Friday, March 28, 2014

Online store galore

Can't believe i have been lagging off my blog for one empty week, felt a bit guilty but here's some nice pictures to cover up my guilty week. haha

check what i'm wearing 
1. Burgundy colored hat: OASAP

2. Floral rompers: My online shop, Fash Grace

3. heart printed pantyhose : Persunmall

4. fashion wrist watch : Born Pretty Store

5. my favorite of all, fashion gradient colored hair extension: 

i have been dead busy this whole week, i went on a holiday to Thailand for three days, came back and have to deal with SO MANY THINGS!
on tuesday i received three parcels, 
1. Hishop Dental care
2. My fashion online store's stock has arrived! (wee i'm so excited )
3. my sponsored wear-for-fashion watch has arrived

and i have to organize all my stocks and photos for my upcoming online store that is going to launch this April's Fool day. 
No kidding, it's not a scam, i'm just choosing that day because it's easier to remember anyway~ 
and do you like my floral rompers? i'm selling it at my shop! 
i think i really like rompers than dresses because it's easier to walk around without fearing that you may sit and open your leg to wide and flaunt something we don't want to see in public. 

okay and i have fallen BIG LOVE for this gradient color hair extension from OASAP!
it doesn't look fake at all on me! mine was BROWN AND BURGUNDY color because brown may camouflage against my hair so it won't look that fake anyway. 
and oh! the material is dang good , it doesn't feel like synthetic hair anyway, it just feels so natural . (no i'm not saying that just because i got it for free anyway, it's honestly my opinion and no kidding, i wish i can go out having this hair as my real hair) 
only downfall for hair extensions is that i still haven't have the hang of it to wear it properly yet. haha, practice makes perfect i think~

Next up is the wrist watch from Born Pretty Store

there's a little problem when they ship this thing to me so it delay for a bout one month plus . I thought i won't be seeing the watch forever , but it arrived out of expectation. and i quite like how it is my perfect accessory for the day !
i know people may think  when it comes to watches, they HAVE to buy really expensive watches, just like a girl getting her first branded high end handbag. 
So they might think it's not real worth looking at low price watch , but low price watch are MORE FASHIONABLE~ and you just wear to accessorize your outfit, so it doesn't matter right?

the watch is exactly what it looks like on the model picture~
so no cheating or what so ever. haha

The actual model pic
get 10% discount at Born Pretty Store by using my coupon code :

(that's the acronym of my actual real name, haha)

Next up is this rolled brim hat from OASAP
ever since i see this circulating around instagram and online stores, i just have to grab my chances since OASAP is having sales on this hat. 
and because i think is ridiculous to wear hat outside in my remote area, i have to wait till i have the guts to actually order it. 
and so i think i might be late to catch up with this rolled brim hat trend

they have loads of colors to choose, but of course my favorite would be either burgundy or black color. nothing can go wrong with these two colors. 

want to get the products ? check it out here!


before i would like to end my post
i guess it's nice to write something about my daily life

i just gone through my first day of work as a hair product promoter at Tesco
i thought it would be something worth trying since i really do want to break out from the box and see what i can do with sales other than looking at students trying to saw their violin into half
turn out it wasn't what i am hoping for
standing 10 hours the most, 
literally attacking EVERY and SINGLE bystanders or passerby  who go to Tesco
as a matter of fact, i think working INSIDE tesco would be much more approachable because there will be PEOPLE who buy groceries from time to time
but we're selling hair treatment vouchers, something that may sparks "is this even for real?" on every people's first impression
i have to wear a really thick skin and bombard people with my flyers and talked like i was programmed ready to speak repeatedly at every person i approached. 
most of the time i felt like it was not me at all, attacking people with no mercy and literally begging them . 
and most of the time the coordinator would instruct me and tell me what i should not say and tell me my weakness and i felt like a fool anyway
in the end i DID manage to hit my target at the very last minute!
oh i can kiss the couple thankfully because the last target i hit, i had a double commissions~

haha and mum came too to support me but she bought the wrong product, she bought the skin care treatment voucher so the commission was not counted anyway
i spent the whole 8 hours only looking forward having dinner with Dan
the 45 minutes break seem like 5 minutes only 
and after that the pain for both of my feet had start to dig in to my spinal chord
dang it was the LONGEST 5 hours ever after that!

got back home, messaged the coordinator and apologize that i will have to quit. 
the end

one thing i know, this is NOT the job i am going to work next time in the future, 
time to rearrange my courses for my studies soon~


Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Easter activity with Jollychic

 I know it's one month till Good Friday , but who says you can't get the best thing happening before that?
Jollychic has started their own Easter activities and i have already participate in it. 
what is their activity? 
well, they have this crack the egg activity where you can join in with two easy steps!

