Sunday, December 25, 2011


Like mother, like daughter at MNG fitting room. Mummy wear that and she look younger, i wear that and i look older. Two of us were laughing our head off in the fitting room at how ridiculous we are wearing the same outfit. In the end, i love how the cutting is even though it is quite long. Mummy pay 60% of it because i don't have that much money left at that point. Wee~ my 2nd new year dress. 

I bought this acid-wash blue jeans at a very incredible cheap price. If i know that it is really SKINNY and CHEAP, i wouldn't go and desperately grab that stupid grey jeans i bought at brands Outlet. It's not even skinny for god sake, and each time i wear that grey pants, i need to wear something longer to cover the front because the front look awfully distorted.

i like it when MANGO had sale, their price is reasonable. I went in topshop again, in hope of buying something (i haven't own one of their clothing item yet) and i couldn't find one item that is worth my budget. EXPENSIVE~
and i feel bored going into Forever21..the same theme, the same thing, again again again. Sick of it~

One of my bro's uniform. Cost as exp as a 2nd hand kancil car. LOL, and he hang it up the bus right infront of all the passengers. what a show-off, haha.


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