Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long Hair

My hair is so bouncy yesterday <3
I insist that i seriously need to cut my fringe, its sooo disgusting.Its long and i can't put it down because it will look like a ghost. Hanging it behind my ear to create a false illusion that i have a short bangs doesn't look good to me anyway. I miss my side short bangs ...T.T

but first: who on earth wanna cut your bangs unless you plan to cut your whole head
Second: Nobody wanna bring me go cut hair
Third: vampire dont want me to cut off my long bangs..

Wee~ has my hair grown? Yes indeed...i don't think i need to go curl my hair again since my hair is growing curly on its own. its not that curly, but it'll do.

So, hmm...i haven't been eating proper breakfast at all. I'm soo lazy, i don't wanna cycle out to buy breakfast for myself. I'm sooo lazy, i don't wanna start the fire and cook something for myself. So i had been munching junks out of my kitchen. Chips, leftover bread, biscuits, leftove new year cookies. Blah, if this can make me full, the air i breathe will be able to keep me alive for eternity.

another complication last night, but i pull through it. I shouldn't have make a fuss though, but i need an explanation. I get the answer pretty well after that, and bit my lips for not being understanding enough for him. I realize no matter what, we shouldn't hide things from each other even though its shameful, its too embarassing. But i'm not your friend, i'm your other half..
so everything is okay now.
It's February and this year is a LEAP year..
congrats to those that born on the 29th of February.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Safe and sound

even though i'm not that beautiful
not as stunning as those gorgeous girls
but nobody can ever love you like i love you

even though i'm not that outgoing
maybe not the type of girl that was found on your dream list
but those whom i love, will had that love forever

even though i try to add some spice each day
everything to make you happy, everything to make you smile
but i want you to do the same thing for me too

even though i may sound like your mother
telling you what to do and what not to do
but its because i care and want the best for you

even though i cover up my fears, my stray thoughts
my worries the fact that i'm hurting
because i miss you soo much

and when you smile, and when you're happy
but i am sad, and moody..
i will smile with you too
because i love you

(i simply simply think again....=.='')

V, you heard that? give me assurance...

Shey Hwa house

We went to Shey Hwa BEAUTIFUL house to play poker (ahem..there's money involve) and watch ghost show. Dang, her house is like HEAVEN. i can sleep in it without bothering to step out of the house forever..=.='' not to mention, we were camwhoring all the time. who can't resist such beautiful house?

i didn't bother to dress up =.='' we were just chilling out in her house stuffing ourselves with new year cookies, candy, drinks. O.O did i mention there are three dogs in her house ....and a cat is sleeping upstairs =.='

hahaha..i saw money..XD look at Sandy's money face ..$.$
i really wanna go swimming again, i forgot how much i use to love frogging around the pool. Three years without swimming, i wonder how i can i manage to remember how to swim. They say it's just like riding a bike, even though you didn't cycle for five years, you will still eventually know how to ride it next time.
=.='' nevermind, i'm just gonna bit my lips and go swimming again.

Beautiful eh?

There's even loads of fake fruits.
so..hmm..i pass our one month together yesterday.<3
i promise him a song >< but i didnt get the chance to record and upload it yet.
okay, here's three thing on my mind when i think of him
Six abs, eye liner (??) and those eyes.

Wee~ lets rotate our head to view this vertically.
hanging out with my mou mou fwens is soooo much fun XD
lets do it again


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New year gathering

Credits to Jia Wen the tortoise for this picture. I definetly looked like i am in a pub drinking, if there wasn't a steamboat there..HAHA..no atcually we went Bungalow to eat..
suddenly i wish i didn't have to work, but why am i complaining even though i work only twice a week =.=''
and oh yeah, February means my piano lesson will start soon, and i had to grow a thick 12 inches skin to go beg my violin teacher for my certificate. 

another unpublished family photo. <3 taken by my sis Iphone4s..(green eye)
yesterday my dad said "next time i'm gonna train you to sleep at 11 o'clock!'
i look at him sickly..WAT THE helllll...12 midnight also not enough, and he want me to sleep at 11 o'clock..He said when i start schooling for lower6, i had to wake up early. I can manage waking up at 6am even though i sleep at midnight, thank you!

