Saturday, April 18, 2015

fashion inspiration 2015

the sudden midnight post
when you are dying to dress up 
but there is nowhere to dress up
so i indulge myself by eating visuals of this~


ever since i attended my very first music festival, i realize people DRESSED like this

and now COACHELLA is such a hot buzzy thing these days, i fallen in love with the combination of everything!
Elements: Florals+fringes+Tribal prints+Soft fabric+fashion blogger hat


Vanessa Hudgens , i must say she is really the queen of dressing up this genre

probably a very drastic change from festival's outfit to minimalist outfit
snapping pictures with a better effect is where the background is white. 
elements: black and white

Credits; Tinsel Rack (online shop in Singapore)

Japanese in local uni

obviously , studying in a local uni had limit the choices of clothes i have to wear. i ended up looking like i'm wearing my pajamas to school
and each time i walked to the school of language in my uni, i was always attracted to the style the Japanese or Koreans are wearing
Seriously! how can they pull this off so easily, so effortlessly and look so pretty!?!
i tried to picture any malaysian wearing their clothes, but then it didnt really work out but i seriously LOVE the way they dress. 
Elements: skirts, alot of skirts, socks on every shoes, soft fabric

did i mention i have the same bag as her? hahaha
can't find other pictures because there is none in google
but there are alot in my school T_T
i wish i can really follow them but i have no guts 

wishlist piece

every girl's dream to have a clothes wishlist
so that one day when she goes shopping
she knows she needs it
these are mine
others may subject to disliking it or think it's out of trend

Ripped boyfriend jeans
Ripped + Boyfriend = awesome combination (:
why? because skinny jeans are too mainstream
i like the boyish look 

Boy shorts (tinsel rack)
heck! nobody ever had this kind of shorts except if you specially manufacture it like Tinsel Rack does. 
My sister just bought hers and i am EXTREMELY awed that it really turn out great for a shortie like her. 

i forgot what this hat is called, but i call it the fashion blogger hat
because if you think your outfit is dull
just put this on
all the ootd pictures will boom!
i just ordered mine from Dresslink, 
wishing it will arrive soon! because i can't wait anymore (:

Everyone needs a pair of boots
thankfully, i had fulfilled this wish and got myself one and even supplied it as one of my shop's item
Fash Grace has it!
come pre-ordered it (:

Boyfriend white shirt (:
i need this
badly ~~
hey, why do people always scare it is too big ?
loose creates the sexiness

overalls (: or dungarees? lol, can't differentiate, btw i think it's time to get myself one of these even though it may look abit childish for my age wahaha

lastly, plait shirt (: 
preferably made out of soft fabric than the hard one, i don't mind if it's sheer or what, there's always a white singlet inside (:


so what's your checklist?