Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ann is growing up

brown hair~?
Just come back from two tiring days, i nearly blow up yesterday because of the hot heat under the blazing hot sun. They kept calling me Puteri Lilin, and then change it to Puteri Ice-cream because i was the only one with the umbrella and the one kept complaining that i'm about to melt.
anyway. this is my make up for Malaysian Night at Kedah Club.

No contact lenses >.<
taking a big step here, Mr. Alien is Mr Vampire atcually. first thing first, he never reads my blog, because his whole systme will lag and maybe explode. Perhaps the content of my blog is restricted under his area,that it  will cause the computer to have influenza

and my hair, thank god is curly on its own, so here's how i do my look. (in brief and not step by step)
I put on liquid foundation, the loose powder.
put on mascara on my eye lashes, clip it with eyelash curler
then add in falsies (my secret weapon)
then draw eyeliner with wings


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