Friday, November 30, 2012

i hate it when this things happen

tonight is MAMA in HK! but i am here unhappy and stressed
cuz i hate it when my family fights and you are pull into it because their faces would sent a flying bird dead to the ground.
this terrifies me!
like seriously!!
sheesh, why can't they get use to the word "SORRY"?
and why do they have to be soo mad at me just because i happen to be living under the same roof.
wuwu T.T

I'm scared.
if this thing happens all the time, you probably see me tearing my hair out of my roots!
just a minute everybody was joking around and suddenly it turns upside down and you feel like you've been thrown into a hovercraft.

My close up face.
you know things would be easier if i just ignore it
but how could you ignore it when you probably had to face them !?
family feuds.
i loathe it!
don't ask me what happen today, 
i just wish i can go to bed early, take up a novel and read before i go to sleep as usual.
that would lighten up the tension.

so this morning i had a fight.
thankfully it all ended up well.
and parents!?

hopefully i can be as ignorant as my mum is
my dad's face is like the thunder god mix up with bad incredible hulk's facial expresion.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

A night in Marina Bay

sisters~ we're 7 years apart, if you can differ both of us. I always look older than her though, i'm 5cm taller than her, but definitely fatter than her.
but because i have a broader shoulder (thanks to swimming lessons) clothes fit me better though.
behind us is the Luis Vuitton building. 

okay, the view behind reminds me of hongkong. damn! why can't malaysia be like that, they should beautify Penang! make PENANG Like a mini singapore! an island is an island, but singapore is really THE BOMB.
no wonder it is sooo advance, their tourism industy boost because everything is tourist friendly.

the busy streets. people are waiting to watch the fountain show which we accidentally bound into it. 
It was pretty!

the biggest christmas tree? i still think it is still early for christmas but way to go, it really is pretty!

we walked a few ways and saw one whole stretch of beautiful background in every corner. so i contrast myself into one of them.
What i wore
Dress: from a blogshop i don't even know ==''
Shoe: croc

okay, so i make up my mind i'll be joining this sunny bright beauty contest? 
*erm?* i don't know how to translate it into english since it was all in mandarin.
The audition will be held at 7th.
i just join because SERIOUSLY? HOLIDAY really KILLS me.
i do nothing but to stare at the computer screen or playing pokemon on my gameboy.
so i heard that if i got through it, i'll be able to do some charity work, get free spa and facial (wow?) and did a few activities. 
(sounds like a real beauty peagant thing right?)
and the semi finals will be held not till january, so i guess there'll be LOTS and LOTS of activities going on during that whole period.

i'm short, i don't think i stand a chance anyway.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Singapore Sentosa Island Luge and skyride

tadaa! me and my luge ride helmet!
i do have the pictures of me riding the luge thing, but my sister didn't uploaded it yet. 
dad paid 20$ (singapore dollar) for each of us and for three rides. 
TRUST ME, TWO rides is enough to kill your excitement!
but it was fun!

This is a luge!
its easy to learn how to drive it, and believe it or not, i went down the hill like crazy racer trying to overtake my sister who are way even insane than me without even bother hitting the brakes even when we turn to a bend!

this is the luge and the skyride! 
kinda fun right!? i think driving the luge is the funnest. there are two trails , one is the dragon trail while the other is the jungle trail. 
the dragon trail has more sharp bends than the jungle trail though and (the track is new!so do try it out)

before you go for the luge thingy, you have to sit this skyride up the hill first. this is my sister and my bro girlfriend up there. ahaha, the background is beautiful right? behind them is the SONG OF THE SEA which only operates during at night with musical waterfalls and everything . 

ahaha, an epic picture where i pretend i could step on that luge driver
the skyride was great (for first timers) i wore sandals and spent the whole half ride worrying if my sandals would just slip off and hit on anybody's head.
thankfully, its not that critical as you think off.

and yarh, you have to carry some luge to the station for them to recycle and let you use it for the ride.

me and my sister on the bus to travel to each stations in sentosa island.
its was great riding the luge, but again, i shall stress it once more. 
after the second time, going to the third and final ride was a pain.
you go through the whole thing again and again.
talk about boring.
but for first timers! like me! 
a ride
to remember!

Final pic with me and my mum!
okay guys! this was worth the ride!
try it! it's fun! but don't get greedy! 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy birthday to my BESTIE Jovelle!

I'm gonna give a huge shout out to my bestie of three years, Jia wen a.k.a Jovelle!
It's her birthday today! and this is as much as i can do as she is now too far from me *wipe tears*
Happy birthday my dear bestie! it's your 18th birthday! you're legal! whaha, 
and you're turning into a gorgeous pretty young woman who had someone behind your back to support you.

so my bestie, here's a memory journey troughout our epic moments
you had been sitting beside me since 16. damn, it was pretty akward at that time because both had negative thoughts over each other. i thought she was snobbish while she thought i was stuck up (no difference eh?)
but we get along as time flies. seeing that there's only six (at that moment) chinese girls in one class, we were pretty close. 
Together with Xin Ning, my dear summer leao, we are ALWAYS close together.
things brought us together after joining the drama team

tadaa! she edited the pictures and put it as profile pic! awwh! that's sweet!

drama pushes us closer. After that we were not total strangers anymore. things goes on and on and on until we reached 17 . 
Oh boy, that's the most memorable year i had with you.
Seeing that we still sat together, heck! i still remember you keep hanging up plastic bags in between our tables. and when the rubbish kept piling up, the plastic bag just would not stay up. 
that's hilarious.

and another thing that you always love to do.
was tying my hair.
yup, you kept tying my hair.
ann tan here, ann tan there.
wahaha, we always tease you about your red cheeks that we nickname you Tomato. and after xin ning created your nickname jovelle, we started calling you Jovello de Tomato.
just make you laugh, and poof! you turn as red as my red hot lipstick.

our failed pictures.
you are always girly, but damn, whenever we eat together, you're the slowest to finish.just by walking you took slower pace,dreamily doing things  so later and later, we called you tortoise.
you had sooo many nicknames eh?
but all so cute, so don't get offended!^^

tadaa! all our pictures! you came into my house despite the fact that probably you are really scared over my parents being too strict. i appreciate that. remember i let you watch a part of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 and we nearly turn into goofballs?

we went through a lot, not to mention , we hardly fought. but the only fights we had was when you just commented on how i should act and should not act, we ended up not talking. (i'm totally over sensitive)
and the only thing that bond us back was 
"hey, you want some cabonara spaghetti?" you ask
and seeing that Xin Ning had been eating it like it was the best damn food, i gave in and poof! we're back to talking together again!

before school ended, you gave us a book to write whatever thing we wanna say to you. believe it or not, i wrote the longest! what is it? around 4 pages long? haha! 
guess i know you much much better right?

i still remember my dad went ballistic at school. he thought i skip school after someone saw me pop into one car and drove off. the truth was i just went to the petrol station to get some lunch before starting our extra when we went back, there was my dad ordering me to pack my bags and go back. damn all of my friends couldn't ate their noodles after that, worrying if my father would break my neck or something.
really grateful of them for worrying of me.

and jovelle gave me a smurf for my birthday! haha!
and she and my lovely friends did a big card with all our pictures glued on it. i was really happy! you really brought me to life! like i really feel that i belong ! finally after so many years, i always feel out of place, but you guys really bring me in, accepted who i really am, and we were a clique! 

and lastly jovelle, i can't say how much i really thank you for all the things you did for me! going through a lot, listening and reply my text when i had problems, gave me a really damn good advice and even search for a ukelele for my birthday! celebrated my bday too!
i was soo happy! 
i hope i am the one who you seek for help and advice too, as i have been such a baby around you.
i hope distance never keep our friendship apart!
and don't even forget us!
never! i won't forget you guys, even though some of us may drift apart
but our memories together at school,
will always remain the same
they say during schooling years
was the best year ever
and your friends will always be the same

love you, bestie!
happy birthday! this is the best i can do for you!
sorry for the late post!
hugs and kisses

Monday, November 26, 2012

The best love quotes ever

i'm sorry

today was the first time he didn't sent her a goodnight text.
she nearly cried her eyes out.
but all she knows was its all her doing.
why , oh why she demand so many stuff when he gave her his all
why , oh why nothing seems to satisfy her
why, oh why couldn't she keep her mouth shut and be happy just for one day

no, this is him
and that is her
what could you expect from both of them
from two different world

 she couldn't sleep
nor could she even eat
she wanted so badly to phone and make sure he's alright
but all she get was a bullshit

this is harder than she thought it would be
this is even harder for him 

one minute they are okay, 
another minute she pulls off and said he done something wrong
she's a nightmare
how could he stand her anyway
i shook my head, thinking if he still sticks on, that girl should marry him

but one thing he should remember
he loves her and she loves him
if both hearts are join together what can possibly destroy the strings that bind them?

