Monday, December 19, 2011


Yes! Beneficial activity to spend my holiday! This is my first task to join STARSTRUCK prestigious team writing members. I have tooooo many 'N' in my name, so don't say YUCK when i wrote 'negotiable' and 'noble'..i don't wanna write narcisstic in it. This is organize by TheSTar newspaper and i wish i make the FINAL cut! So, go to my page, there is this photo, LIKE it!!! please please please FAT face when i smile. Those flabby cheeks will not disappear no matter how thin i am. And oh yeah, before you scroll down, don't eat anything yet! if you have a full stomach, i suggest you just close your eyes and scroll it down

my giant tooth. YUCK..YUCK!can you imagine this big thing growing inside my mouth? And the dentist had to use force to pluck TWO of this in one day and in one hour!!! thank god, i live through that horrific experience. Now let me do that to you


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