Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sheinside low scoop maxi dress review

Hello! it's been a long time since i review on any fashion website , and  yes i am writing this post during my finale exam haha
but guess what? seeing that i'm here studying in a school where i can't wear anything above the knee and everything must have sleeve, i decided to pick one of Sheinside's Maxi dress that comes together with a belt
yes, the dress has a belt holder too so you don't have to worry it slipping down halfway when you started walking

decided to pair with my favorite pair of boots :D
by the  way even though Sheinside is located oversea (yes and you may think it's a pain to wait for something so long for it to deliver to you) but no way!
i got this dress within 2 weeks and i am very please at their express shipping system
i think it takes only 5-15 days for it to shipped to your house
and guess what? 
Standard shipping fee is FREEEEE

by the way the dress is quite long for me , but nevermind i just have to blame myself for being too short okay? but if you pair it with a higher heel shoes, it'll be just like your ordinary maxi dress
This dress is quite fit in shape (like if you have an hourglass figure, this dress can show off your curves)

and i try to show off my "hourglass" figure haha
but i really like the waist there where the cinch of the belt really emphasize your waistline 
if you're a bit plumper this is good because a higher waist line with a cinch of belt make you look slimmer

and this is how the model looks like in Sheinside
i can tell this dress is abit loose on her but it fits me like it was meant for me (well despite the length that is still too long for me, but i'm going to the tailor to alter it and it'll be the perfect uni outfit )

get this maxi dress here :D

and thank you Sheinside
for the wonderful dress


Friday, June 5, 2015

Rephrasing Semiotics in my own words

When you have no notes, (forgot to bring back my notes from uni, oh damn!)
no slides, 
no books
nothing, but google to help you in learning visual communication, (this course is quite subjective)
so i sought for the help of my blog, to help me rephrase anything i understand into this tiny little blog of mine. 

i am sure there will be a lot of flaws in it, but do correct me if there's anything wrong in whatever i am going to elaborate out in the next part

here goes
True, there are semiotics everywhere, hidden in messages that are express in visuals and graphics. We often watch advertisement without ever thinking deeply what are their semiotics behind all these. 
Semiotics happened, because all the messages that are trying to express out are done by humans, therefore they have selective meanings.

Semiotics is the idea that signs reference real things, an image has denotations, what you are actually seeing in the image and connotations, what the image actually makes you think.


A sign

is a combination of a
concept and a sound-image, a combination that cannot be separated.

There are two fundamentals in signs, which is Signifier and Signified. 
I often get confuse at that -er and -ied even tho reading through it had stirred  me clear what is the difference between these two. 
so i decided to draw a plan out well
The word Signified are Past tense, therefore it comes after signifier.  
so what comes before are our brain, we often look at the physical or outerlook of something first, before we actually start thinking in connotation. 

For example: 
The word "DOG" has a connotation meaning of an animal running around going "woof" 
the word "dog" is denotative. 

Let's derive these following controversy advertisement done by United Colors of Benetton. 
i think their tactics are called "shock advertising" , something that are done to make people remember them for being outstanding than the rest. 
Even though i am sure Benetton is a commercial company who ought to advertise things commercially, but they did it non-commercially but in another way still helping them "commercially"
i think it's confusing you but i shall dig in deeper later.

now why would a clothing company be advertising things like this to appeal people to buy their products?
what are the semiotics here eh?

of course they still have their trademarks there, 
but have if you actually dig in deeper. okay, we see three people with different skin color, an army clothes being drench in blood, and a few leaders of the same gender kissing each other (that causes quite an uproar)
all denotation
but what's the signified thing in here?

With two leaders (opposing each other in real life) smooching each other,in connotation meanings, which is
It is a uniting image, uniting two opposing sides in an act that both sides would find difficult to digest. 
People buy Benetton to make themselves feel better, in another words, they are supporting their controversial advertisement, and of course by thinking this is a "worthy" campaign after all. 

okay, semiotics chapter

maybe i didn't dig in deeper, but i think words can't elaborate much anymre when my brain cells are deteriorating. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Me in a loop hole

i always had a picture no matter how nonsensical the body of my post is~

Give me a break 
i just realized it's already the third week of May and i didn't update my blog
where did my passion for blogging go?
i hate it when i see how empty it is, whereas outside the life of my blog i had soooo many interesting things that happen in uni!

