Saturday, July 30, 2011

peek a boo

BOO!!!!just having fun with the webcam


Study bug

Never to love..
things cannot be said so easily..i had just attend a three hours and 15 minutes account lesson with no space for breathing..i have 25 chapters left for trial exam, that is quite a lot since we had to cover 78 chapters before we can atcually step into that exam..
i don't remember doing and working hard on my PMR trial exam..i mean, trial is trial, people wanna see the real thing..
but i don't wanna let others look down on me, so i'm just going to work my butt off the remaining 25 chapters..

i just found out that i really loathe studying those kind of subjects that need a lot of reading..
i love working, not reading, if i ever take up form 6, i really need to take math or account or else i will be brain dead, i want to think, i don't want to read..

Thursday, July 28, 2011


i can't smile really wide because i got flabby cheeks..

just having fun with the sepia mode..
i'm sooo sorry readers, my SPM TRIAL EXAM IS UP, i need to study..
and when i get back, i promise promise there'll be posts!
loads of it!
and while i'm studying, do me a favour..
don't forget to view me back after a month

( :


very low self-estreem

Jia Wen commented on my face, saying that my face had become really big at the jawline..and it looks weird because my eyes are small and my mouth is utterly small, so practically i had a big face with small organs on it..
And i didn't know i can be soooo sensitive about it..
i've been checking the mirror through up and downs, 360 degree, and even TRY to stop eating..This is horrible, i feel UGLY

after i convince myself that beauty is only skin deep, but then any girls would like to feel pretty..vanity is not a crime, so i DO feel ugly..BIG FAT AND UGLY..
i'm going to exercise my face! i'm going to stop eating..all the fats don't accumulate at the right place..I wan shapes on my body and it grow on my FACE..
then my friends started to sing PERFECT..
i don't wanna be perfect, but i want to look nice..
but then *sigh* , with my low self-esteem, i suddenly feel happy today..i went to PCF To shop for food and i notice a guy promoting massage machine at the yeah, i went in with mummy, then mummy ask me go get her the i walk out and this malay girl promoter of the massage machine came over and ask me for my phone number..i was aghast when she pointed over to that guy, saying that he wants it..
i shook my head
I don't even know you
but then, that feeling of being haven't been ask for my phone number for ages..
AGES..i always feel that nobody will want me, that i'm not a boy magnet
that shook me
i guess
one man's meat is another man's poison


Kolej Installation Galaxy Night 2011

Goodness me oh, i will never never sing again, NEVER! they say don't break a leg, but i broke my voice on stage..i didn't have enough breath at the end..i had to keep singing the chorus which is just too HIGH..i went off like an inflated balloon at the end..and kept on groaning and groaning about my mistake until the end of the night..
URGH, i just threw off my biggest chance to shine on stage for the first and the last time?

so, i guess my first time in an installation event is kinda nice..THE BELLYDANCING is what i'm most interested at..after watching them dance, i had made up my mind that after SPM, i'm not going to go record a demo (since i figure out i CANT SING), i'm going to learn belly dance again! Three years absent from the belly dance world, i wonder if i am able to shake that waist and hip again..oh my..oh my...i just hope nothing will stop me from learning dancing since i'm moving to Jitra..i had to drive myself for at least half an hour to reach there..
better start saving for petrol money

So we snap photo after photo, i WAS 156 cm and then after wearing my oxford booties, i turn out to be 167cm i am atcually elated to be towering over people who once towered over me..LOL..but at one point i wore it wrongly and it cut straight on my the time i am intime to fix it, there was a bloody red spot on my leg..i adjust it, ran to find Ah Ban for plaster and she save my day from whimpering..oh curse those cuts..

My temporary band members..THE MAXTREME!! kay, the drummer is not here..=.=''i derno where he goes, usually he wanted to be the centre of the spotlight and now he is not inside our band photo..this will make him go berserk..
From leftL: Wei Ying (Vocalist/keyboardist), Ann (vocalist/2nd guitarist), Jackson? i derno his name (1st guitarist), Hong Yi (bassist), Ling Siao (vocalist/keyboardist)

Annick came back all the way and went back at 8 o'clock? It's such a short period..=.='' 
So how do i rate that night, despite the fact that i broke my voice...
i like the breakdancing, dancing and all the dancing..
but i went back tooo early..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of breath

i just came back from a very very HOT (weather) rehearsal...i didn't know by singing one song, you can be soooo out of wonder sometimes those singers who are having concert tours will had their voices so horribly out of tune..
i need air, i need air , iiiiiii am soooo in need of air

and that professional guitarist WON"T smile..i think he is scary, but they think he is normal..
Thanks soooo much to him anyway, he didn't look like he wanted to be there ..after playing three songs, he will clear all his instruments and go back home without bothering to stay on and watch the atmosphere..
I think we should really buy him flowers or JACK IN THE JUKEBOX to at least make him smile?


