Monday, February 6, 2017

Chinese New Year With Me

 Yay, i'm still blogging and keeping up to my promises. Well let's see if my promises will still be kept once school reopen. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. How do you celebrate your Chinese New Year? It is pretty boring once i grew up, i remember i used to look forward to CNY because i get to play with my cousins, went visiting to other relatives' houses that i can't remember their names and staying over at Grandma's house. This year is pretty solemn, Grandma isn't around anymore. I don't stay overnight, my favourite cousins from Singapore didn't come back, i played with my phone all the time because there was nothing to talk about. How sad.

So we had reunion meal in my own house. Food my aunty prepared all day without me helping. HOHOHO , guilty in action. 
My family is a health freak especially my mum and sister. My sister eats only organic vegetables, and my mum doesn't eat any meat except fish. That explain how many dishes are actually vegetable orientated and we eat brown rice for every meal everyday, strictly wholemeal bread (white flour bread will be threw out of the house if it is in sight) and anything too sweet will be discarded too. No longan drink this year , instead we had healthy juice or coconut drink . 

i realise my grammar sucks till the max, but i can't be bothered trying to figure out my mistakes. Argh..

Family picture. 
so all we did was snap pictures, eat, snap pictures, eat again , snap , eat snap eat snap eat. 
I waited till the 4th day of Chinese New Year. Was practically moody all day probably boyfriend-less makes me sad. 

spot that fairy lights over there? haha we wanted to it in a heart shape but obviously, it failed. 

Daddy's little girls. Haha, 
we had an annual dinner for Mummy's side of the family in a hotel. First time going to this event, so i pretty much look forward to it. 

And then the day came! He came AHH my happy pill. He wanted to come on day 3 because i was sad the whole week, probably wanted to shorten my sadness but i had a school gathering that night so i have to delay his visiting.  The best feeling is to watch him get down the train and then he glee at me and i glee back at him like we are both Cheshire cat from Alice in the Wonderland.But his stay was short, because we wanted to go Kek Lok Si in Penang to see the scenery there. Well at least he met my brother the first time. My brother was like "who the heck is this guy," 

YAY! Finally my first time in Kek Lok Si at night. 
We were pretty much stucked in traffic the whole night. But then we saw an abandon road and we took risk and drove  in there. Found out a short cut through it and succeeded in getting to Kek Lok Si without congestion !

Is like another realm there, when we get to the inclined lift. I expect it to bring us to just this giant statue of Guan Yin , i didn't expect it to bring me to another big space of land with pretty lights . totally in awed that Penang have such place and yet not knowing it even after studying there for three years. 

Day 5 at his place. Wearing matching outfits :D
So i came back home on day 5 and the best thing is, He told me there will be this "miao Hui" (don't expect me to translate this, i probably just translate it to SUPER BIG PASAR WITH CHINESE THEME) We both thought it will be this Saturday. Okay, so there will be another day for me to rest, but then he go and shock me by saying it is actually Friday, which is the day after i just came home from his house. 
Wanted to ooze blood cuz travelling alone is pretty tiring. 

So Here i am again, taking a 1 hour train to Penang again to meet him, again. ( i know i repeatedly wrote "again" three times in one sentence)  We took the ferry across from Butterworth because it's going to be even packed than going to Kek Lok Si. This event happened only once in a year, of course people will come. I think i walked almost 5 km , probably hatched two eggs if i was playing Pokemon Go. 

First time here, so i was pretty excited. Like small little kid brought to a playground . THE WHOLE PLACE IS FULL OF HUMAN BEINGS. 
as the night grows , the whole place is like two sardine cans in one sardine can.  (what kind of metaphor is this)
I like crowded places, but not this. There was this lion dance performance and i am practically squashed flat between fleshes and sweats. I wanted to fly above them and escape from this. I believe if there is any danger in that place, i probably die from human stampede. 

I can't even eat properly because everyone knocks you over when you wanted to stop to order something. Okay, so there were a few traditional games there. Some stations that offered chalks for your to vandalise the street. HAHA. 
We went to visit this Teochew association building where they were putting thick TEochew makeup on people just so they can get their pictures snapped in a Teochew traditional costume. Didn't had much energy left to participate . 

So that's practically it. 
His mum was asking "still want to go next year ah?"
"don't want ah aunty, too many people. See people cannot see things"
"Yalor, go one time sure scare le don't wan go second time."

(such an awkward end for this entry) 
PS: I am back to my depressing mode again where i am boyfriend-less. locking up myself in the room 24/7 and only come out to breathe some fresh air when i am taking my meals.
how sad.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


What happen when this is your final semester to take up this minor course and it happens to clash with your major timetable ? 
if failing a subject caused me not to graduate is my own fault but having not to graduate just because i can't take that particular course is a total WASTE!

i can't stop worrying. i've been finding all ways , i wanted to get back to school asap and beg the lecturers to help me. PLEASEEEEE help me . 
This is like between life and death , even more painful than death because it will keep haunting me every night before i go to sleep. 

I do not want to graduate ONE YEAR later while half of the year i won't be doing anything but to wait for the second semester to arrive to TAKE THAT ONE PARTICULAR COURSE. 

I need help. Badly