just throw the "blogger" into the trash can now orite?
each time i want to write something here
there's always a sub-conscious thoughts telling me with that amount of time i can go do my assignment, study or just go to sleep please~

if sleeping is a type of GOLD, no wonder  i am poor

yea whatever, i have loads of thing due next week(final week of uni and yet everything is due next week)
but i can proudly labeled myself as a holy mother of multitasker =.=
i probably had at least four different items to sprawled on my table and i make sure i do all of them before i go to sleep
another holy mother of fast do-er 

people may look at me thinking that i had ample time of my life
seeing that i don't join any CSD (points) activities because i don't want to just DO things i have no interest in,
and yea , with that kind of mentality i have to start looking for room outside campus because i most probably (with a probability of 99.9%) will NOT get any room to stay inside campus. 

i wish i can update all that is happening in my life , but i guess, all these can wait till July when i finish my final exam. 
it will be a whole load of long interesting things that happen to my 2nd semester in uni. 
probably one of the best thing that ever happen will be 2nd semester compare to the previous one where i probably ain't no giving two hoots on any activities and just confined in my room reading 9gag. 

i need to get a life
and so i go chase one

July 12th
my life begins~
may everything be smooth sailing

to -do list
another phobia list for my coursemates and reminder to me

  1. create a 4 page newspaper 
  2. write a news release based on a god damn fruit : mango =.=
  3. write a storyboard for that mango
  4. create a brochure based on that mango again 
  5. Study for WUS this thursday (alalala, people will just flick their hair and shrug off this one)
  6. study for listening test : japanese 
  7. memorize presentation for japanese
  8. SHE presentation 
  9. SHE magazine @.@ 
  10. Submission of 10-15 pages of music essay (thank god i started this early and had finished it )
  11. next week monday: exam for writing in english media at IK
10 things to do 
8 for my coursemates


Saturday, April 18, 2015

fashion inspiration 2015

the sudden midnight post
when you are dying to dress up 
but there is nowhere to dress up
so i indulge myself by eating visuals of this~


ever since i attended my very first music festival, i realize people DRESSED like this

and now COACHELLA is such a hot buzzy thing these days, i fallen in love with the combination of everything!
Elements: Florals+fringes+Tribal prints+Soft fabric+fashion blogger hat


Vanessa Hudgens , i must say she is really the queen of dressing up this genre

probably a very drastic change from festival's outfit to minimalist outfit
snapping pictures with a better effect is where the background is white. 
elements: black and white

Credits; Tinsel Rack (online shop in Singapore)

Japanese in local uni

obviously , studying in a local uni had limit the choices of clothes i have to wear. i ended up looking like i'm wearing my pajamas to school
and each time i walked to the school of language in my uni, i was always attracted to the style the Japanese or Koreans are wearing
Seriously! how can they pull this off so easily, so effortlessly and look so pretty!?!
i tried to picture any malaysian wearing their clothes, but then it didnt really work out but i seriously LOVE the way they dress. 
Elements: skirts, alot of skirts, socks on every shoes, soft fabric

did i mention i have the same bag as her? hahaha
can't find other pictures because there is none in google
but there are alot in my school T_T
i wish i can really follow them but i have no guts 

wishlist piece

every girl's dream to have a clothes wishlist
so that one day when she goes shopping
she knows she needs it
these are mine
others may subject to disliking it or think it's out of trend

Ripped boyfriend jeans
Ripped + Boyfriend = awesome combination (:
why? because skinny jeans are too mainstream
i like the boyish look 

Boy shorts (tinsel rack)
heck! nobody ever had this kind of shorts except if you specially manufacture it like Tinsel Rack does. 
My sister just bought hers and i am EXTREMELY awed that it really turn out great for a shortie like her. 

i forgot what this hat is called, but i call it the fashion blogger hat
because if you think your outfit is dull
just put this on
all the ootd pictures will boom!
i just ordered mine from Dresslink, 
wishing it will arrive soon! because i can't wait anymore (:

Everyone needs a pair of boots
thankfully, i had fulfilled this wish and got myself one and even supplied it as one of my shop's item
Fash Grace has it!
come pre-ordered it (:

Boyfriend white shirt (:
i need this
badly ~~
hey, why do people always scare it is too big ?
loose creates the sexiness

overalls (: or dungarees? lol, can't differentiate, btw i think it's time to get myself one of these even though it may look abit childish for my age wahaha

lastly, plait shirt (: 
preferably made out of soft fabric than the hard one, i don't mind if it's sheer or what, there's always a white singlet inside (:


so what's your checklist?


