Wednesday, December 28, 2011


finally getting back to the road again, my parents don't have to worry anymore if i'm turning back to that blah blah world. Wee~ thank you vampire.

okay, so i met him at driving school and his walk attracted me, and then the next thing i notice is that his shoulder is too broad for his body, and then i identify something. TRIANGLE BODY! comfirm he is a swimmer, and i love swimmer, what more he walk like a metrosexual guy.

Then one thing leads to another. It took me ONE hour to find his facebook page, added him and wait for nothing. I don't expect anything though, i thought it was just a crush and nothing more.
then he message me *GLEE*

Then we become friends, first it was just online buddies where we only chat at night. Then he start to work, and i start to work too. So, eventually, we exchange numbers.

Okay, that is as far as i go, because this blog is for public, no kidding what my sister will interpret after she read this. I wonder if my mum allow me to date boys since i had already finish my SPM. My bro had his first girlfriend when he was 17! so, why couldn't i, right?

I understand my dad will object it, but my mum should be happy with this that i am mutually attracted to the opposite sex. And he doesn't have tatoo, no smoke, not notorious, don't dress like a wimp and he had healthy hobby.
That includes dancing, swimming and his current work, hairstyling.

still i rather the bee keep quiet with this. XD
thank you sister, i always treat you as a best friend
oh yeah,
i'm straining my neck to watch him dance.
Breakdancing, popping, locking, house, groove, shuffling, hip hop..


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