Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kokeshi doll photoshoot by KINGP

Today i'll be blogging about my photoshoot with the extraordinary photographer : KingP by Alexa Sheryl 
This is my second time photoshooting with her and yeap, this time i am more comfortable with her, i guess i was pretty worn out too because our photoshoot tooks about 2 hours. 
Alexa is great with the lightings, i'm no photographer but i can say she is really great at capturing the light. (: 
like tinkerbell, maybe? 

Our photoshoot took place in Jitra again, but this time at a horse ranch (is that how you call it? ahah) and al though it smells like horse poop all over, we managed to suck it in ~
Beside the horse ranch, there are lots of nice scenery like autumn leaves and the sun just blazing all over it reflecting my hair. 
Alexa is great in instructing me where to stand, of course standing where the sun hits me on the hair. 
i normally need to warm up my poses, i'm quite slow in catching up things but i like that the photographer gave me encouragement, like saying 
"good good! hold! good ! beautiful!" that means i did the right pose or something aha

My favorite of all the pictures ((: spot the flower headband? yup! 
Alexa did it for me , and i just sat there and watch her turn a one stalk normal purple flower into a halo looking headband. all you need is one stalk of flower, and a few cut out wires and yup, there u have it!
and to think people actually sold it for rm25 while you can just do it around rm10 plus cost and workmanship 

Spot the flower~ ((:

close up of my clothes~ 

Floral bralet : sponsored by Choies
Red high waist skirt: Eastclothes
Overcoat: Sommerset

I like this! the gate seem very antique! 
well it's actually a gate to the gold course area and we sort of climb into one of the slit holes to get into the golf course area. sort of trespassing, but we did it openly and nobody stop us , so yeah! 

it was a cup size too big for me, or maybe i'm flat in the chest or what so ever, haha, but other than that, it didn't show and it really fits well!

and really credits to the wonderful Photographer, Alexa for willing to squeeze in time for me and ya, she treat me dinner too haha~ i guess she understand what a 'lookbook' is and seeing she is a blogger herself, she really understands what kind of photo i want! WEE thank you so much!
do like her facebook page here : 


I will stop photoshooting till end of February because
ya, it's quite tiring doing all the MUA and everything haha

Friday, February 21, 2014

Derma Soul Anti Sebum mask courtesy from Luxola

hi readers! today i'll be reviewing on Derma Soul Anti Sebum mask from 
1 mask is about Rm6
Read till the end and you will get exclusive20% off coupon code at your first purchase from Luxola. 

the Anti Sebum mask is effective to control excessive sebum and help tackles problem skin , especially the t-zone and U-zone
well in my case, i have excessive sebum in the T-zone and also the forehead. 
my forehead is the ultimate killer, (scroll below to see how this mask cures my forehead)

I think i asked for 2 mask sheets from Luxola, but they gave me another extra 2 ~ how kind of them (: 
i've already used three mask sheets  and i really like the result. 

  • contains Pine Oil: to sooth and balance oil production. it also has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. 
  • using natural preservative
  • no coloring, or artificial perfume (suitable for all skin type, even the sensitive skin type!)
  • Dermatologist tested 
  • will leave the skin look refreshed 
tearing it out, what it looks like inside. 
it is full of essence and ya don't waste it, use the excess essence in the packet over your neck. 
Well the scent is quite soothing, nothing too strong which is quite a relieved to me because i can't stand strong scent and it will make it even uncomfortable to put it on for 15 minutes. 

damn, see my forehead~~ the only place where i grow pimples, bumps and scars all over. If not my face would be pimple-free if it aren't for my forehead problem. and at the end of the day, it gets so oily, it just brings my mood down. 
so ya, this is my face after toner. 
you have to cleanse and tone your face before you put the mask on (:

ahahah funny~~ okay, i didn't put the mask on properly forgive me, well there's a lot of good reviews on this mask.
 first up they say it contours the face very well that i won't slip off. well i say that it doens't slip off but the excessive part where it doesn't cover my face tends to dangle away when it wasn't intact. 
but other than that, i can go around looking like a ghost without worrying if the mask is going to drop off the minute i started bouncing up and down the seat. 

leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes
then remove mask, tap your face awhile and leave it for 10-25 minutes for the essence to absorb

from left to right: Before mask, after first mask, after third mask !
the third picture really brightens up my eyes , i'm so glad i did a contrasting picture collage so that i can see the difference on my forehead. 
 where did my pimples and scars go?

i know a lot of people would be thinking "anti sebum" does sound very dehydrating right? but nope, it is fully moisturized and hydrating. note to self: even though you have oily skin, don't skip the moisturizing part. 
it really helps maintain the oil balance in your face, and ya, my third picture says it all, i guess, it really heals my problematic forehead. 

and ya Luxola gave me a few samples too to try. so far i tried the Brad Biophotonic Ultra Elastin Lift. i thought it was a male product which then, okay, i can use it too. it's quite sticky when first applied, but then i guess it smoothen up my face but i haven't seen the 'lifting' effect, maybe i'm still too young to have droopy skin to see the effect ahaha. 

anyway, you can enjoy 20% off your first purchase from Luxola with the code : 

 Check out Luxola official website:

and my latest photoshooting picture~ the sun really hits the right spot~
anyway: i gotten all my result and i did pretty good. i guess, people would eventually thought that once you have good result, mean you have straight A's or something. 
well i missed out one A, and got a B+ instead, but other than that i got all solid A's~~~ weeee
so mum got me a new mirrorless camera : olympus EPL5. 

stay tuned for my next  post about my photoshooting~


Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to choose 12 courses for UPU

Well i guess, as a STPM leaver like me, i will face this kind of situation too like my fellow STPM leavers~

 what should i put as my first choice?
 do i have to choose till 12 courses? 
what courses shall i put?  i can't even list out 12 courses that i like, or i have too many courses that i want, 12 is not enough!

yeah, please don't judge me, but i'm trying to clear my head too. writing it out makes me understand this situation even better. 
Thanks to dad, he make a list for me ~ and i figure it out easily . 
and yes, i'm going to use his tactics to help you all out too. 

1. Visit the University site to check out what course they are offering

This is UPM site, and the courses they are offering. 
sorry i just screenshot it, check the courses they are offering here :

2. List down the courses that you want from THAT particular university
even though you forget how to write after 2-3 months break from school, 
don't give excuses, call you dad, call your grandma or your neighbor's cat to write it down !
So here's an example : 
which course that i find it interesting in UPM?
  1. Pentadbiran perniagaan (business management)
  2. Pembangunan manusia (human resource ) 
  3. Music 
  4. Media studies (i doubt the media studies in UPM, so i'm having 50/100 on this course in this uni)
  5. economics
3. Check the minimum requirement for the courses you have listed down

for STPM leavers, look at the very left side~ yay, you see their minimum requirement is quite low for business management , but nah, in REALITY their required pointer is quite high as compare to this.  Thanks to a friend for sharing this to me~ 

so as expected, their minimum requirement is really quite high as compare to what they had said so in their official site. 
I'm not here to be racist, but this (higher pointer requirement) is meant for Chinese. It was just base on statistics done previous year like 2011 -2013. 

okay, once you have seen their minimum requirement, cancel out those listed courses that couldn't make it through the minimum requirement. 

for example : 


  1. Pentadbiran perniagaan (business management)
  2. Pembangunan manusia (human resource ) 
  3. Music 
  4. Media studies (i doubt the media studies in UPM, so i'm having 50/100 on this course in this uni)
  5. economics
4. Visit another University site and do Step 1-3

i visited UM, seeing that it's one of the best local Uni in Malaysia~ lol
again i listed down those courses that i favor
  1. Law
  2. Business Administration
  3. Property Management
  4. Economics
  5. Music (i doubt the music course in UM, i still think UPM has one of the finest music lecturers there)
  6. Media Studies

their requirement for Law~
super high~ *gulp* even so, you have to pass their interview too. 
but trust me, their Business administration course is even higher (view the statistics too and their mode was 4.0)
my estimation of pointer will be more or less 3.85~ so *fingers cross*