Even though she demands a lot, she gave a lot too
even though he tries to make it up to her, he didn't run away even if things get unbearable

if words can describe how much she loves him
it would be more than writing in a dictionary or an encyclopedia
she wanted him to know for all he did
she knows, she remembers, and she would give him back for all she could

praying hard he won't leave her because people do have limits
people do have a time where they gave up due to tiredness 
that they willing to throw everything to get the hell out of hell.

did you read it?
she loves you 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Definition of love

i feel happy when everybody is in love.
just recently i realizes that my classmates are slowly popping out of their shells pairing of together. 
it just feels great that they are sharing what you call a phase of life that i illustrates the colours of your feelings.

now let me define love for me. 
i seldom write about that four letter words because it is strictly banned from my house till i reach either 21 years old or i'm studying in a university.

love is to be loyal and that is all that matters in my dictionary.
when you are loyal, honesty comes in close.
when you are loyal, you eventually learn to trust
when you are loyal, you give all your time to care for that someone
so everything comes from loyalty.
no betrayal, no shitty promises
that is all that matters.

of course there are a few people with different perception.
some make sure that TRUST is the REAL ISSUe for a relationship.
but can trust happen when someone is not loyal to you?
so it all comes to LOYALTY.

here's a picture where you all just feel lovey dovey gooey all over!
of course chip and dale are both males, ==''

anyway, seeing that i was forbidden to be in a relationship, it is not wrong to be in love!
(still i feel abit weird what i'm going to state here, because for all i know my parents would be clicking on to my blog link and threaten to turn me upside down again)

i'm 18, mutual attraction tends to work beautiful chemistry at this age.
it is still advisable to know that person really really well till you atcually agree in bringing that someone to your life
and that accounts for me
i know you quite well and we were best friends!
we can't stop talking!
never in my life had i feel at ease with someone sooo much
but i guess i shall wait
wait till i am ripe that my parents give me the green light.
watching FRIENDZONE in MTV doesn't help.


First day to Singapore

my day started like any other day. i have no idea why on earth we decided to go by car. it really is a pain the ass to travel from the north malaysia (kedah) all the way to the south of malaysia(johor).
10 hours to your destination, have fun in seeing your butt flat and practically looks like nothing but a squashed pancake.
but! we stop by KL for one night (thank god) and JB for another night.

an epic moment. moments before i board the bus over to singapore.
anyway, i traveled in all sorts of way to singapore before. The best was of course with the plane! DUH!
that was like the easiest and i travel the whole thing alone! that was my first flight experience ALONE. so i didn't get lost or abducted or anything. but if you throw me into a bus, i might have go to the wrong one or get down at the wrong place.
so to put it in a nutshell, plane is the best!

I'm wearing
Top: Nichii
Jeans: Romp
flats: Brands outlet
bag: adidas
mum ask me to wear long pants on the way there because it will be freezing cold in the bus, but dang, it was melting hot for me the whole way walking to the bus station. 
note to self: wear a short next time

non make up look

and we finally reach there! at Bugis junction! my sister came to meet us and we had lunch at the food court there. 
for the first time we didn't sleep at my aunt's house because we didn't want to be a burden to her. furthermore i heard that my couzzy is sitting for her O Level, so all the more not to go and disturb them!
sorry couzzy!!!

anyway, thank god my sister book a hotel right across the street of Mustafa centre.
yup, the saying goes like this
"foolish tourist shop in orchard road, smart tourist shop in Mustafa centre"
you can't imagine how big the whole place is!!!
even though it may look like a hypermarket from the outside, it is like a never ending mine inside the building!
i shall talk about it later.
so here it is, 
my first part of singapore.