Thursday, June 28, 2012

I love my Form Six life

 guys, as you all may know, i went through a hard phrase of my life recently.
From that day onwards, i finally get to realize how important friends are when you are in real deep shit.
i do appreciate it, when i saw how supportive or helpful they are that i finally get to open my eyes and APPRECIATE them.
thankyou sooo much guys, for bringing the joy into my life ^^

 credits to Shi Yun for her photos~
ahaha, atcually i don't know who the left two guys are, sorry yar.==''
so in the pic there's Chunwei~ the big brother of our class
Zuray (yellow shirt)~ =='' the hot dog chef
Chun yee (purple shirt)~ the tallest guy of the whole form
Wei Lin(blue shirt) ~the president of the badminton club
Shireen Yong~ and shorty Jesslyn loh with Danson Lim Bok Han!
woots~ i shall intruduce them one by one later

 tadaa~ some are my classmates and some are friends i made during orientation week~

 this is our class! woots~ now more and more students are going out already, so from what to be 50 students, went down to 44 students.

 From left: jesslyn Loh and Shireen Yong.
Both sat beside me in the same row. Both whom i feel really comfortable talking to ~

 the boys of KSAH
Danson, Cock Hwa, Chun Yee, Chunwei and Kuan Cin.
atcually here's my story, though i do not want to surface out what happen.
Danson was the first to know since he happened to be sitting next to me.yar, i know he said it was akward sitting next to a crying girl.
then Chun wei who started quoting something about "flowers are everywhere??"
and then Chun Yee.
i didn't know how to survive the next morning ALONE in the class (i've always reached at 6.45 where everybody seems to be still sleeping at home like a dead log)
but thank god Chun Yee came over to accompany me that early morning
( ':

 Cock HWA! ahaha, atcually his name is KOK HWA! but i gave him that name. The ultimate FLIRT-er..==''
he calls me Ernie and i call him Bert. So basically in sesame street, we're partners.
GAY partners..

 Yong Kai and Shi YUN ^^

Jesslyn Loh and Chun Yee.
See the DIFFERENCES between their heights?!?
anyway, i went over to the edge of the building and a table happened to be right over there. So they joke asking me not to climb on the table and jump over the edge of the building. 
yar, i get that, but once i went back to class and saw Shireen, i burst out like a water hose and was force to go back to that secluded area to dry my eyes again.

 Shan Da Da~ our driver to go mum mum for LUNCH!
anyway, i feel great after i realize i don't really had to confined myself in the school. Everytime we had to stay back  for any occassion, we will sit in anyone's car and zoom off we go to get our lunch together.
this is fun ^^

 yikes! >w<

 Kuan cin (the guy who sit behind me and kept kicking my beige bag into black)

 selling hot dogs!!
lelong lelong. girls are in charge of selling while the guys are in charge of frying the dogs.
Zuray did a pretty good job on the hot dog though. Really crispy~

 Sue Tin ( my new friend) and Shi Yun (tall tall girl in our class XDD)

 me and shireen.
in our class, we basically gossip on everything we can think off.
i don't think gossip is a crime as long as you don't turn facts into fiction.
our class is the noisiest of all since we can't stop closing our mouth and we had a lot of loudspeakers in our class too.
So i won't be surprise if one day the whole building collaspe due to excessive vibration of the noise pollution. XDD

Wei Lin and Khong Yuen
 our senior treat  us for KFC after getting the profits for the sale of hot dog. we went out from school for two consecutive days.
went out like a boss

 Sue tin, Chun Xiang and Song Qi
Chun Xiang first drove us last tuesday to City Point to mum mum.
and from that day onward i can conclude something
Boys Look Hot When They Drive
seriously, no matter which guy
as long as they drive you,
they basically look hot

 my friends from convent to Ksah

 Cock Hwa selling his coconut drinks. He's sooo funny.
yet annoying ==''
lelong Lelong.

 Danson and Kuan Cin
both fishing the same fish. XDD
The akward moment when my friend, wan ying told me that she thought i and Danson are together during the start of school ==''
well, it is because i use to hang out with him before so we're buddies now.
he's been quite a friend lately, so can i conclude him as my Best Buddy now? ahahaha..

 Jesslyn, Shi Yun and Wan Ying. ^^
love them

 Shu Ping(sit beside me in class) with me
the two of us always have the same language together
we always use the word SHIT
guess we're not that innocent after all , eh? XD

 the crispy spicy hot dog fried by Zuray that caused my five days sore throat.

 Our Pra u1 omega class
very narrow right?
anyway, i get to drive alone to tuition already! finally!!
i feel sooooooooo grown up doing that, but i had to wait after July to get my own car. vrooming away like a boss
*big eyes*

the ultimate hairstyler
Wolverine/sylvester cat Tan Cock Hwa a.k.a bert

and recently they started a GREAT decoration for our class.
they drew over the board about the checking-in status of our english teacher
Mr Seni was at Pra u 1 omega -with 5 others
44 students online
and etc.
i feel the joy
i'm opening my eyes
the world doesn't revolves around that particular thing.
there's sooo many things to see, so many things to experience.
thank you friends,
thank you sooo much
on the other hand, i miss you guys too, Mou Mou Men~~
remember to jio me out once you guys come back Alor Star yar..