5. Compare your different uni course list and cut it down to 12 courses

Here's my 4 different course list from 4 different uni
(because government only limit us choose 4 courses from research University only , so ya, i basically have to eliminate a lot! )
pick 8 other courses from other university such as UNIMAP, UMP, UMT, UUM, UNIMAS and so on) damn~ don't i hate this situation haha.

after evaluating, i come to a conclusion~

UPM (research university)
  1. Music 
UM (research uni)
  1. Law
  2. Media Studies
UKM (research uni)
  1. Law
UUM (other uni )
  1. Business Law
  2. Economics, finance and Banking
  3. accounting
  4. blah and blah  and so on till you fill the 12th
(i suggest picking the same course that you choose for your research university, why mind when you still graduate with the same degree right?)

6.Rank your courses !

Be sure that your first three choices are the one you really WISH to get!
and of course be reasonable, you don't put medic when you have only 3.0 in your result. 

this is where you different uni starts to mix up and ask yourself, is location more important than the course you want? 
i know some people might be afraid of going to UUM because it's quite remote there, but still you graduate with the same course and degree right?
i understand that feeling too, because i, myself is sick of stucking here in the northern malaysia. 

but it is up to you ~

damn, i'm so tired writing this. because i messed up just now thinking that i can put all 12 courses from research university
but truth is you can only pick 4 from Research university , and 8 other courses for other university~


Updated: After following my guidelines carefully,and i was thankful for getting 3.92 for my stpm,  i was called for:

  • Interview in USM for Communication studies (first choice)
  • Interview in UM for media studies (first choice)
  • Interview in UPM for music (fourth choice)
  • Hand in a video for UKM media studies (third choice)
  • a test for teaching course in UPSI (7th choice)
So Far, i am VERY lucky, normally they can get up to maximum 2-3 interviews only for BOTH UPU and USM. I never thought i can scrape 5 interviews in one go =.= so after filtering all, 
  • I dropped UPM music interview because it was on the same date and time as UM's interview
  • UKM told me they will take me in if i didn't get any offer later on
  • I failed for the teaching course 
and in the end i got two offers:
  • UM for media studies 
  • USM for communication studies
did i mention that i got an offer from NTU too ? for economics? 

and right now, i'm a proud USM student. 
do make your choice carefully, do weigh out everything. If it concerns you too much, your STPM result does not mean you can't do well in THAT particular course you picked. I didn't do well for my first semester anyway, and i realize being smart before does not mean i am smart now =.- lol.
okok im bragging too much

good luck ya! jia you! may the odds be ever in your favor 


Friday, February 14, 2014

how i spent my Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day! yay! this is my second Valentine's day spending together with Dan and yeah, last year we didn't get to celebrate it together because it was a weekend and that time my relationship with him was still disclosed. But i'm so glad this year i am able to open up this relationship and have him tagging along to my working place in Perlis. 

so yeah he waited for me for 3 damn hours alone in Tea Garden probably talking to himself or people might have thought that this dude is forever alone there on a Valentine's day. pity loads loads lah, but i think my DIY gift is enough to occupy his time by reading it. 

so what did i give him this year? 
last year i folded 300 hearts with love messages in each of the heart. 
ya, call me a romantic sentimental girl, i will spend 12 months to pull the moon to you. *exaggerating again*

ignore my freakin weird feet, ahah, the box which contains all three layers of mysterious stuff. erm , 4 layers to be exact if you counted the shirt which will be covering the whole box later. 

