Sunday, December 30, 2012

a heartwarming trip with the models

hello! so this trip is on the 28th of december. again, i hope i am not infringing any rights for stealing all these precious photos. 
i have to wake up as early as 7 in the morning to get my make up done and had breakfast . we must reach there before 9.30 or else marks will be deducted, thank god, i and esther (i fetched her) reached at 9.17am. Phew~
a lot of the models were late, so we started our journey pretty late too.

on the bus. we were arrange to sit according to our heights and group. Group A on the right (which is my group) and Group B on the left. They arrange it properly so that when we got down on the bus, we don't need to get all mix up just to take a group photo.

This is the stop where we went to this charity home for unwanted old folks.
this is my second time going for charity work, but this time, i have to play a big role in it.
they say added bonus marks will be given if you perform well. the thing is, i'm a really shy girl towards strangers. i can't find myself to talk, open my mouth, do something!

with them. we were introduced to some of the folks there about their background. some of the girls are really outstanding! the minute they were there, they started to talk with the folks there, i can't imagine how, i felt really akward there! fake it, ann, fake it~ but that's not the real me. so i ended up listening to their stories rather than corresponding with them.
i did talk to one old man with the green shirt and he cried
yup, there were tears in his eyes and it burned my eyes too.
so i stop talking~ and didn't want to dig any further.

posing~ i know i did pretty bad in this job, it's not because i have a stone of a heart, but why fake yourself right? so i did whatever i think the best i can do, squat and listen to them, bring the food to them, clear the food for them.
yeah, hopefully they see i'm doing the best i could.

a group photo~

one of our sponsors~ KB LEE for educational items
we went to almost around 17 to 18 places and it took use from morning 9.30 till night 8.45pm.
now tell me, how hectic it is. but i really salute the ymm members (the one with blue shirt) as they are the one who did a lot of work just to make sure we're comfortable and our mission is completed before time runs out.

another sponsors. 
at UNIQUE dance studio~ yup, 29th december, we had to go to this dance studio to practice our opening dance for the show. 
it was really really fun! but as usual, we were break into groups and dance around our members, and there was a little bit of competition between which group dances best.

thanks ANTAR bus company for sponsoring our transport for all our destination!

at D'Style saloon~ they will be doing our hairs for the important night. 

at the mall. seriously, all eyes were on us. 
probably because this mall had our poster so they probably know who we are, and probably we stood out like red peas in a green pea pot (i don't know what am i talking about)
it was really akward, but hey, self confidence, push your chest up and look at everybody with  a smile.
there will be more people on that important night, so there's no need to be shy.

i like this shot, it's soo define ! the angle!
and you can imagine how akward for our backside to face the onlookers who are eating their meal at Georgetown.

a brief catwalk lesson in Cheah Dance Studio~

sexy neh, this teacher! haha, she's my old dance teacher. it's great to see my old friend again, Lini (her daughter)
she taught us how to have different catwalks for different type of costume.
for sporty look, you have to walk really fast
while for the night gown look, wow, i think that's pretty hard, because i'm not use to walking real slow.

erm..caught by action.
i blew a kiss into the mirror, so the teacher said it's not appropriate to do that on stage seeing that there will be malay boys during the important day.
i really need to practice much on the poses for each stopping station.

thanks to Swiss Loo beauty shop
we will be getting our free spa from here!
plus, she's going to be our judge too!

a picture for the newspaper~

thanks to this phone store that all three winner will be receiving free samsung phones!!

the wedding and gift shop
okay, here's one story.
i went to the toilet, as i was there, the phone slip out from my pocket, hit the ground and fell into the toilet hole. 
my heart nearly fell out of my mouth.
one good thing is, the toilet hole didn't have any water in it
another good thing is, the phone battery was OUTSIDE the toilet hole
the only bad thing is that, i probably felt gross out to have to put my hand into the toilet hole and dig my phone out.

at classy glorry, this HUGE furniture shop. this place is like a maze, it's soo huge and their toilets even have air con!!!!

one last picture in classy glorry~~

so how was my day?