Friday, March 27, 2015

List to do again

Yes, i wish i have time for a selfie, but nah, here's and old pic to make you roll your eyes back and say "i seen that before"

so instead of taking the time to plan on my assignments and all that, i choose to write my blog instead
like ._. shouldn't i use this time to do something more proactive. 
Okay, well, i need to remind myself and plan things well again because there is JUST TOO MUCH STUFF in my brain that needs to be sorted
so here goes, 

the list, where it will make my coursemates HATE me WAHAHAHAH

Formal list to do ~

  • PREPARE persuasive speech for this coming MONDAY English class. 
  • PREPARE scrapbook for JAPANESE (in my case, i need to find info within these few days, bookmarked all the sites i find interesting, start to plan my layout of the paper)
  • INTERVIEW profile Keusahawanan (you know you are doom when you cannot go back home for three weeks and you have to find another person to interview here at PENANG, god please help me)
  • WUS expo (like i don't bother, okay skip this pls) prepare Presentation for this (well let's just forget this at the moment)
  • FIND A MOVIE to review for visual communication. (in my case i rather choose advertisement, hehe cuz it's short )
  • Rancangan Perniagaan (thanks to Dan's roommate, i hope i can alter it well :D)
  • DRAFT and idea, using FOOD as object and having it to link to society. =..=(i roughly had an idea of it, but i don't know how to actually produce it)
  • LISTENING TEST for Japanese is coming soon (please study)
  • Star TYPING for my interview with Michael Uglyman for my World Music's coursework. (i am sooo glad i got this interview done in advance! really am grateful for him to spend his time talking to me about his music background)
so far there are 9 to do things, i am sooooooooooo exhausted. 

well let me take you back to two weeks ago
i had been going to and fro up and down from hostel to practically everywhere
Yet, okay i don't really hate it because it has something to do with what i like

okay, but it can really be exhausted! i am so glad Akustika CG was over now and i can get bck on track again(not really there, stil trying to convince myself i am back on track)

goodness my eyes are closing now, Ann , you have to finish writing this!
*stick matchsticks on my eyelids*
no informal list this time, sorry but i am playing too many roles for these whole month

plays the guitar (which people thought i am a guitarist,which i do not call myself one, seeing that i play badly and do not progress at all. it is just like a person who has a DSLR and you called them a professional photographer. Nah, it doesn't work that way. Just because i just bought a new guitar, i am not a guitarist)

Plays the piano (ain't complaining, hehe but i am glad my role for this was over last wednesday)

Plays the violin (for next week composing competition)

Plays the seller (started my online shop, because i am BROKE. yes this time i am doing it for the sake of money. gotten myself into a big problem when my hostel stop receiving parcels from post office, so yea, it is a HUGE problem after all, i do not like to delay my customer goods, zz and i can't go back for two weeks omygawwwwd, i really hope my sister can help me out now)

and i wish my goods will be like this again, closing it twice (1 month) for one whole year is not really a good thing haha, it really makes your customer forgets about you . 

Plays the girlfriend (hahahaha =..=) no, seriously, even though i am hell lot busy this semester, i still want to meet him. and okay lah, healthy relationship mean a meaningful conversation. i still need to go pak tor (dating) wan okay? hahahaha

Plays the psychotic driver i find that driving is pretty exhausting now =.= seriously, i am sick of driving. everyday find parking, see petrol level, test my driving skills, turn here turn there. 

Plays the student my life is a bore.
Not to mention, i am so busy, i forgot my towel, forgot to bring formal wear, forgot to bring this, forgot to bring that. i think i also forgot to bring my brain (well, maybe half a brain seeing that i can still process and type this thing out)

Here's a bee in a sock to add 10 more years of your life (:



Friday, March 6, 2015

whole lot of truckload

I am here
again pondering with strings of midnight thoughts 
this semester i'm thrown in with 10 subjects (still waiting for one of the subject timetable so that i can choose which to drop)
because 10 is enough to kill,
yeah you can take 10 or 12 or even 16 subjects for SPM and here i am saying 10 subjects can kill
well try taking it together with assignments (some can even be weekly assignments!) and you try to juggle your time and see!

still rendering,
do ignore

okay, here's a string of TO-DO list so that i can ease my mind
my mind seem to be jammed out , the only thoughts floating around it is "YOU HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO"

so i decided to just list it out to be sure i am thinking straight

FORMAL(this week)