First layer is of course, his shirt. 
saw a lot of people posting up in facebook about Pandora gift, Prada purse, diamonds, expensive perfumes and ya i saw someone gave his wife a credit card .___.
ok, so i just gave him a shirt, but IT"S THE HEART THAT MATTERS~

but okay, this is priceless i think . 
the 2nd layer is my letters to him. There's a slot for each envelopes. 
in preparation~ i bought this 30pages vintage lovely different looking papers from a store, and it has the best quality paper i ever come across. well, i only used up 4-6 sheets of it, but i'm sure in the future i'll be using it again~

Washed out all our couple photos and had it pegged at a line for him to hang around his bedroom wall. so that in case he woke up and developed amnesia he'll be able to look at this and know he has a girlfriend. 
*thinking too much, i should stop watching too many Korean dramas*

his gift to me! ahahah so ADORable! mum asked why on earth he bought a Doraemon to me. Well truth to be said, i started liking Doraemon after me and Dan went to Penang and won a Doraemon over a slot machine. So ya, that is when i really think it's bald looking head is cute. 
give me any soft toys and i'll go lovey dovey over them ahaha

here's the funny story of how he surprises me~
A few days ago i'll keep bugging him to give me hints on what he's suppose to give me. he told me it was something that i would need when i'm sad and also when i'm happy. 
First thought : A tissue paper *laugh till my ass hurts*
then i gave a random guess and said it was Elmo (the red fellow in sesame street)
He said he don't know , and i told him i have enough of Elmo! 2 at home is already eating up my love. 
then he told me he's sad and i immediately guess that he went to buy another Elmo for me. *facepalm*
today i went to his car expecting to see a red bald alien looking puppet from Sesame Street, instead i found this blue legless fat ate-too-much candy looking supposingly cat soft toy pillow in the front seat of his car. 
i shriek and well you picture it later on. 
so ya he surprised me with this. Great strategy Dan Good job! ahahah and 

*thanks for the roses. 
Every girl loves them even though it may shrink and die because it's life span is so short . 

We kept our stomach for a great big lunch at Blackwood. 
Their food are okay , but NO!! their cake! uhmygawdd, this oreo cake, yes (the picture)
we ate half without realizing it was already moldy. 
badly rotten when i took a sniff at it and almost puke out yesterday's dinner. 
*insert swear words* !! the crepe cake was even as hard as Nokia 3310 model! 
we call up the waitress and she told us we can exchange the cake with another cake. 
my first thought: exchange it with another moldy cake?!?! 
but thank god the next chocolate crepe cake was soft like cotton candy. 

Dan don't eat that! it's poison! 

well i ordered this and this was SUPERB! 
okay, if their main dish is not tasty i'll be blacklisting them because of their moldy cake. 
but this seem to cover up everything about the cake. 
and also, this seem to be the culprit of my current sore throat.
later we walked around the shopping complex which was so dead we hardly spent 10 minutes inside. 

We went to THE STORE, which was much bigger than this Cmart. yeah, obviously. but okay, nothing to look at it all. i always go there every CNY with my cousins and aunties to kill off our time. i really have no idea what we two are going to do here at Perlis. we still have three hours till my work starts, so we went up for some bowling. 
  • The game is expensive~
  • the shoe sucks! so worn out and moldy *reminded me of the cake?*
  • the machine stuck before we could even start playing
  • the bowling balls stuck at it's entry hole
  • there is no air conditioner there *dafuq!?!*
  • the screen has broken lines over it, can't even see what point i get
  • we have to put one of our shoes inside a box for safety purpose incase we ran away with their bowling shoes. (.__. who wants to runaway with your moldy worn out almost falling apart shoes ?)
well, but other than that, it was a fun game. ahahah Dan show off his spin ball trick while i whine about not striking any pins at all. 

