damn hungry after that blast..

wait for part two ,
be patient
tsk tsk..