Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Japanese night

I feel akward. okay, so i guess i'm going to google basic japanese language so that on that day, i won't interact like chicken and duck with the japanese interactors. "watashi baka!" and they will laugh their head off because i call myself stupid.

i'm going to make friends. Talk to me, fellow interactors. Come talk to me! come come come! hehe, i'm soooo desperate, but that is the only way i can open my heart, and view the world with pure fascination. 27th will be the best day ever! After that, moumou they all said right after the night, dad will drove us back to my new hse and we will stay there and had SLUMBER PARTY! Woi, no boys allowed.

i am 90 pounds now. ridiculous, but i started eating a lot today and i think i'm going to gain weight ! yay!
i want to apologize to my moumou though, my new hse is very very messy at the moment with lots of stuff because we haven't had the time to clear it (NO SPACE!) exspecially the third floor, it looks more like a storeroom. Hopefully, they don't mind sitting with boxes of stuff and watch YUCKY movies.
and oh yeah, no wireless connection, paiseh!
and no ASTRO
and no microphone for karaoke (but plenty of karaoke CD!)
but got PS2!
plenty of soft toys to fight
Lots of GORE movie
you can even jump down from the balcony if you don't mind a broken leg


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