Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review on spm

i had to rely on this big dictionary for malay english essay section A looks like a big piece of kiddy toilet paper,my Chemistry and Physic Paper 3 experiment looked like it had just came from a country called I-DONT-KNOW-WHAT-THE-HELL ..
thank goodness i manage to balance my account 
and oh yeah...some Smart ppl told us that if you ever written all the answers in pencil, you will be disqualified..i become a jelly bean after that, because i did! then, it turn out tthat it would be equally illogical as there are out of 70/100 probability that students in Malaysia will use pencil to answer hard calculative questions..

oh yeah, see who's working out?he's strong, he's mighty, he conquer the world with just a mouth with no teeth..

studying can make someone go cracko..i hope my brain can function well again after that

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