and so i went to the temple to pray for this 'tai sui' thing. This dragon year, i am a threat to it, so i must go pray to avoid trouble and failure.
And it was a pretty easy procedure and all they need is your address in chinese, you chinese name, your chinese birthdate. That's all.

it's best to pray even though some said that they are not that staunch believer in this kind of thing.
I'm praying hard for my SPM result..*fingers cross*


Friday, January 27, 2012

Today was a fairytale

so i went out for a movie date. Goodness, the whole place is like a mad stadium. You can't even identify whose head is whose, which body is attach to whose. LOL, and its only the cinema, the rest of the place is like a hot market. Don't know why people choose Friday to go out. Maybe they're all like me, enjoying this year last cny holiday.
and the show..=.='' dont know head don't know tail. Underworld, full of action pack, the gore looks hmm..unpain? i thought it would be a perfect movie, vampire +horror= favourite <3
and it ended soooo abruptly
so we went to UNO to eat..practically eat nothing..
and then hmm..a little bit of spice
and went home
i was called to go BaliBali~
but ended up not going ZzZz


Thursday, January 26, 2012

chinese new year gathering

yeah, i stick an alien there, because my face look totally freakish, while everybody look so radiant.So the food was expensive =.='' (to me , because i compare it to another better shop). and the soup portion was soo small, bbq portion was small too and lopsided ..>< and the organiser didnt even come.
WHAT?? well, at least we had fun alright..fun sitting bare foot

my hair is growing thicker at the bottom, which is a good sign, but it got tangle up at the back, which is NOT A good sign at all. DAMAGE ALERT. i told myself i need to get myself a new look every year..hmm..let see.
13 years old: orginal natural hair
14 years old: Rebond it sleek straight and long
15 years old: Short a bit boyish cut
16 years old: long curly hair
17 years old: shoulder length hair
18 years old : ????
i really wish i can dye it..but urgh! so many objection.><

somehow i feel like if i wanna make a great change to my 2012 look, i just chop off my whole hair and had it sleek crop cut.Hmm..i wonder if my fat face can take that look or i am brave enough..
clear cut that i'm not, because i had been saying that i want to cut that crop pixie hair since i was 16 years old .
anyway, some guys don't really like girls with short hair right?

after that brief sort-of arguement with vampire on cny first day, he had been treating me extra good. Like it was sooo much better, because i voice out something, that i thought i shouldn't say it though. it's already 38 days that i knew him..though some say its pretty short, but we get to know each other really well. Its like these 38 days were atcually 380days.

my face is fat here. Here's the tortoise beside me. XD
somehow my heart screams out to me for some of my friends to understand what i am trying to NOT tell them directly. I guess this feeling was experienced by my tortoise friend though. Finally i get to understand what she had been going through all these months before. Still, now i am going through it alone. heck, i dont know wat am i talking about.
Worrying now..i pray for safety for ~V~


Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese new year 2012

i went through Chinese New Year with a swollen eye. HAHAHAHA..but i reminded myself that there are others more unfortunate than me, so i keep my mouth shut. I am not able to make up, and went around wearing a pair of sunglasses in case some people is rude enough to stare at my football eye. This year chinese new year, one thing for sure, i did not get THAT much ang pow, because i didn't stay long at my granny place.

but this year reunion meal is HUGE. like soooooo much until your pot belly is visible for everyone to see. tomato rice, ayam masak merah, steamboat, tomyam, fishballs after fishballs, nuggets after nuggets, cookies after cookies, fried food after fried food, drinks after drinks, cakes, desserts, soups, oh..my...
even my face looks like food..a very FAT squash up hot dog.

my hair looks brown. Anyway, from Perlis, we make our way to Alor Star, and then go Sungai Petani, and then reverse back to Pendang, and then back to Alor Star again. So at Pendang, we had a horror movie marathon going on while eating Laksa. For the first time, i brave myself to open my eyes wide at the screen and stare back at the squish-up face of a thai girl that was dead after someone push her down from the top. Her head hit hard on the swimming pool side, whole thing crack with bits of bones splattered all over. Oh yeah, yummy

mummy and me
i get my January pay already, but its Rm200 short, because this week i'm having cny holiday. I either want to get myself a smartphone or get myself a worthy camera. I know nothing in choosing the best camera though.
just hope this Chinese New Year, everything will turn out well.
Luck Luck Luck
come to me, come to me, baby
I want good luck..