my ootd~
wore a floral bustier dress 
and my boyfriend's outer coat because i can't show off my spaghetti straps outside or else my dad would cut me into strips and had me for dinner. 
ya and that's a bowling ball, it looks light on my hand right?

later we went to Tea Secret to have some "bored" games. Dan and i had a match of Othello and some cards before he sent me to work . 
and ya, i told him there will be a cybercafe there, so maybe he can go play his Dota, but apparently, no, it has bankrupt and i was so sorry that he has to wait for me in Tea Garden (another tea shop just incase the previous one shoo us out for staying too long in it ) 

Eenie Meenie mynie mo~ which heart shall i pick to pose?

after work, we went straight to Alora Cafe, which was just 4 months new and i love the ambiance of the cafe.  The boss greeted us like long lost friend, and we told him we had a reservation with this cafe, 
i laughed, silly me to think of reserving a place in the cafe, because well, it seems like we're the only couple there spending Valentine's day. 
the food was okay except their chicken Bolognaise  (how do u spell that?) spaghetti. 
i think they should changed it to GARLIC spaghetti because there's no chicken but GARLIC !! yuck~ another bad experience but i would totally recommend their black sauce spaghetti! 
damn nice to eat!

i picked my heart! 
one heart and that is for you!
after we pay, the boss even asked us if everything is fine? was the food good? i didn't dare give him any remarks on his so called chicken bolog-don't know what (forgive me) and Dan gentlemanly say it was good. 
BUT! their service was good. 
the boss asked us where are we from, ordered Dan to write something sweet for me on the heart stick  (lol! that's funny and awkward) and joke saying that i'm Dan's little sister. (say what!?)

and when we asked him to snap a picture for us , he willingly took us upstair (reserve floor for those who want to do gathering) and let us pose with his half giant teddy bear . 
so kind of him (((: 
yea~ in Alora Cafe, you get to go karaoke too which is at the 3rd floor~ woo! i didn't know that. 

so ya, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!
be it if you're single or taken, it's just a day to express your love even more to your loved ones. 
They say if you love someone, everyday is a valentine's day. 
but i think Valentine's day is a day where you can openly express your feelings  beyond your limits which you normally wouldn't do that on normal day. 
(different perception based on different people, don't go shooting me with a riffle just because i said that , ahaha)

thanks Dan once again~ 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Outfit of the day with Jollychic

Hi i'm back again with more OOTDs and this time i'll be reviewing on Jollychic, a fashion online store. (scroll towards the end of my blog to check out the official website)
after scrolling around their website for more than 6 hours, i finally picked my choice to try this orang collared dress with the black platform shoes. 
it was very bold to choose the platform shoes, and because of the shoes, i have to use quite a lot of credits for the shipping fee. 

but i eat back my words when i see how lovely the packaging is. 

They even gave this wonderful card about their company. 
okay, i am very particular in packaging and outerlook because it's the first impression , so Jollychic had gave me a great nice impression after receiving this  5 days after it was shipped off!
5 days? that's like incredible! its even better than the local shopping site here who promise us 7 days and yet delay. 

tadaa! the ultra super high platform boots. 
okay, so i have to cinch my waist with a belt because i'm a smaller frame asian girl, so i didn't fit in well, but the belt works though (: 

The back . 
under dim light~ see how neat the top part looks like 

so anyway , i'm so excited for Valentine's day! 
but i'll be working for 3 hours solid still 
but it'll be my first time with Dan celebrating at Perlis. 
although the place is quite remote (didn't know any romantic place for dinner)
but still it's quite exciting for him to fetch me for 45 minutes to work and wait me there patiently for 3 hours to celebrate. awwh that's like so sweet!
tell me how you're celebrating your Valentine's day?

Beautiful on the model right? 
wish i was taller to wear it nicely like her
get the product here: 
and this! oh so rock and punk! love it 
get the product here

So how do you like it?
i saw Jollychic had updated quite a lot of nice new dresses that i really like to have it in my wardrobe
do check their official website: