Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malaysian Night

That night was a blast, not only did it open my eyes, i atcually get to enjoy the environment. The first thing i walk into the hall was seeing eyes after eyes of unfamilliar faces with puzzling looks. It's easy to identify japanese though some people said it is quite tough to know which is korean, japanese or chinese.

The only jap girl sitting at our table. ( :
you see, jap have rosy cheeks and they have fair skin. No doubt most jap have monolids, but some have double too. Their dressing is harajuku style, which i am very interested in how they manage to tie their bun so neat and high at the top of their head.

Their favourite pose, PEACE. everytime you took a photo with them, they put two fingers up, PEACE

Dancing with the stars. XD our joget dance was erm..lacklustre?

wee~ yellow lights, too yellow omg...

Tan Sandy at the back of me. apparently i was prepared so i got nothing to do. Sandy ask me to make up for her since we're both monolids. MAKE UP?!?!
i can do mine, but on others? omg, i will just ruin it..i'm sorry sandy..soooo

spot the rosy cheeks? omg, how i wish i have those too! Rosy cheeks are just sooo flattering.

Mou Mou girls. <3

in prep for the night, they took a whole lot of time to make up. and while they are busy, i snap one of those epic moments.

sexy eyes, Sandy


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