first day of chinese new year, already argue with three person. =..= i was close to tears, but someone cried. i apologize though, coz i feel bad. how can i make someone cry on CNY..=.='' lol..and then i blow up on the phone at another person.
he was being soooo inconsiderate.
scared that once i argue now, means argue the whole year trough..
hopefully this taboo aint true..

so tomorrow going for cny dinner with friends, friday go watch movie..and then, NO MORE HOLIDAY! ..
QTI this thursday ><
going to die of loneliness..


Thursday, January 19, 2012


sorry guys..no nice picture at all for my hangout.my stupid camera stop functioning..><
well anyway..im hoping my friends would be able to upload some nice pictures XD

so, i hardly eat..
no..i just can't eat at all..
then we played truth or dare..
and it turn pretty gruesome..

of course nothing too obscene coz its public.

stupid just came back from her work in Genting, so we decided to go out that night. i think she grow fatter..HAHAHAHAHA...


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long distance relationship


It started with a comment on a picture of mine on Facebook.we added each other on every single social/chat sites.we talk alomost every single night trying to get to know each other closer/better.after a few months we confess to each other about our feelings and get together from then.

kissing through the camera,"hugging" the lappy as if we were hugging,pinky promises,showing off everything we bougth/got on that day is like our daily routine.

there's some friends of us who doesn't support having this relationship,saying shit and all that,well that doesn't discourage us,we've talk about it and stay strong and always thnk positive that we can make it and show them they're wrong toward our relationship.to see her cry whenever she got problem i try my very best to listen and wishing she was just infront of me so i could wipe her tears off and hug her.

the fisrt letter to her was with a friendship wristband,and then some gift for christmas/birthday..

i sent her a promise ring too which i could put it on her finger.

and i recieved some goods which is artistic and a plush with autographed by bmth*how awesome*

it gets so intense when we could not meet almost a year plus.we had ups and down but we manage to overcome every single problems we had.while the time passes by we learned to overcome the distance between us,the temptation of hugging and kissing,the trust we have for each other,to be patient at all times,all this things makes us stronger and looking forward

for the first meet up.

to be honest her existance really do help me change my life from a kid with not future to a better grown up,mature thinking man.i do appreaciate and treasure all her times spending on her lappy to talk to me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Oh yeh, leopard prints, animal prints, cheetah prints...
Do you know what? he DID freak out..its all over his status, my eyes kept buldging out of its socket reading through the shock.
and i delete my blogpost..really, he is just tooooo self-concious. there's nothing wrong with looking like a banana.

seriously something wrong with this, except that turtle at the right.
First: We are all too white
Second:My face look swollen
Third: Shey Hwa doesn't have any eyebrows here ><
fourth: we waren't sitting on chairs, we were atcually bending.

welcome to my house which is badly damage by THREE times FLOOD WATER.
God, was it you who arrange all those happenings?
I want everybody to be happy..
My family, me, friends, my love..

there's only one thing i want for all of them.
THAT can bring MILLION of wonders.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Driving school

what shit they did to me. I have already book the days SOOO early and they mess it up, thinking that i book it on saturday, and now informing me last minute that today i got practical. And! i book 19th 4-6pm soo perfect, and they go and tell me this shit thing about FULL ADY..
you didn't tell me it's full when i book on that day.
now wat? i had to go today, and 19th, i will stupidly guide this agent to my house, get in her car, get out of her car, get in the van, and get out of the van..ALONE
no friends.
yes, alone..

bloody shit, just spoil my mood for the rest of the week


The world as i see it

jason mraz-The world as i see it
Fell in love with Jason Mraz, suddenly all his songs sounds nice.
My stupid phone couldn't sent anything out at all since last night till now. Is this a sign that i should go change a new phone now? i want a smartphone,duh! But if my sister didn't keep up to her promise, i rather take my hard earn money go buy a really good camera =.=
I look like my original height here, SHORT! this gives me deja vu like when i was 13, i use to own this group at friendster called 'SHORTIES'. Maybe i should revive it up again for FB..O.O since i got nothing else better to do than do stare at the computer screen, drooling over hunger games, and let myself grow mouldy.