Ann loves taking pictures

tomorrow, tomorrow..
YAH YAH YAH..this is the first time i'm going to an installation event ..i don't know what exactly is the dress code , i don't want to turn up looking toooooo formal..
but that dress i'm choosing looks victorian looking..and i love it?

hope everything turn up well..i didn't want any crying after that just because my parent had second though?
I will sit down and kill myself..

I got sooo many things to do..
so little time
38 chapters with only 20++ days till trial exam?
boo am i going to finish it?
burn the notes, feed myself with it and sleep with no worries?
if only studying can be sooo easy..


Make Up

Give me everything-pitbull, Ne-yo...
my choir make-up close up..with a touch of RED EARTH blue eye liner, Shisheido's black kohl eye liner..and a touch of silver eye shadow with KATE bronzer..

i seriously wanna go trim my eyebrow *hinting someone*
eyebrows define everything..


State level Choir Competition

We won, we won, we won..and we're going to RTM, KL..bleuargh, as if i can go..trial exam is comming..

two shadows ..i wonder who is taller..
we sang 'Jalur Gemilang' and 'Setia'..there was a grand piano there, but i saw it before last year..the same old hall shove like a deja vu in me..

our name..i forgot to bring back my clothes and send such a havoc in the

for more photos, go visit my facebook! ( :


Harry Potter and deathly hallows part 2

I cried buckets just to let my parents let me watch this movie..and i finally get to watch it ..It's AWESOME..but the front part was a bit of turn off...but when the war between hogwart school and the nose-less TOM RIDDLE and his coward death eaters, it's awesome..
I remember the sixth movie where David Yates put a lot of love humour inside..
this time, the movie lack of humour..
but what do you expect, it's suppose to be war, man.

The snogging part between ROn and Hermione is even akward and SOOO NOT in the book..
a lot of part is not based on the book, i wonder why..
and the final part is a total laugh..they made all the cast looked 19 years older and it turn out like Rupert Grint haven't shave his moustache for a long time..
Anyway, as a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, i will like the movie no matter how badly DAVID YATES directed it..(i still prefer Chris Columbus as the director)

after watching the show, i went back and re-read the book again, sooo many holes and pitch black in it..
I hope Harry Potter will not die like Lord Of THE RING..


Aaron Johnson

I didn't know that he is HOT..i watch this movie called 'The Thief Lord' and this Aaron Johnson was about 14, 15 yrs old in it? i went on IMDB to search for the cast of that movie and i couldn't believe my eyes that he had grew up into a very very VERY VERY GOOD LOOKING GUY..curse the puberty for making him sooo hot..

His role as John Lennon in NOWHERE BOY...(i wanna go buy the CD to watch..hehe) he looks kinda old eh? let me tell you why he HAS to be old..
HE is engaged with a 42 year old WOMAN..and he is only 20++ years old..
They even had a daughter together..
urgh, i hate cougars, those old frickin desperate mama seemed to grab all those good looking guys..
maybe he just hook up with that 42 year old because she's a director..he can get many roles through her eh?


oh, aaron, i wish you're mine mine mine..

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've been getting rounder and rounder these days..ROUND in the face like a fat balloon..
I've been browsing vintage blogshops all along, checking IMDB to read everything on every cast of HArry Potter and the Deathly hallows II, and trying to figure out how on earth FACEBOOK can be sooo addictive?
I found it boring
and i've only been a FACEBOOK USER for two months..

Top Blouse: Zara
High waist denim shorts: ROMP
Sling purse: UNKNOWN



Hello guys, don't i look like a real convent girl with a  nun-looking midi dress?
lol..i and my sister had the exact SAME outfit withtout bother trying it first..imagine us walking together..had a good laugh at it!

Midi dress: shop @ Time Square
Bag: Santa Babara Polo..blah..watever it is..
Bow: got it from KPM
Big competition this Saturday! State level Choir competition at RTM..i'm wearing a cheongsam and *yawn* i'm soooo frickin tired..Sir is talking big in bringing us to a CHOIR trip after our SPM..and he meant SERIOUS! at first, he make it big by saying that we can even go JAPAN or HONG KONG if we want..we got sooo excited then, today, he said we are only able to go SINGAPORE? but duh, SINGAPORE is better than nothing! i LOVE singapore..i LOVE ORCHARD ROAD!!! dang, those malls all along the road...*hungry Hungry*
but we had to think about the others..some of them might choose KL instead.
But hell yeah, it's better than  nothing anyway

Trial exam is about another month..i make a timetable to keep track of what i had done so far. i'm still left with 39 chapters and i only got 30 days? this is too much..
and oh yeah, about national service..I"M NOT CHOOSEN!! oh yeah, can you imagine me going to national service? me? ME?!? no, i wouldn't even stand for three hours..
but don't get too happy anyway, this is just the first batch..
i may not get lucky another time though..

Jamming session: I tell you! I TELL YOU! be prepared for the best song ever! of course, not sang by me..but it's from my BAND.i'm not going to tell you what song .it's gonna be a big surprise .We got a brilliant awesome coach..OMG..the world is sooo small, he turn out to be my ex-violin teacher's husband..and he is very egoistic..and talented
but if you listen too much of his torment, you get used to it..ha! and he said that my guitar..BLARGH..indirectly sucks..which i had to agree with he phone up his BEST GUITARIST and hoho..he agree to help us..and BLOW..i can't wait..
*nails bitting*

yar yar yar..what am i doing with my bum in this picture? lol..ok, this pose is weird..
kay, i want want want want want to watch HARRY POTTER!!!


Cage up

My parents objected me in taking part in what i am passionate about..
i pour heavy rains all over my face when my mum got fed up at my constant bugging for her to bring me go jamming..For god sake, i've only been ONCE, will there be any harm for letting me go another timee?I cried and cried..i ask my mum why won't she support me,..i thought she was the only one who understand, who wanted me to go all out to stand out..

I went to school looking like a dead, i lay on my table ..i've already plan what i'm going to wear, what i'm going to do during installation..everything turns upside down..I feel like the world is coming to an end..that night, during chemistry, my teacher was teaching about sleeping pills..she said people took HUGE amount of sleeping pills to comide suicide..i suddenly feel like asking her if it hurts if we use that way..
I AM atcually thinking of comiding suicide?!
what was i thinking..
but i was too feels like somebody ask me to give up music FOREVER

I've been swimming in my school, at tuition...this is my very first performance..i'm looking forward to it, anticipating can't take it all away! NO!

in the end..i force myself to ask my father's permission..(he doesn't even know this event)
he gave me a very very stern talk..i feel like i'm talking to my school's principle instead..
then he let me go but he warn me not to take any part in any activities after that..

who says my parents support me in music?
in my dreams..

Shirtdress: Forever 21
Clown Vest: Shop @ Sungei wang
Shoe: dancing shoes
Bow: KPM

Ps: dear sister, if you're ever reading this..shhh!

Friday, July 8, 2011


It's official, i am in love with VINTAGE..
and it's official, after SPM, i'm doing a website for my blog
and it is also official, that i am going to get myself a professional photographer..
and finally, it is official that i am signing up AFTER i had a photographer with beautiful pictures..

credits to Annick!
( :


Thursday, July 7, 2011

good luck

Hopefully, luck will change and everything will change for a better state..
will god give me what i want?
gi wan GOOD LUCK!


Faces of pix 2

I'm not wearing a wig, but if you're wondering why my hair seem to grow so fast ,well, i tied it in a way where it's hard to see it's atcually
and i wonder why my hair is still curly even though i cut the curls off..guess the perm hasn't worn off yet, i'm glad i am able to tie this hairstyle again..( : you need curly hair+thick+long enough hair to tie this to get a better long illusion..

k., that writing just spoil everything on the photo..LOL
I had been dizzy for the past days, i don't know what happen..the thing strikes again, guess i really need to have a CAT scan to check whether my brain is in the right state or not..
i haven't been studying for two hours for the past few days too..the lazy sickness caught on me and i feel like my eye lid drops each time i touch the book cover..
adding more stress is the upcoming choir competition at RTM...we had to learn new song and it ain't easy to learn new song..

This is my facebook profile picture..when it is the size of a miniature cube box, i look like i am trying to eat the air as my meals..
To all my readers, i may not be able to blog during August because of Trial exam..
let me get this straight, it wasn't only for Trial exam..

11/8- Violin ABRSM exam
14/8- Trial Exam
16/8- Piano ABRSM exam

all at one shot..this can cause a huge apocalyspe..
wish me luck not to cry infront of the examiner..
maybe he will give me credits because he sympathize me?
fat chance

Exam results

I am not directly showing off my result, i am not at all happy with my result anyway..i just put it up so that i can remember future, i wil click on it and had a good moulding on whatever happen to me before..gah! i hate my english mark but i just found out only one student got 80 above for English..i shall salute that person..
I HATE MY CHEMISTRY MARK..i write and write (mostly scribbles) and bang, this is what i get for writing too much..haha..
i'm quite surprise with Physics though, i thought my physics should be lower than chemistry but i guess i'm starting to see Rainbows instead of Stars now..
1.900 for my average grading..daddy said i got an A for my overall subjects.i bet Wei Ying got 0.01 since she scored 9A+ and 1 A..

March Test, monthly tests are soo amature..first, the teachers gave you tips on what to study, then you concentrate hard on that chapter and poof, you score a jackpot and when the next real thing happen, you score a summon ticket..
my chinese is still hopeless though

i wonder why my form teacher liquid off my places in form..and oh look, i've got a B in chinese..if only the real SPM i can get this kind of marks, i'll be elated..
but don't put your bars too high,
i'm only targetting 6 A's
i'm giving exception to Physics, Chemistry, Chinese (duh!) and malay?
hopefully, i'll be able to pull my Physics to an A-
then it'll be a record..
i wonder how my brother manage to score 9 A's for his SPM..(he had C for his chinese..)
if he didn't take Chinese,he scored Straight A's..

*sigh* i can never be like him