Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It was tiring, i have never driven manual car before so the teacher is practically shaking her head from the start till the end. HoHoHo, you should see the look i have when i had to do the three point turn. The steering is horrible for a fatigue chic like me. Turn, TUrn, TURN, i felt my whole limb coming out!
yee haa, my old photo.
But i still love going up the hill, because i get to step on the pedal..vroom vroom vroom. i met someone who walk exactly like j3, but a body of a swimmer, short (i don't like tall big guys), and i knew it was Nicole's friend.
Boo Yah, i was right!

me baby violin, mum sold it away after i said it doesn't show any sentimental value to me at all..there is only one string left, a broken bridge and a severe broken bow.
I thought driving should be fun, but my left leg and arm is sooo sore. i have no idea how am i going to pass it though, woo hoo..hopefully i'm able to cope with it, because i had 30 students to teach in TWo days..=.=''


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