Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plastic surgery

i've just been viewing all sorts of plastic surgeries on youtube and it is GROSS..
it's soo painful i can't stand watching it.., i've went to watch double eye lids and the one in Thailand did it in a mere 15 seconds with the patient still awake..it's a very very simple procedure

then i switch to the US and it is NOT that simple after all...i nearly vomited all my dinner just now..they cut your whole lids and you can see blood squishing out like pus and then i click to another video because it is just tooooo disgusting to watch

then i go and view Xiaxue (famous singaporean blogger) nose surgery ( i was interested in her eye surgery but there was none) and goodness, she can even joke during the operation..she didn't wince at all, and i can see the doctor cutting her nose into half..
and she ask " is the inside of my nose pretty?"

i can't even stand mosquito bites , for goodness sake!


Levi's straight cut jeans

Ooh, i love how it fits me sooo well..
the bee got it from the factory so it is cheaper than the original price..it used to be RM200++ but she bought it for only Rm150..
i'm blessed because she gave it to me.i can't find a reason why would she give me this when it fit sooo nicely at the bum..

i'm not a jean lover, i hate wearing jeans because it's soo coarse and rough..but after wearing this i take back my words..

T-Shirt: Zara
Straight cut jeans: Levi's
Pump: Voir
Red Ribbon: kiosk@ Queensbay
Who's that frog?: ME!


That night..

Credits to Jomien..
I guess that will be my first and last band performance..
( :
and i screw up


Monday, August 29, 2011

My first facial experience

Just after facial, i snap some photos after it,.the result gave me a bright smile
so here's the start of the procedure till the end
i was put on a bed (duh!), then Shirleen(the beautician) splat cleanser and massage my face with it..She is an extremely nice person who talks and talks..i have problem with my nose, the blackheads had gone to a very serious level..so, she taught me how to massage the cleanser on my nose..

Then she put scrub on, then put on some serum to soften up the pimples and everything so that the extraction would be less painful..
ok, here's the extraction part, my eyes was closed with cotton wool and i was shaking like hell because i can't see what she's going to do to me..
then i felt something hard and sharp on my nose and
i felt like someone injected botox on my face...it hurts sooo bad but i supress the pain
the real picture is that she took one tool with a very very small round end, press it againts the pimple and press the whole thing out.. 
This goes on for what it seems like an hour? press, poke, squish, push..oh god, i squirm when she reached the part above my head..that is the painest..
then after that, i heaved a big sigh of relief..then she put me under a cold steaming machine where it creates water vapour on your skin..everything turned out well after that

see my nose..see my nose..
then she put mask on me, then moisturizer, then sunblock..and i get to see the mirror..Ooh, the result..i do not have a slightest blackhead on my nose
and then she trim my eyebrow..WOOHOO..that is what i wanted..she gave me an arch and ask me to comb it upward with my hand each time i bathe

but after i go home, red spots started appearing..it seems that the extraction had affected it..the bee said its normal and it take about three days for it to go away..by the end of the night, i had a nose that looks like Rudolph the chicken pox nose..yes, my nose started to look like polkadots..
the next day,
it subside a bit, but the spots are still there..just crossing my fingers that the blackhead won't appear and the red spots would disappear..

few tips from Shirleen
1.you can buy any face product you want, but you must get yourself the BEST sunblock
2.Always double cleanse at night
3.wash your face mildy during noon


daily news

I've just found out that our history mark had been spreading all over..and apparently there were rumours saying that our highest mark is only 6o++ ..i was like wtf wtf wttttfff...
Maybe i set my target too high but i have never set a 60 marks go at my history, so it's only monday and i'm anxious about my marks and result..
i spent 32 days studying (quite short compare to others)
at least i wanna see that some hard work that pays off.. 

my mum complain that my closet is exploding, she warn me not to buy any clothes anymore..and i agree with her..so i'm splurging on cosmetics, face product and hair product ( : here's my list
1.eyebrow trimmer (either d tweezer or the shaver)
2.a reliable sunblock
3.curl & twist hair product
4. vitamin C facial scrub

The whole town is mad, the traffic is moving bumper to bumper..everything becomes sooo havoc because HARI RAYA is tomorrow..So, my dear malay friends, i wish y;'all SELAMAT HARI RAYA! i enjoy eating lemang, ketupat, ooooo sooo yummy..
any leftovers? care to bring them over?
my house is full of cookies even though we never intend to buy any..
thanks for the generous gifts ( :

Original picture.
i haven't study a tiny bit..
i feel extremely guilty, but i'm already mouldy to my toes..i can't move, i'm just tooo heavy to care less..
and oh yeah, the amount of calories i'm consuming, it's going to make me look like a different person
tomorrow i'll be called as



I stumble onto this photo editor, that doesn't need you to sign up and uploading photo for editting is sooooo fast..Pixlr.com had the greatest vintage mode ever? i played around a few pictures and i like its features sooo much!

Here's the con side, i don't really like the normal editting mode because it takes tooo long for me to move a cursor..maybe it's my computer problem, but it work pretty fast for the retro vintage mode..

there's is no caption available for that retro mode, so i have to keep edit and edit from one program to another..
it's exhausting!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fish eye

A type of lomography..i like lomography, it is just soo vintage and the camera is very very cute..
So if you noticed, look at the shadow, i can see the photographer's shadow!
i'm finding a photographer, anyone up for it? i know i'm short, ain't gorgeous, but i know what i'm doing, right?

it's one o'clock now in the morning, this is my third long post today, XP..my body is aching from slouching and i am sitting on a big fat winnie the pooh watching Brits Award 2010..>.< i know it's ancient, but that's the only thing on TV now..i don't have astro so don't bother telling me to switch to MTV..

i found a great photo editing program online and it had this editting tools to make your photo looked vintage..I am soooo going to use that starting from now, because i can't stand the quality of my photo (after great critics from someone)..

It's the term holiday now and i can see great fats on my face..not only fats, i feel heavy! like i can't move my toe because i am too ..lazy? i've been rolling all over the floor instead of walking..i sleep on my mountains of clothes and coudn't get myself up..sleeping on clothes really feel like heaven, you should try that, it's really comfortable..i bet i can sleep in it for days without getting mouldy..*i hope*

I looked like a weird creature..small chopsticks leg ! HAHA
i've got huge panda eyes, *yawn*
goodnight, goodnight..

Muaks,don't kiss a frog..
you might get yourself a wet pillow


curly hair

A feedback from the bee..the facial process is excruciating...she said it felt like scissors snipping through your skin..oh god, how am i going to go through this pain?  lol..my appointment is due tomorrow..hopefully i can make it out alive..haha..
The bee with her expensive hair..cost around Rm 270..the hairdresser is also doing facial for people, and you must made an appointment even if you want to cut an inch of hair..i was like,ok, i must wait till chinese new year, where i get loads of ang pow, go back to the same hairdresser and finally get that similar perm like the bee..i can't afford to buy any more clothes, cosmetics and products anymore..i had to save because i really want her hair badly..
where's the scissors? i wanna cut it off and stick it at the back of my head

Rule number one: Do not upload bad quality pictures into your blog (i was force to, because my camera is sick)
Rule number two: DO not give short post in one week
RULE number three: DO not put songs in your blog..whoever open up your blog with their own song playing at the background will eventually close your blog because it disrupt their song
Rule number four: DO not give dull post
Rule number five: DO not put soooooo many apps in your blog, it will lag the screen when browsing


Clothes and Peg

my sister just gave me a WHOLE bag of clothes...i don't mind getting hand-me-downs, because all her clothes is sooooo BEAUTIFUL..so this morning, i threw out all my unwanted clothings (it fit a huge bag) and made enough space for me to put in those clothes..
Oh, i can't wait to wear them..but i'm sure after a few months of obsessing, i WILL grow tired of it..haiz, why can't i be more grateful for what i've got?

There's something wrong with the camera,...my photo quality had never been nice..i wonder why, but i keep changing those settings to try to see if i manipulated it wrongly..but it just won't worked..so my pictures had always been micro-disrupted...mummy had bought a DSLR bag but she hadn't buy any DSLR yet..
so i'm just waiting..

Tuition is starting one-by-one..another week of busy day without getting any inch of time to breathe..i loathe to be sooo hectic...I didnt get to watch Final Destination 5 after all ..first: the bee is tooooo obsessed with her newly done expensive hair
Second: mummy is tooooo absorbed with her son
Third: daddy never bothers about entertainment

I hate it when everybody turns emo out of the sudden..when you open fresh up in the morning, suddenly, you heard a fight and it spoils your day badly..it totally make your whole mood comide suicide..Why can't they liven up the whole day with a smile, a joke, a laugh..it's sickening..and everyday i pray in order to keep this house alive and free from arguements..Yet, it can never happen..i didn't go through a day without those usual squabble or one nag that hurts your ears and heart,.

my mood totally died now...i hate taunting, i hate dissapointment..so i had to stop making expectations..i have to stop making my own hope, dreams and everything..because everything won't happen as what it was in your head, brain and mind..
IT SICKENS my day..

ok, i noticed the sudden changement of my mood writing in this blog..i started this post this afternoon, and ended this poem at night..so there's a sudden mood swing in this post..

So i'm going to liven up my day with a STUPID smile like this picture?
if only i can do that without force,
it will feel like a total fake, fraud and BADLY dismantled mask ..
i don't know what i'm writing about..
just as long as i drag it all out with my mood now,
i totallly going to be ignorant towards my family now


Friday, August 26, 2011

Kose basic skincare

Been using KOSE skincare and then it finished...
it's milky, and the result, ( :
smooth, a bit of whitening and baby soft skin, but it didn't help my T-zone..no product can help my T-zone no matter what..it's a disaster over there..

a full close up of my (side) face..my front view will definetly scream FAT..

From left: Kose twice a week mask, Kose repairing night essence, Kose moisturizer, Kose toner and Kose cleanser..
i had finished the cleanser and the toner is in a very sorry state..
so now i switch back to Kiehl's again..


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

super funny!

The GOVERNMENT will sue me..
There was a saying that if you have other nationalities working as domestic help in you household, chances are the following goes missing
get VIETS, dogs missing
Get Bangla, girls missing
GET chinese, husband missing
GET AFRICAN, wife missing

But now it's worse, the pilihan raya betui betui kepala pusing!
Get Najeep, Mongolian missing
GEt TOYO, temples missing
Get SAMY, Shares missing
Get Rustam, pigs missing
Get NAZRI, truth missing
Get HISHAM, Keris missing
Get SOI LEK, VIAGRA missing
Get DR M, memory missing
Get Roastmah, Bala missing
Get KA TING. do nothing, every 'ting' missing
Get BaDAWI, always sleeping if not missing
Get TSU KOON, L*np*h missing

Alamak, really kepala pusing


Growing up

I've drove the car threee times so far..i think i'm a car lunatic..i'm obsessed in driving car! but i can't get my liscence till end of this year! *shock* Horror*..
My first drive was behind the stadium where i just go round and round and round
my second drive was with Cyee, Ying and Brenda..i'm sooo touch that they atcually call me to had a test drive at school..Cyee taught me how to reverse the car XP
My third drive was around my housing estate...there was a huge crowd with loads of cars and i nearly go ballistic..i didn't know what to do, i was driving sooo slow..
My parents are making loads of changes for my future..the only thing for sure is that i HAD to take up FORM SIX..they want me to go Sgpore and i WANT too..is just that their hectic and competitive lives scares me off a lil....OR.mummy found a Australian branch college called CURTIN and she wanted me to do ACCOUNT! over there..goodness.i will make my company bankcrupt within 3 days..
and the best thing is, that college is situated at MIRI, SARAWAK...

Last night, after washing my face, i put on the bee's mud mask (ORANGe peel), then after it, i put on the bee's Anti-Acne mask and then let the serum seep in, took it off and then put on moisturizer....All this during midnight..
She gave me her mud mask, her skin peel scrub, her put on mask, one military blouse, one dress, one short jumper (that can never go to the loo without another person to help you unbutton at the back) a facial treatment and what's more?
since when she is soooo good?

i want to grow up, to blossom like a real lady..to make myself beautiful, to live up my dreams , to be happy with my own life...


No changes

i decided to keep my hair till next year chinese new year where i had enough money to dye, cut and perm and enough to buy hair products..annd that time, my hair will be long enough for curls..my last time curl receive loads of BAD feedback ..but thank god the feedback just happen AFTER i cut it off..right now, if i had bad hair day, my hair won't produce such large curl..so it's really hard to take care of it..

Tomorrow gonna watch FINAL DESTINATION 5..( :
FRIDAY going to visit my grandmother..( :
SATURDAY going to do facial..XD
SUNDAY going to photoshoot?
and that night the bee will go to a faraway land
and i'm going to pay her a LONG visit after SPM
prepare, sister..i'm going to eat you!

SCrew exam..until now, i still think of studying when i just realize that trial exam is over..
This exam really mould people to prepare for the REAL SPM..


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


They are planning to go here, they are planning to go there..and i am left out because nobody ask because they know well i couldn't go out..so i'm leftout..an outcast, nobody wanna hang out with, coz i'm no fun, i can't hang out, and my mum still said that i don't have friends...DID she ever think that it was because she didn't let me hang out that she couln't KNOW my friends..

if only my mum know i am in a clique..I got best friends that we swore to secrecy that we obey our six rules..That we buy gifts for each other, call each other nicknames, eat together, go 'shopping' at school together, and call each other 'mou mou' which i guess its a cantonese word for lady?
it hurts that she said i don't have friends when she didn't let me had the chance to let her know them

i've just realize by doing braces you can't correct your jaw and chin..my chin is very protuding last time, i thought the braces corrected it because my teeth were all pulled back ..when i check the mirror for my side view smile, i realize my chin is VERY protuding..
goodness, how can i ever had a beautiful smile with FAT CHEEKS and protuding chin


Monday, August 22, 2011

Twin me Twin stress

The trial exam is killing me, *slash* SLASH *slash*..i totally saw my account marks jumping off the building after i couldn't balance that HUGE question..i am left with two more torturing day with additional math and physics left for further suicides..

The bee is back! she's going to Singapore this monday/tuesday? This week i'm going to my first facial with her!? XD big smile coz that's my early burpday present..And goodness, after she had permanently work at Singapore, i guess my frequent KL trip will never happen anymore..Haiz, but then, i'll be big enough to go on shopping trips, right? RIGHT?! (Hoping soo  high i fell off my chair)

Goodness, this webcam made my eyebrow looked like crayon SIN CHAN..
This is the second time somebody commented on my eyebrow, saying that it looks like that pantless cartoon figure..Goodness, i seriously need to trim it once i got a chance..it certainly look like a forest..

I've a big mess these days..i'm bloated, i'm full with exam stress prone pimples...my whole face is a total disaster...thank goodness i'm going for a facial..i've been using Kiehl product after my KOSE product ended with a sorry amount in it..what i need is a good facial scrub, i have combination skin, so it's really hard to take care of it..

SO, this is pre-post...wait for me for the major post!
( :
i've still got two days to go..