And about future. I got a shock when dad said, "give you one month to decide if music is really your thing." i thought he wouldn't say anything at all about music, but nah, i went through like hell ever friday and saturday. I saw how the boss had to be there EVERYDAY from morning till night nON-stop! of course you would be saying accountancy is worst than that, at least you get the pay as worth it as your working hours.

ok, i don't know how to translate this, 'fan tai sui' this year, WE DOGS are againts this year odds. erm..whatever it is, i don't know how to explain. So, i read it, we will face FAILURE and TROUBLES. so the first thing about failure that pops into my mind is SPM RESULT!! *gulp* and about trouble...hmm...i don't know.
I ask my mum to take me go pray, she look at me with unbelievable look.
guess, she wasn't that superstitious.
do something T.T


Saturday, January 14, 2012


Two years! Two freaking years and i finally get the answer. Yes! But once i'm tied with someone, i will be comited to it. Old readers who had follow me through thick and thins, if you guys ever wonder what happen to my usual blabber of J3, i finally got the answer. But i will have no regrets with vampire.

I've made up my own language ever since i start skyping. You see, each time someone is mad at you and about to scold you, i use the word 'MEOW'. Cute suppose to be 'chubbi' in hokkien dialect right? But then it was a mistake made with typing error, and our 'cute' turns into 'chubbu'.=.=
atcually, i realize i love to use this dots.....get what i mean? So, it comes naturally for the other to follow. And vampire love to double his question marks even though it is not that emergency..??

Urgh..waiting again..its 10.35. I wanna have more time with him!! but first, i sleep too early, second, he wake up too late. his working hours 11am-9.30pm
got a text from him..
he died..

rompers: Emcee Couture
Red ribbon sneakers: Bugis Street, Sg



The world kept revolving, evolving, wat volvo-ving am i talking about.My close uncle pass away today and i only get the news right before i ended my work. Its a good thing i get to know the news later though or else i'll be thinking and thinking and not able to focus on what they are playing.
Life is really like a brief candle, he use to came here all the time.
just like vampire said, "nothing last forever, everything times up."

two weeks two days now, i finally get the colour of how distinct we are, but i'm gonna believe in the saying 'opposite attracts'. I finally realize he looks like a korean. Fair, monolids(but not sleepy like mine), aah..that triangle body, but not tall enough =.='' anyway, i got to to keep reminding myself that he is a boy, and boy had minds that is out from girl's planet. Girls tend to think A+B=C. Boys just think about C.  

I really need to explore the boy's world. Open their brain, shape shift myself into a tapeworm and dig inside it. *yuck* okay, so guys had to have space and freedom. That's all i know? Pathetic.i have issue on trusting, but i said i trust him, and i will learn that, hopefully. I'm over-sensitive, you leave me out here in the dark and my mind will simply think. I tried to bite my fingers off each time i'm about to stalk him, stalking him is NO GOOD. It shows that you can't trust him.
ARGH, my heart...over-jealous, thank god i met a super-shy vampire..

Oh boy..HEDGEHOGS!!!!
So the left, (supposingly male) is Chubbu and the right (supposingly female) is Chubbi.
like damn you can get hedgehogs each minimum Rm80 and Maximum up to to Rm350. I went on google to search for hedgehogs for sale in Malaysia and those most popular is albino hedgehogs..=.= i don't want albino.
Anyway, hopefully i can find a pair..it will make a pretty awesome present.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Today was sooo freaking tiring, i was like a half dead fish trying to keep both my eyes open. Today i worked overtime until 8.45pm. Come back home at 10pm with that kind of eyes where people would thought that you were beaten up by ten bullies. I tried to focus on my pay though, to keep my spirit alive each time i saw student by student flooding in the room..but i was yawning
yesterday, Ann is HAPPY..She went for her 2nd driving practical with Ning and Vampire. For the first time, i feel very comfortable around vampire, no more hand shaking, knees buckling, butterflies in my stomach. As i was driving, we bump into each other A LOT. and the most memorable moment was when his car was just by the side of me (our teachers left us) he phone me. Just like in a movie, both of us staring at each other through the screen while talking on the phone.

i wish i can write much here, but this blog is set public. =.=
womanhood. i wonder how it feels like to be a real woman. To me, a real woman should be around 21 years old. I tried dressing like one, but i still feel akward. i'm going to be eighteen soon, everything should be a serious thing to me.

Ok, don't look at my noob face..
Today, i pick up an additional math book and flip through it..
I miss add math =.=
is just that last time i use to do questions after questions of it, and i really miss add math *jaw drop*
and then look at history..
can't believe all those facts are still in my head..

Urgh, get out of my brain! go go go! Shoo..! i have better things to remember

Tank top: Zara
Tight zipper skirt: Bugis Street, Sg
Lace top: Select
Lace black skirt: NEU look
Black heels: NEU Look
Headband: department store


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


tired of waiting..sometimes it is best to just pretend you don't care at all, and it will become a habbit.
and so, waiting for vampire will be a norm...
hopefully i can adapt to it..and it will be nothing..
it will not spoil my mood, it will not spoil my day

still waiting...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

money issue

i thought i was suppose to go bank out Rm200, but then =.=''wtf, instead i have to take Rm200 out from my wallet, and now it is really EMPTY..empty as in not even a sahara desert sand is inside. I feel this HORRIBLE feeling inside like a monster eating my heart with no mercy. CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
and i realize that you will feel the pain of spending your OWN hard work  money..
and now you atcually feel what your parents are going through each day.

took the bus to perlis alone as usual. nothing to do, so snap some pictures of my disgusting hair.its quite horrible now, i didn't trim it for a very long time now, and yesterday i found sooo many entangled hairs at the back. goodness, i must do something to it already. so after cny, when i can get MONEY again, i'm gonna plan on something with my tresses. it looks like a giant mop

money problem now..
don't ask me  go gai gai ..i don't have money to buy buy


Monday, January 9, 2012

Budget 2012

I really need to budget out things smartly now. Ever since i started working, money had been a hot issue in my life. But how i am not a wise money spender, i see clothes and there goes my money down the drain. I had to bid farewell to my ukelele and microphone for the moment, because i need to pay half of my piano exam which is almost Rm500. Thank god, i didnt need to pay for the whole monthly affair lesson.

and ever since you started working, asking your parents for money is a very SHAMEFUL thing. so i ended up buying my own thing infront of my parents nose.
so ever since i get my half month pay i had spend on

top up: Rm25
cigarette pants: Rm60
Bowling and outing: Rm44 (sandy borrow 10 bucks..lol!)
Conditioner: Rm10
family treats: Rm10
my lunch : Rm10
my crave for sausage roll: Rm3

I need to save the rest of the money though. I had a plan, camera phone will never be as good as a real camera. So, my sis promise me a phone , right? Hey, Bee, keep your promise *nudge, nudge* So, i want her to buy me a camera instead, and i go buy a CHEAP smartphone for myself, because i figure out camera is more vital to me than having a phone just to text and call.
so what say you, bee?
*wink wink*

so, here's my budget plan.
My pay is around Rm *00++
i save half of it in my bank.
and spent the rest of it in my wish list
if i can resist..


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday went bowling with Jia Wen and SandyXD
the fact that i am illiterate in bowling is not a surprise, i am not good in sports at all. Wee~ but the fun thing is i get to be a grown up, walking all the way to the top, bought socks for Jia wen, bought Mcdonald for..

Tortoise Jia Wen looks like she is playing basketball instead =.=''
haha, just the picture, they were all better than me anyway.

Sandy using left hand. The best thing is, after the whole thing, i use up about Rm70.. don't know what did i spent on, but its like my whole half month pay gone with the wind.

uhuh..let me give the best shot.

and strike a sexy pose..lol..
keep missing the bowling pins.
but it was fun