1. register yourself as a member in
and press on any egg you would like to crack
and you will stand a chance to win 5, 10, or even 50$ cash coupon !

(i have already won 10$ cash coupon from it! how cool is that!)

 another activity is that they are having sales!
this is Easter gifts, where you can have all their clothes up to 40% off
other than that you have editor's pick, 
with a minimum discount up to 60% !! 
i really like Jollychic so much, ever since i got their parcel a week earlier than what i had expected . and their packaging are so lovely ~

their editor's pick, 

so do you want to join their Easter activities? 
go to this link : 

and good luck!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sexy cocktail dresses 2014 from DressV

Hi readers, so i'm back with a post on DressV again, this time it'll be a post on sexy cocktail dresses 2014. When it comes to cocktail dresses there are a few rules on wearing one. 
1. don't wear something that looks like a bridegroom
2. Don't wear something that looks too loud or too much emphasizing
3. Don't overdress like you're going for a ball, this is cocktail session for god's sake

and so after all my evaluation, this is one of my favorites! simple, elegant and plain simple.
this kind of dress just scream sophisticated. Let me give you a brief introduction what cocktail dresses are~ 

DressV short cocktail dresses are full of  strapless designs. You know, strapless designs stands for loveliness, cool sensation and refinement. A sexy queen, with mystery and charm, appears on the party wearing some elegant cocktail dress and becomes the star attraction – so why not you? The sexy goddess and queen, both are in cute cocktail dress . So, don't worry, no matter you are slender or a little strong, this sexy cocktail dress 2014 from DRESSV fits you well. Put it on, you are the sexy goddess with your own style. Some of you will think the perspective gauze is not durable.

second picture, i know this shows a bit different from the first picture but it's for people who loves the shining glitz and glamorous sparks on the dress. 
keep it minimum with the bottom half of the dress

DressV offers a wide range of sexy cocktail dresses that suits many people's taste of dresses. 
You wan short? you get it short, you want sleeveless ? you get it sleeveless, you want strapless? you get strapless
you want asymmetrical? bodycon? A-line? sheath or column? you have it and their categorized button just makes it easier for you to find the right dress. 


dark and exotic~

fun color that boost your confident to the maximum

liking what you see?
want to get a nice dress for your upcoming sexy cocktail dresses 2014? 

visit DressV official website:
DressV cocktail dresses:


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

STPM result

nah, now you have it for those who wants to hear about my result
not being a show off here, but tons and tons of people get results more or less like this for art students, 
turn out that whatever they are worrying before that just become skittles(sweet skittles candy) to them. 
so overall those who score perfect A's in  Malaysia had rose since last year, so in conclusion, does that mean this system is easier to score
or this generation just seem smarter? *wink*

on the other hand i can never forget the sequence of my grades below where my business subject gets a BABA black sheep for it. 
expected it, but i was still cranking my neck hoping for a perfect score
i was close to perfect
but *waves the thing away*
what's importatnt is that what am i going to apply?
i have only one week till my application for all local and singapore uni to close
and i still haven't done anything but to stare at the application form numerous and numerous of times
it's just like how i use to stare at clothes after clothes from my sponsor, trying to choose hard which clothes is best for me~

gah, and for those who wanted me to take LAW just because they think it's such a waste for me to take MASS COM, if that is what you are pushing me, and if that is what you are forcing me
i've a good mind to TAKE IT, 
(and probably fail the subject, ended up 3rd class honor or couldn't get my cert or ended up in any lunatic hospital )
and i shall blame it well on ANYONE who wanted me to take law in the first place if anything goes wrong. 

if this is offending anyone out there, i can only speak out here, because i am quite bottling up my feelings and i have nowhere to write it down or to express it, this is the only way.
it's MY private diary

you see, i am pretty well excited whenever i saw someone in an event, or infront of any camera, or infront of ANYTHING, i want to work in Seventeen, Cleo, Zalora, , Astro, Nuffnang, blah blah blah, 
yeah i know, it doesn't pay as well as being in a law firm which deal with serious clients and all the while you just have  work piles as big as Himalaya mountain~
but it really gets me excited to see any media related job surrounding me on facebook, and how many happy faces when they successfully did their job well~

so to shut any person mouth up, 
and i go back working at media production just like i wanted to


so many grumpy expression, 
but i decided to end it with a happy picture of me and my boyfriend

possibly still wiping people's face off for those who said that being in a relationship will affect your result. 
i'm a living proof, but of course, i do not have perfect score, if you're still pointing that out. 

sorry i'm being grumpy all over this post
came back late at night from an education fair and all i got was not even a happy face, not even a happy exclamation or ANY happy atmosphere, 
i have soooo many good things to say, sooo many interesting things to say
and yet, no, i have to swallow it up
i have no mood to blurt out what happen today

goodnite everyone, i know you all did very well 
for those who didn't
don't worry, god closes one door and opens another one


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coco fashion look

Got my free clothing from, selling really low price for each and every apparel!

shipping was a little bit slow for me even though shipping is not free from their website, but overall, i think the clothes look like what it appear on the model . (:

I tied my hair into a "faux bun" look although i really do not know how to tie again next time, ahaha so i have pictures to keep it as a memory anyway~

so okay, i can't wait to get my colorful dip dye extension from one particular long term company i'm collaborating with~ and because of that extension, i have to postpone the thought of straightening my hair because my curl seem to be expired and really look like some hay grass being half eaten by a cow, hahha *again exagerating*

the back of the dresss, 
it will look much better after i iron it, 
apparently i didn't on this post, sorry for my ignorant~

the make up look, trying to be like princess like~

The actual picture, 
although i was a bit doubtful at what the pink transparent part of the clothes will turn out on my skin, but hey, it's as transparent as it is!

Visit COCO fashion official website :

so my full result will come out this wednesday and i'm pretty excited over it, even though yeah, you can sorta estimate what kind of result you will get by then~ since i already get all three of my semester  results back in my hand
just that i didn't know how to count~
and that particular day will be damn busy because me an Dan will be zooming off to Penang to attend a fair right after we got our result ~ i doubt how half a day at Penang will turn out for me , because normally i have this thought : if you are already out, go out to the fullest! 
apparently i only got about 5 hours till we have to rush back home before my curfew strikes at 11 . (i'm Cinderella, but at least Cinderella has till 12 midnight, ahaha)
so yeap, but this is the only thing i am looking forward to this whole week

i'll be starting my online business as well too!
I'm pretty excited yet nervous because i do not know how the outcome is
selling preloved is easy, because prices are so flexible 
but then this time, there are risks as i am not selling pre-order (damn, i hate this kind of thing because you have to wait and wait and wait for your clothes to arrive and then you be having the seller apologizing to you saying that their stocks are delay and blah blah)
i am selling ready stocks! all the more better for the customers! to see actual pictures of the clothes and get it within 2-3 days (: 

do support me ya! follow instagram : blushribbon


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get the lowest price for crop top from Choies

a lot of my facebook friends are asking me where to get crop tops at a very low price, 
well here's your big chance~
Choies has always been my favorite shopping website because it just offers a lot of upcoming trendy outfits daily!
so yeah, now they are having 10% for this lovely white and black crop top
at only 
9.89 $ 
~ damn steal lah, because if i convert it to my malaysia ringgit it'll be 
and a lot of people are selling it at Rm39~ which is like 11.14 USD~

owh, i fallen deeply in love with this!
black just makes you look slimmer ~

Check out the crop tops now


Monday, March 10, 2014

Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner courtesy from Natta Cosme

It's another make up post! this time, i'll be sharing with you guys this wonderful product: 
i read a lot of reviews saying that this is one of THE most waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner EVER~
and i was very excited to get hold of one of these, and oh ! i didn't know they actually gave me two ! 
one is choco brown and another is black

me with my favorites~
sorry for the low quality grainy pictures, because i guess using a DSLR to selfie is really hard and heavy, plus the angle make your face look pancake flat like being squashed by a giant elephant~
so i used my iphone front camera instead ~

Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner comes with 4 different colors~

  • 01 night black
  • 02 Galacy Black
  • 03 Choco Brown
  • 04 Golden Brown

the black eyeliner~ i'm ready to use you!
i actually prefer eyeliner with really sharp tip because well, it's easier to draw, but i guess i can put up with this

Tried the waterproof test~

left: splashed water on my hand and nothing smudges, not even a single smudge! *eyes popping out of my socket at the sight of it* 

right: tried to remove it with make up remover, that was first attempt, and i couldn't get it off, so i changed and used an oil base make up remover instead
and it came off! 

So here's my beauty tryout on my eyes ! 
i'm going to put up with two looks! 

Look number one : The nightlife vixen

totally no 'life' on my naked face. 
last time i use to wear double eye lid stickers , but i given it up after it completely turned my left eye into the size of a golf ball (exaggerating), so ya, i'm back to my monolid self again!

drew a basic thin line ~
the gelatinous texture makes it so easy to apply because it has a pen-like feel and it is evenly colored and you don't have to redraw every stroke or 'refill' every gap~

my 'failed' sharp wings at the end of the eye because really, i do not know how to draw with the fat edge of the eyeliner. i still prefer thin tip eyeliner but oh well, maybe i shall draw a different eye line shape to make full use of it~ so don't fret!

using my new cerro qreen make up brush from Natta Cosme too, 
i'm telling you, I LOVE IT! every single brush of it!

to create crease or in some cases, "double eye lid" , i just wear my eyelashes and my eyes had double up the size. the wing at the end of my eyes look pretty okay i guess, ahaha
but guess what, it didn't smudge at all!
NEVER even give an annoying little hint of dark spots or anything

full look, okay this is still not nightlife look, i'm still being myself here, ahaha
the color of the eyeliner stood out like some black ink tattooed itself there~
it does caught attention, and that is the purpose of it right?

my finishing look~

Look number two : The twirling princess 

i basically like to draw this eyeline much more than your mainstream 'wing-eye'~ why? because i think this is much more tone down and simple making people think that you didn't have heavy make up on you
and it elongates your eye and making it droopy like you're an innocent child

for this look, i chosen 'choco brown' for the tone down look~

eyeline shape~ droopy and straight to elongates the end of your eye

trying to be princess-like~
lol , ahaha but i like choco brown more than the black eyeliner because it's quite like a 'barely-there make up' effect~ 
of course, this is still kinda heavy because i'm all dolling up for my photoshoot for my next blog post~

and my finishing look~
one big love for Natta Cosme! ahaha

my thoughts:
has it proven me that it is one of the most powerful waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner? YEAH!
totally, and they even promised to be sweatproof too~
so yeah, if you're interested in getting one yourself scroll down 
(Miss Hana is a Taiwan product)

 Get Rm5 off with the coupon code  MISSHANA" entitle to get RM5 offer when
 purchase any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner, this coupon
                            expiry date will be on May 15th, 2014

Visit Natta Cosme official website:


Sunday, March 2, 2014

days of boredom

nope! this is not an advertising post! seeing that there are so many great things that happen last month, and i didn't even have the chance to splurt it out here in my blog
so yeah, here goes~
  1. Went to try out a new japanese restaurant with Dan call "Ginza Japanese Restaurant"
we didn't eat much there because we were keeping our stomachs for Tea Garden to play cards and eat their bottomless french fries~
the food was not bad and the price is slightly more expensive than your basic sushi king~
it was our weekly date, so yeah, i want to make the most of it from there. 
I DO NOT like some people who got this mind set saying that i go out almost everyday, NO!
i only date him once a week! is that so hard for you to tolerate ? and seeing that we are staying not far from each other, why do we have to keep ourselves restraint from each other? 
and soon we be shipping off to different places to study, so we are trying to make most of our time together worth it~ 

2. I started to work out 

it all started when i was sleeping like a baby with a pacifier and Dan phone me like ten times before i can hear the phone ringing. 
i can hear his voice from the phone and an echo outside the house. 
he ask me to open the front door, i ran outside with my pillow and saw him surprising me with his sports attire all ready to go jogging. 
i blink
he bought me Kimchi which i had craved for since one whole week ago so i followed him go jogging in our recreation park~
darn, i had those itchy legs called "exercise urticaria" so we didn't run much, just walking and strolling around and i did some streching. 

but then it was great having an exercise partner, you can feel so highly motivated to keep going and keep moving forward and you will have someone who keep pushing you and supports you .
so when our friends called us to go gym the next morning, i have no regrets.~

and that was when someone press the 'start' button and i had been going to the gym 3 times a week now~

my first gym experience~ 
UTC youth centre really provides  a great youth atmosphere though~
they have board games where you can play it for free the first hour, Playstation set for you to play with your friends, computers for you to online , snooker, those football playing machine, their dance studio is so huge and you only rent it for Rm10 one hour (omegawwd so cheap like buying rm1 nasi lemak). they even have darts and even a room for those who wanted to do projects and everything~
and their gym is only Rm1 for students! 
i don't mind going for gym that has a few machines but nobody really go there so we practically own the place~

the third day at gym~ okay, you may think me weird snapping photos in a gym . DUH, but i signed up for this 21days challenge by Dove malaysia on their program called "school of skindulgence" where you have to post 21 days pictures of you either "Eating right" "staying active" and " loving yourself". 
you will stand a chance to win a trip to Krabi! omegawd!
and not only that, you can win weekly prizes too by Dove, like a rm100 Dove hamper and so on~

so yeah, stay with me when i keep posting myself working out and eating some weird looking healthy snacks. ahaha, 

3. I started selling my preloved clothes (Batch Two)

so far so good i guess, but i realize people can be VERY fussy when it comes to postage fee. 
everything was fine until you ask for an extra Rm5 for postage fee. 
Look here, the basic post is Rm6 and i have already subsidized Rm1 for them, not to mention i didn't count any petrol fee and so on, some online shops charge postage fee for about RM8 because either they use a different postage system or they also include their petrol fee and services . 

Well, do have mercy on me, the extra Rm5 is not going inside my pocket! it's for the post man to post your clothes to your doorstep~ being quite a softie in the heart, i subsidy the postage fee if they buy 2 items above~ 

check out my carousell to find out more clothes : annribbon

yesterday was quite busy because for the first time i had to pack six parcels with me to the post office ~ went to JPJ to renew my license and head off to the gym again~

4. Unpublished photo

A few unpublished photos that i didn't get to post in my blog~
you know how much i like to snap pictures~ ahaha

Dinner ootd~ my first try with the Olympus EPL5

Pictures with my babes~ it's like a tradition to have a reunion steamboat at Shey Hwa's house~

and it was all very simple there because everything inside the pan, we ate it up like piranhas

Never really get the chance to post this~
sometimes i get very impatient with him, but we made up everything pretty fast ~
sometimes he gets kinda agitated at my sudden mood swings, but still we made up pretty fast~
but i'm so glad i'll have him with me every time i feel alone. tomorrow will be our 20th month together~ omygawd, time really ticks so fast~

5. Being a Tetris maniac

 okay, i kept playing this game like 
 i wouldn't be bothered eating my lunch, i just keep playing and playing . but it's a good thing they make it energy constraint, that you can only play 5 games  for 10 minutes, or else i'll be stuck in my seat and forget about the world. 
and after that you have to wait for the energy to build . so it's not everytime i get to play this game! i make it like Morning: one session, Afternoon: one session and night: one session~
until i reached rank 101, i get fed up looking at it because you have to win 50 battles to rank up again, i feel cheated after that , so i started to log in to my boyfriend account and play his tetris instead~ ahaha

so anyway, 
how do you spent your weekend by the way?