Friday, June 22, 2012

new friends old friends

ahahaha, thanks shi yun for this photo.
moments before we tick of to our catwalks~
anyway, i came down with a super sexy sore throat and a heavy flu three days ago..
and right now, my voice still sound as sexy as Adele (thick skin)
and to think school really is a BORE.
got teacher go in also SIENZ, no teacher go in also SIENZ
so i skipped school for three days
*hop hop hop*
Ann Tan closes her eyes and picture herself in a mediterenean sea~
aloha ~
imma going to a cruise trip this August to see some beaches and *hop hop hop*
lol~ this is the third time going on the same boat, going to the same spot, seeing the same cultural show ~
aisheh aisheh~ four of us
atcually, im getting really bored these days
super bored, i can't remember the last time im having fun~
there's a limit where you get too bored until you think too much till everything seems to go bad and
you ended up feeling sad, and unhappy~
yar, you get sad for all the wrong reason
sucks~! i find that my life is sooo SUCKISH
i know i know, i'm very fortunate ady, but like i said, i tend to overthink things too much


tadaa! that is my sexy umbrella!
the convent girls os Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid in Pra U1 Omega (not the egg brand) class!
everybody seem so happy neh?
and then i CAUGHT the culprit that stole my voice away!
our SEXY CRSIPY SPICY hot dog!
its sooo damn spicy and hot man~ i can feel that it burn my throat, but yet the crispiness let you want to eat it more

i think my blog post are getting really plain boring
well at least it draws my mood
my mood : BORING


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catwalk stage

my hair look like a limp flat lacklustre curtain.
There, i said it like a real pro~
ahaha...but you can atcually see the flare of the dress the way i twirl around.
Okay, what happen on that day was, they atcually paste pictures after pictures of us on five boards for onlookers to look.
so, in Alor Star Mall, you can imagine how many random strangers are going to look at those pictures (regardless of those pictures where your face looked like it was press onto a glass pane)

tadaa~ ann tan took her miss photogenic silver award price back home.
that was the ONLY potrait picture that they assume it was lookable to be put up in the frame.
mum say we look like we're carrying a dead picture of ourselves for our own funeral..
from left: Jesslyn Loh, Joewin, Shi Yun, Wei, mother of 2 daughters and me (i'm not married yet)
the music started, and i was the second one to go, after Jesslyn Loh. The akward moment was that there were practically half our classmate down the stage watching and trying not to laugh at you while you try hard not to fall flat down on the stage.

But there was an acceptance speech.
and i forgot to thanks all my friends who had been sitting there, waiting..waiting...waiting...for what seems like hours or the whole thing to start.
i was atcually quite touch that they atcually supported us by going there and wait till the whole thing ends.
even though some joke that they're just there to catch us fall flat on to a banana.
Dig that! ahaha


Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer photoshoot part two (Ann Tan)

 i love this photo SUPER SUPER much.
it elongates my leg making it look like i'm five feet ten
unfortunately, the photographer (Ck Low) didn't put it inside the competition becuase there's a speck of sweat on my forehead and there were a few unwanted human being in the background.
(the photographer editted it out already, so don't bother squinting trying to spot any human being at the back ) XDD
i love this picture sooo much..ahaha'

 picture by Boon Lak
ahaha, the weird thing is, i went to a coffee shop to eat . So okay, i saw this thai guy doing mee and i obliviously ate it.
then, that afternoon, i saw a familiar guy around the photo exhibition with his camera and he approaches me.
"hey, you ate my mee this morning remember?"
=='' turn out he was the photographer (so the above pic was his masterpiece)

 photo by Ng Zee
yar, it's super akward to have someone in your age group to shoot you.
what more you practically had a crush on years ago >.<''
but he didn't stick around long, most probably he sense my akwardness.
but he took this in for the competition

 another from Ng Zee~

 from Boon Lak~
the smile on my face? XDD
you see, i don't like to smile with my teeth bare because once i smile with my teeth wide open, my whole face blare open like a big rectangle pancake.
couldn't agree more right?

 photo by Zedge Teoh~
i realize each and every photographer had their own photo personality. this had a signature colour on it.
It reminds me of HDR  colour? right? right?
ahaha, forgive me, i'm no professional here towards photography

again~by Boon Lak
yar, this is the particular tree with lizard size red ants.

i had another photoshoot appointment with Wei Yunn this friday,
but out of anger, my dad scolded last week saying that i should put a stop on this 'worthless" thing.
i don't think it's worthless!!!
it's a hobby, and i can't understand why they had to be sooo conservative towards it, seeing that i do not had other hobbies like drinking and smoking


Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Photoshoot (Ck Low)

 this is one of the masterpiece from my favourite photographer: Ck Low
i know i'm no PRO to judge a people, but from a model perspective, he make me feel at ease by telling me what to do first, to break the ice.
anyway, he won the consolation price though i think he did a pretty great job (from my perspective anyway)
they want a potrait shot, not these~

 you see, i had an ugly fat face, so if i had a potrait shot of my face, it turns up like a pig.
*snort snort*
ahaha, i do well posing better than my face expression.
anyway, today, we did catwalks and many of my classmates had those kind of
*laugh my ass off expression*
it was sooo akward and luckily i didn't fell flat on my face (despite wearing three inches heel)

 They display all our pictures out for the public to see. From Participant one to 30 but unfortunately, we aren't allow to copy our photos due to copyright.
I was pretty upset, because i DO want to keep all those photos from each and every photographers as a remembrance.
i tried to tell those photographers (that are approachable) to upload them on facebook? so that i can copy it and keep it.
ahaha, i manage to get 5 from him for the moment, 7 pictures from my mum's friend son.

 oh yeah, i love the background soooo damn much. Did i mention from this angle i look pretty tall? ahaha
i'm only five feet one and a half inch for your information.

after the award giving, the host atcually pass the microphone to each of us to ask us to make a speech.
I was tongue tied, confused whether i should converse in Mandarin or english. Just when i made up my mind to say it in mandarin, i couldn't find the words
as usual, i STAMMER again~~i make a total mess bout myself..

click that link and you will get HIS ALBUM~

This was his winning picture~~ leng hor? i think she should win Miss Photogenic (i didn't win that)

i love photoshooting!~