Friday, December 28, 2012

Milkshake factory

Introducing the one and only fantastic UNIQUE drink shop i've ever come across.
first time i've ever come across, atcually, this is MILKSHAKE FACTORY! they had branches around KL and now , in GURNEY PENANG!!!
(scroll down below for the exact address)

this is the menu, i know you must squint your eyes to look at it, but trust me, i can spot FAMOUS AMOS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES SHAKES
(did i hear pop tarts?! like that is sooo cool!!!)
seriously!! i didn't know you can blend all this wonderful things you use to ate it with bare hands!!

This is what i say~ EPIC~~true epic~~
i use to eat Cadbury chocettes non stop and to have it blend with milk and other thing~ this is really really cool!
i haven't tasted pop tarts before, i don't think they had it in Kedah (the place i'm staying) i haven't even seen one out of Kedah, i only read about it in novels where people use to say pop tarts are like a favourite snack of them.
so its really cool to have it blend with whatever you can think off.

not only all the lovely chocolates and biscuits and cereals, you get fruit juices too! banana milkshake~blueberry~ strawberry~papaya!? wow!

*lick my lips*

did i see a famous amos cookie over there!?
all the chocolates are IMPORTED ~
i saw MARS BARS over there too!!
i can't imagine how people can blend all these goodies, but they did it!

owhh~~ YUMMY!!!!!!
my stomach was really growling just now after looking trough all theese pictures. my sweet tooth is really tingling so madly that i can't wait to get it first hand when i go to penang the next time!

sure do!

M&M in the milkshake! argh!!!

the shop that make all your dream milkshake come true~
go! go! 
now! get your car keys! drive! and order one!!no, make it two! no, make it more!!

here's the facebook page, PLEASE "LIKE" it!!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the randomness of my daily life

outfit from Nichii~
i love the twisty thingy!!

anyway, school will be starting in another five days! i can't believe we have to go school on the 1st of January when everybody is celebrating or probably popping their heads off for countdown.
i haven't iron my uniform yet though (lazy bum)
i don't even know where's my school bag (giggles)

trying out clothes in Nichii~
i bought the top, but didn't buy the shorts cuz i don't think my parents would allow me to wear it out due to the "generous amount of length"

anyway, i've been cracking my head on what to perform on my talent competition this 18th of January. it's a YES to do a violin cover, but i'm still edgy about what song. It's either Gangnam Style or well, other fast track songs.
haha, well, if i'm sticking to Gangnam style on the violin, please be sure to come over AS MALL to see me galloping away with the violin.
its tough, VERY tough, the string doesn't coordinate well with your feet.
HAHA *nervous laugh*

My first ever H&M dress piece.
a zebra dress~~~
dududududu, i went over to LOT 10 first ever open H&M branch, and it was huge, about three floors if i'm not mistaken.

i've decided NEVER to cut bangs anymore! my sister says i do not look good in it, even though i personally think i look very young with it. haha, so i'm keeping the long fringe, my pimples had deteriorate because of my long fringe, thank god!

my new babies~~
both are semipro, don't expect any DSLR here though, my whole family owns all Semi-pro cameras , seeing that we're not professional enough to own one DSLR, and seeing we're just soo bothered about how gigantic DSLR was, semi-pro is a great camera for easy goers~ 

okok, my olympus (right) is gone now. i've sold it for a mere Rm500 and took over my mum's V1, so that she can have her other camera.
bye bye baby!

i love this picture! tell me its cute!!!
haha, ways to prevent pimples on your forehead 101, 
tie your fringe up regardless if you're a boy, girl or it makes you look gay~

lovely friends! we use to hang out ! not in picture: Shu ping, jesslyn, esther, choon siang, hannee, song qi, chun yee, shue tin~~
did i miss out anyone? 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

ZenQ Dessert at Kota Kinabalu

People all around the world. this is the finest and the most mouth watering dessert treat i've ever tasted in my whole entire life.
i happen to be at walking down the Gaya street of kota kinabalu in search of something to satisfy my sweet tooth, and here i am, i  found this shop.
this is the toast series, do note that it is not normal bread, it is danish toast so when you dig into it, oh my, it's crispy on the outside and soft inside.
it cost around Rm16.90 i think, its a portion for two people and above.
i HIGHLY recommend you guys to try it out!!

the lemon sorbet thingy~
sour to overcome all the sweetness we had.

tadaa, reminds me of snowflakes, just that, this ingredient seems much more! you can create your own toppings too! so, walah, this is the topping my mum created. damn, i prefer this than snowflakes because snowflakes ice is just too much, while this is just enough for my appetite.

tadaa, the shop! they have another branch in Sunway Pyramid too, so west and east malaysia can have their own share of taste.
they have it in GURNEY , Penang too! 
goodness, i just know that after i googled their website.
haha, i'm coming back for you!!

one last picture of this once in a lifetime moment. 
i can never forget that taste, it was the best damn dessert i've ever eaten.


from the bottom of my heart

it's been ages since i updated what i felt. its mostly about me blabbering about reviews and my traveling trip that i forgotten what my blog was all about. my feelings.

i've been feeling a bit moody and probably left out. ever since starting my new school in this new environment, i just couldn't feel that i belong. most of them are old friends from my previous school, but as usual, you don't just clique along with them. they do not want you to budge too deep into their private stuff either.
so, i'm probably just like a wallpaper? sometimes i just sat there while most of them chat animatedly with themselves. i just can't blend in, i don't know what's wrong with me. somebody ask me to be neutral, yup, i AM neutral.

another thing was that, i'm so afraid of people judging me
nobody wants to be hated right? so if i found out that somebody dislike me or something, i really got to know what's wrong with me so that i can correct it, i want to  make myself likable!

but one thing i don't understand is, why can't they just clique off with me? what's wrong with me?
everytime i felt like there's always a boundary between us.
people are straight forward. 

a girl once told me "excuse me, can you go to  other place because we're a group here and we want to discuss about something" 

never in my life had i heard such words from someone so "courteous"

i've only felt that i belong in a clique for the past two years with my dear besties. and now they are far far away, and i can't get use of living in such an odd atmosphere.
people's gonna judge you
and how far will i strech.
an inch? a mile?

I'm sensitive, i receive loads of feedback that i am an overly sensitive girl, i can think of one thing for a million stray thoughts. 
so i guess people would just ask me to shut up and just ignore whatever bullshit other people think of me. (negatively)

ignorant is bliss
i get it, but it's hard for me to do that.

hopefully, i hope i try~~

*nervous smile*

Thursday, December 20, 2012

snorkeling at Manukan Island, Sabah

yehlo! this is miss ann tan posing in one of the chalet at Manukan island.
There are five island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and you have to pay for the conservation fees before you enter it (plus the boat fee, rental fee for the snorkeling device and even the life jacket)
so no money, don't venture yar?

i'm staying somewhere near the jetty point, so it only took about a 15minutes walk to it. (the sun can kill you even though its just a mere distance)
Lifejacket plus snorkeling item cost around Rm15 each
boat fare is about Rm25 i guess each
 conservation fee Rm10 each

this is atcualy my look after i had snorkel, bathe and change into clean clothes.
the sea water totally destroyed my hair until now! my hair become very very dry and frizzy, i can't use a comb to comb trough it anymore!
argh! T^T

owkay, so here's me looking like i had conquer the world ~

the beach~~
me posing with the peace sign. check out my dad swimming with his leg up at the side! haha, anyway, i want to venture out of the border because i saw more fishes there. i saw a few swimmer out there too, just as long as they don't pass the big round balls (at the far end) it'll be fine.
but dad said it was really too deep to venture out there, so we just stick near the white border.

father and daughter~
so, yup, i catches a few glimpse of the fishes, but mainly just the same fishes all over and over again. 
at first i had a hard time getting use with the snorkeling thing. it's my second time snorkeling, the first time was when i was about 8years old or 10 i think.
so, no surprise i atcually gulp a few salty water and even had the salt burnt my nose (i seep some down through my nose)

the boat trip~ took about 5-7 minutes for us to get to the island.
a kind lady gave me sunblock to apply on myself since i haven't prepare anything about beaches before i plan this trip.

struggling to fix the thing, couldn't figure out the whole thing. haha

one final picture~
Manukan island is quite nice! beautiful! i didn't know Malaysia had such beautiful beach! you can choose five beaches just nearby! so just hop on and hop off, its up to you guys!