  • Draft for Hubungan Etnik (seeing that i do have foreign readers too, Hubungan etnik is Ethnic Relationships) this is 20% group work, Do find reference books, jot down what you know of Indian Culture in marriage 
  • Memorize the god damn Hiragana thing. =.= i admit i HATE language, i am NEVER good in language subjects. I just take up Japanese to fulfill my units and if i ever had a chance i will drop it. Trust me, i will. 
  • read on Media Conglomerate (no idea whats that but i have presentation on that VERY soon)
  • BLOODY DO your print media and electronic media two piece A3 papers with beautiful art work of mind mapping thingy like a boss! you have less than 20 days to finish that up, you are doing it alone, you are SCREWED.
  • Prepare English presentation , persuasive speech, i think i'll be talking about plastic surgery by promoting it . (no copy copy this topic frm me nah! wahaha)
  • start printing borang soal selidik for Core of Entrepreneurship. Start finding for businessman with at least a diploma holder. START IT NOW! go! get your butt off the seat and go find some human being with a cert!
  • read on Rancangan perniagaan (no idea where to start for this)
  • start to think of ideas for Visual Communication. what can food do with society =.= 
  • start to think of which famous art figure to interview (i am HAPPY i get to go WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL as one of my project work! happy girl)

9 things to do this week. (: good luck ! You know when assignments start to pile up, you have no time to study for your midterm of final at all. Last minute cramping may resort in laziness to care about it anymore, which is..not good at all

too many stuffs ..zz
okay okay that's only the FORMAL list of to-do 
here's an informal one about my hobbies, my vanity to keep myself looking gorgeous *flips hair* (jokin, dont throw eggs at me unless they are cooked) 

involves alot of money T_T all my hard earn money frm last year will be gone now

  • buy a guitar with a build in tuner =.= i've been wanting that since last year till now. Don't tell me i have two guitars at home! those aren't even acoustic, they are classical and both in a really really bad shape judging that it has been passed down by my family members. 
  • buy capo (yay, no more hard chords, okay i'm lazy, don't look at me lydat)
  • go Empro
  • get a milkshake from milkshake factory (LOL, is that even essential? wahahaha to me i've been craving for that since like forever!)
okay, not as many as the previous list. I need to go the ONLY place that offers all these four things = Gurney
Now MyTeksi is having promo, only rm5 for a ride to Gurney, like holy macaroni do u know if u use other cabs, they charge about rm20 to get to Gurney 

btw i need to do the informal list as soon as possible, i need the guitar badly
reaaaaallly badddly (can you hear the level of desperation in that tone? no?)

but Dan is NEVER free to go Gurney, (talk about the journey, his schedule, i can't even get my freaking Pizza from Tekun Hostel for two weeeks already)

so i'm going to do it solo! i will be independent! (still convincing myself that i am , but i am of course not) *cries in one corner*  

So let's end this BORING *yawn* post and here's my facebook profile picture of the week. 

goodnight (: it's 1 am, i'm glad i cleared off half of what i'm thinking over here in this blog

shit, i'm still craving for a milkshake

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Have you all heard of Dresslink before?
well i never heard of it until they contacted me, 
i'm like thinking, oh not another one of those wedding gown dress stores again *roll eyes*
but then i was taken aback after clicking on their website
are you serious?!
3 USD for such a beautiful dress?
3 USD is like RM10.50
yes, and they have tons of reviews and customer's photos too so that you won't have doubts on their quality or how they turn out to be in real pics.

Here are some of my favorite low budget list of clothings that i like from their wonderful online store
this is only 6.80 USD :D i like the floral prints on this dress! they even come in four sizes, M-XL which is really great for those who are plus size. 

this is also one of my favorite with inner padding somemore :D
i've seen this before at a local online store and it's selling around rm69!?
this is only around 8 USD which is rm28 

They also have a daily flashsale going on everyday 
i saw two crop top that i like which is selling at 0.01 USD yesterday (too bad i am too late to buy it, their flash sale ended today)
this is a few flash sale items that i like
This is 5 USD which is still pretty cheap if i convert it
plus the material is high right comfy! (according to customer reviews)

Yes! this is only 0.01 USD! its like a free giveaway clothes ! (of course you still need to pay shipping, but hey! it's all worth it)

they also sell bags too
this beautiful bag for only 4.83 USD? what a steal!
i was pretty intrigue in this bag because obviously i would love to bring it to class as a school bag
not only this, they are selling messenger bags, handbags, clutches, wallets, shoulder bags , anything you can name (:

they even sell shoes too!
this to die for boots cost around 8 USD only 
=.= if u ever convert it , it's only rm28 

well dresslink is by far the cheapest site i ever come across (yes S*mmy*ress site are still nt low price as this yet)

how about their shipping?
they ship worldwide (: 
and the period of shipping varies depending on which country u been to. 
Like mine, it takes about 10-25 days to reach here with 10.98 USD/per kg as shipping fee
(so ya, it's best to buy A LOT, so that your shipping fee is all worth it, imagine buying a 3 USD top and you have to pay 10 USD to have it ship to you.)

They even provide you a dropship service too :D
which is great for newly opened business (for those who want to start up their online store)

do check out Dresslink here:

Disclaimer: NO, my Fash Grace online store is not collaborated with this store (: i take my own stock locally 


Friday, February 27, 2015

My Valentine's Day trip

Hi, how y'all doing? hehe
how did you all celebrate Valentine's Day? i know it's been a long ago story but i think i HAVE (let me emphasize the word) to blog about it to keep the memories fresh
(all my old post had a bug so all my old pics are gone ...cryyyy)

Well, this is our Me and Dan, my boyfie for what seems to be forever. haha
at first everything was well plan, we decided to go down to KL with my sister so that she can meet up with her husband too . 
we had already booked the flight ticket but then Dan told me he couldnt make it 
welll, he try to make it happen in the end and arrive just in time for the dinner
(well, better than he didnt turn up anyway)
okay, so i must be grateful, let's skip all the sad part and jump into the bandwagon, shall we?

So we went to Hubba Hubba at Sentral for our Valentine's dinner. 
It's a seven course japanese dinner. 
at first i saw the Facebook page and i was like 
oh it's just like an ordinary cafe look-alike that happen to be in KL blah blah
i ate my words back when i see how beautiful and GRAND this restaurant is . 
did i mention we were suppose to be sitting outside enjoying candlelight dinner seeing the view from above 

but then it started yeah , boo hoo to great view outside
but inside is alot cooler and quite comfortable, plus the boys get to watch their movie again . haha

Credits to Hubba at Sentral for the pics

really nice right? the ambience and all (:
wait till you see what it looks like at night

Beautiful :D
So the sister made a collage for the night
that's her friend with her date(not in picture)

The evening started well, with alot of photo taking, the boys are engrossed with the movie they played out at the screen
i wish i can upload all the food pictures here but dang
i really hate iphone

Me and Dan (: 
haha if you look closer, that shirt he is wearing has ANT prints on it. It's like he is wearing me because my name is Ann, and everybody has been calling me names lie "Ant" or "semut"

This is my vegetarian sister with her vegetarian pizza. HAHAHAHA it's bigger than her face. 
well she thought she wasn't able to eat most of the seven course dinner but it turn out there were a few that she can eat too, so in the end everybody had a fair share with this pizza haha. 

The food was great but there were a few i couldnt eat like Beef and green tea pudding, i wish i can change that but it turn out it can be exchange for another but it's quite too late for me to change because i did try a little bit of the side ingredients. T_T there goes my main course~~

(following food pictures are from Hubba at Sentral fb page)
am sorry i don't know what the dishes are called. 

first course~
it taste pretty good, infact it open my appetite to eat more later on haha

This was my favorite of all, well i can eat pretty much everything from it. anyway see that stick there? it can be eaten too! :D

well this is beef
T_T i am very sad i cannot enjoy their main course because of religion, i do not eat beef
but this man (below)

yea, my sister's husband ate three of our main course
look how happy he is when he get to eat 3 of the dishes

This was pretty good too! i'm quite happy seeing this after i couldnt enjoy their main course for the night

this seem to be garlic fried rice? haha but by the time we were so full i ate around it picking at my food. 
the tempura taste good though
and well this is MY photo btw. 

and the last course is the green tea pudding (it somewhat looks like pudding) didn't have picture here but i couldn't taste it seeing that caffeine encourages panic attack. 

our group picture of the night at Hubba Hubba
it was pretty dark actually , but my sister's camera work wonders. 

See the beautiful view from Hubba Hubba
it's not that tall but you can see pretty much everything here :D
i am sooo glad to experience this dining 
seeing that i came all the way from Kedah or even if i'm studying at Penang, 
i dont think i can find anywhere like here. 

well thank you to my sister and her friend for bringing us there. 
Happy Valentine's day to Dan too for flying all the way here even if you have to burn the previous ticket. 
It'll be another milestone we had reach 
and yea, it's only our 2nd Valentine's Day together (by right it should be 3rd but we didn't get to celebrate the first one together)
it has been a pleasure meeting you
okay, well i used to write like reallly really long post dedicated just for him
but seeing that i have already been with Dan for almost 3 years now, there are so many words that are already spoken WAAHAHHA
i'm so sorry if i cannot express it in words anymore
but you know my heart does, Dan!
i really do appreciate everything you did for me
thinking that there are sooo many other stuff to turn your back on me but you chose not to
i am still wondering what make you love me
but i have tons of reason why i still love you
abit geli now that i write it out
cheers guys!


Hubba at Sentral: