Monday, January 27, 2014

My Make up look from Luxola is an online beauty store that sells make up and beauty products like every girls' dream . It's like a shopping heaven there and yes, their service is undeniably good. 
I was amazed at how fast the parcel reached me just after i had selected all my favorite items from Luxola . 2-3 days later, i had this very protected parcel arriving at my house with all the double bubble wrap to protect all my beauty items. 

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The beloved parcel~ 
Luxola handpicked a few exclusive products from some of the most sought after international brands . They have a wide beauty range of products from Anna Sui , Becca Cosmetics, Beauty Blender (oh my love), Modelco, Crazy rumours, Rachel K cosmetics, to Zoeva. 
Most of the brands that cannot be sought outside can be found here that's what i love about it. 

what's in the package~ they really wrap it up so well, so you don't have to worry if it's damage or something. 

Another layer. haha so many layers. even the bubble wrap is like 2 layers thick over it. 

Unwrapping everything. 
You'll see a lot of products here but today i'll be focusing more on make up. 
i'll be breaking this to 2 or 3 parts. One for my beauty post, another for my make up post and another for the ultimate awesome BEAUTY BLENDER! i have to make the beauty blender an individual review post because i feel that this is really a very popular product , so i wanted to review this thoroughly . 

Blusher is very important to me because it adds color to your skin. I always think that even if you have foundation on your skin making it flawless and everything, you still need to add in a little color even though it may darken your skin tone. I personally do not like pale skin, a little blush is just to make your skin alive again. 

I've chose this because it has a very high rating for it and furthermore, there are so many good reviews for it. I was tempted to try it . 
Alot of people had chosen the cream blusher palette , but i am not really a big fan for reddish tone. I favor peachy tone color so i picked this Pumpkin series. 

Blush By 3 from Sleek Make up (Pumpkin) 
the lovely colors! Continue to scroll to see my full review on this. I have fallen in love with all three of the colors!

The colors,
you can actually blend them together and it forms another color ( :

Next up is Laqa & Co lip duo. 

It also received high ratings for it and i've selected it because i want to stop using my peach lip tint all the time. haha. Okay the lipstick is very mini, but it's really bite size cute! travel friendly perhaps? 

and the color is so shinny shimering~ 
so let's start my review on this!


I Tried the lighter pink lipstick
sorry abit worn out. haha
this proof that i keep using them ever since i got them 

i applied it. 
Like literally just ignore the fact that i look sleepy here. 
anyway, the scent of the lipstick, (yes i can't help smelling it because every lisptick has a smell) it smells like herbal tea or something ==
but anyway, the color is so striking!
it's really high in pigmentation just like they said so

contrast against my skin tone. 
When u wear your lipstick this color, 
do note to wear something suitable for your clothes too! haha, i am picturing pastel pink clothes (don't go dark pink , it totally clashes) or white, anything that is light and pastel shades will do fine. 

Next i'll be pairing this lipstick with this blusher shade number 1 (i labeled it)
i like this best of all three because it's neither on the pink side or the orange  side. it's like an in between color shade. 

Under low light~

and a selfie shot of me (: 
i call this look the pastel looking look. 
the color for the blusher is quite soft looking and it really suits me. I hearts this shade the minute i had it on my cheeks. 


The second lipstick : a darker shade of pink. 
it looks a bit purplish 

I can't tell you how much i like the stick. it's big and easy to apply. and you don't need to reapply it incase you're afraid it looses it's color after a few hours
trust me, i went to Penang one whole day, ate,drank, even slept with my pillow against my mouth, the color still stayed  on ~

This color is even vivid than the previous one. Very striking

I tried the second blush which is more pinkish . 

But it turn out quite soft looking, i was afraid it might clashes with this lipstick color but it works well. this is under flashlight
(i know the pictures of what i'm wearing may confuse you, but i changed a lot, so don't worry i didn't mess it up)

And this is under normal lighting. 
Selfie number 2 
i'm a pink vixen! This lit out my face~ i feel so girlish wearing this blusher together with the lipstick. 


Look number 3 with the third shade of blusher
The orange monster is here! haha unleash it! 
i am a big fan of peachy shade, i think it goes well with my skin. 

Under normal lighting. 
I like this very much, it looks like sunburn skin. I have another idea in mind for putting the blusher at. 
swipe it across your nose in horizontal line instead of swiping up your cheekbones. 
This is for the sun beach look which is quite suitable if you're using a peachy shade of blusher. 

Selfie number three. 
Do i look a bit sunburn there? haha

Three different looks
How do you like to get the look?

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

how to accept that your boyfriend is unromantic

I don't know what makes me want to post this
but it is time for me to put on my own personal thoughts on my blog 
(it's been ages since i actually rant something here)

Let's face it, GIRLS are just being girls. If you're a girl you're probably love having those romantic moments occasionally.
okay , i wouldn't say that most girls would like their boys 24 hours sending them strings of love notes~
but let's face it, we love the thrill if they surprise us unexpectedly with flowers 
or love quotes that would melt butter within seconds~

okay, let's get back to topic

I wouldn't say my boyfriend is romantic. Maybe it's because of his horoscope or something
(Do you guys actually believe in this kinda thing?)
he's a Taurus , and like most Taurus they are more practical and stubborn
nope, not a hint of romantic personality in his blood
unlike me , i'm a Libra and yes, it's in my nature to crave for something romantic and i am a romantic person too. 

i used to pout and sulk when he walks across the road without holding my hand
"Dar, why won't you hold my hand? ) : "
sometimes i wish when i open my eyes early in the morning, i would receive a surprise text from him saying how much he feels for me or something. 
sometimes i wish that he suddenly stops and look at me and say something romantic

but then, well, i have to accept the fact that he is not that romantic~
(still i doubt that, because my cat friend who is a Taurus sounds quite romantic to his gf though~hmm)

How to accept the fact that your boyfriend is unromantic?

1. Look at his other good side
-right, he may be unromantic but he may have other good points too. Look at which personality of him that makes you happy. Is it his humorous way? his honesty? his gentleness? (that sounds a bit gay right?) 

When you're feeling envious about other people's boyfriend showering his love to his girlfriend in front of you, why not think of things that your boyfriend did that makes you happy other than being affectionate? 

well i think about how he always fetches me here and there, running a few of my errands just because i'm lazy, buying me food after food when i complain i'm hungry, carrying my bag, buying me gifts for important dates, and going where ever i wish to go !

i may sound a bit hypocrite here, but i use to compare my boy with other boys and told him that i want him to be this, i want him to be that, and lastly i'm the one getting the disappointment because let's face it, HE IS JUST NOT BORN WITH THAT. Then after a few minutes of silence, i get my head thinking of how he still willing to do lots of things for me despite how hard it is and that makes me forget everything that i hope he will have . 

2. Be romantic first
- Some people may differ, but if you're romantic first i think eventually your other half will response romantically back to you. i mean naturally if you ask him out for a candle light dinner and ask him to dress his best, surely he knows that this is something ought to be romantic about? You don't need to wait for anniversary or monthsary dates. A surprise date would put up the mood. Why let him plan first when you're hoping and hoping in silence over there? in return , surely he will think of something to liven up the mood right? (even if he's not romantic, he surely has a brain to know that this is something you are expecting in return)

- like in some cases, you may like to write something for him saying how much you appreciate him and how much you think of him. Let's face it, if you didn't write something out like that, will your unromantic boyfriend do something like that out of the blue? nope, but if you wrote something out to him, he will reply you back the same way. there is no denying that he will just sent a three letter words saying "thank you babe". 
If he's a good boyfriend, of course he'll sent you something worth your love notes ( : 

3.Open up to him, tell him what you want
-I don't know for some girls, but gah, when we're mad or sad at something we tend to remain silent. Whatever we are upset about , we tend not to tell it out (especially to that people who make us feel this way!) guys, just accept that we really have no feelings to talk about it until we get our head straight. so don't be mad at us!

-but after that don't bring this situation to your door: 
"What's the problem? why are you so upset about ?" boy asked
"nothing" girl replied
~End of story~ the boy do not know what is his problem or what the girl wants, and the girl will probably ended up sad again when he continues to upset her without realizing it. 

- i think honest confession of your feelings is quite important . i tell my boyfriend EVERYTHING. if i'm mad at the whole world, mad at a wall, mad at a cucumber, he be the first to know it. SO if i'm mad at him, i stay silent awhile (natural reaction, because if i reply him i probably burst out into tears (i'm such a water sprout)

and if i am hoping something, i just tell him. 
"Dar, can you be more romantic please ? " (i think i sounded harsh here but this is how straight forward i get to him, but he's understanding) 

if you open up to him, he understands what you want, he try to give it to you. 
but then again, personality wise, after a few tryouts , this thing tend to fade unless you keep reminding him to be romantic, that will just be like nagging, so it is , of course, bad news.  haha so good luck on that =.=

4. DON"T EXPECT TOO MUCH,  Just accept the fact that he is NEVER going to be THAT romantic
-Well it's in nature, and by nature, you don't change it's cause. If you try to change him, he turn out to be not HIMself at all, and it's unfair for him to live his life according to what you want and not what he wants. Even if he try to change for the better of the whole relationship, well, in the end his old habit die hard and eventually this whole thing will repeat  again and you be facing the same old unromantic boyfriend. so why change when he's going to be springing back and forth according to what you want?
~Still, if you're seeking for a romantic relationship, find some Libra horoscope guy~ haha

till then i still be crossing the road with this same old question to my boyfriend again
"Dar, why won't you hold my hand?"

Ps: I am not responsible of giving any professional advice, this is all my own opinions, so if you don't like whatever i'm saying here or some may not be agreeable to whatever your opinions are, don't display hatred towards me  but leave my blog platform please ( : 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Style Advisor for Glasses Online

Chinese New year is coming soon and of course it's everybody's job to seek out for great outfits 
and because our weather is so hot these days, we need a pair of nice shades to pair up with our new outfits. 
what say you?

shades or sunglasses are essential to all of us. just like a hat covers our bad hair day
shades cover our bad 'face' day. i once had a swollen eye for wearing  double eye lid sticker for extreme long hours.  so from that day onward, i didn't manage to wear that sticker anymore unless i want to end up getting a football eye again. so i wear my sunglasses all the time to protect my eye and also to cover my 'unappealing' eyes. 

This year Chinese New year i am collaborating together with
as a stylist adivsor to create an outfit together with their Chinese New year glasses. 
i'm always a girly girl so i chose something quite formal looking and i think the the gold brim of the glasses goes well together with the rings and earrings plus necklace. 
red is essential for CNY so i make the red color as a theme. 

There are also some outfit i put together which can be pair with other glasses from Glassesonline

 this Bikkembergs  look pretty chic to me ( : 
i always like shades that doesn't really have this jet black look . i think jet black shades look a bit mafia-looking to me, so i always opt for something like a lighter shade. 
and o ya this Bikkembergs is for men . 

i really like Glassesonline because they are selling a lot eye wears that it seems quite hard to find it outside. Not only do they sell glasses, they even sell contact lenses and eye wears for sports. All their items are at their best price . 

till then , have a happy shopping moment with Glassesonline
( : 
and now for my readers! i present to you this awesome RM20 off gift voucher (minimum spent of Rm100)

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The girl with the yellow dress

well today it is just an outfit picture of this beautiful striking yellow dress from 
Rosewholesale, and oh ya! spot the star hairband on my head? it's from Rosewholesale too!
it came two days late for my photoshoot so i have to snap this myself at my house backyard. 
my ideal shooting place for this dress is among the green paddy fields in my area but because i had just gotten a photoshoot two days ago from the arrival of this dress, so this is my 'ideal' shoot. haha

"touching the almost dead plant"
what i love most of this dress is the sleeves part. 
it sorta cinch over your elbow, i think it's kinda look cute. 

and the hairband! oh my! i have no regrets on this because it's so angelic looking (: 

so i'm so free even i had work. truth is the boss hasn't really let his violin classes business into my hand yet because his son is still there teaching half of the students. i am practically working only 
1 day per week
3 hours for that day
now where can you find that kind of job =..=
i really hope the salary still sticks on, i was hoping about RM300 

the shy looking pose~~ 
the dress is VERY BIG on me, especially the waist line. 
i thought maybe it would look very laid back without the belt, but no, it is very HUGE on me that i doesn't look laid back at all. 
so i added my headband over my waist. 
Yes, that is my headband, not a belt!

close up!
still the sleeves work everything on it. 
i seriously love the sleeves part. 

chinese new year is coming soon!
i'm pretty excited but still feeling sick because i didn't get myself a nice dress yet. 
i want to wear a dress during the first day of CNY, because every first day of CNY we will have group family pictures and i want to look my best on that day
(well who doesn't right?)

and this is the actual picture of the dress i've chosen. 
she make the whole dress look really laid back and pretty!
but i can't pull it off ) : 

and hey!
my preloved shop is opened!
i've added 31 pictures inside my Facebook album 
i really hope you can check it out here!

here's a preview of it 
selling skirt, dress, pants and even jumpsuits!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Join Sheinside fashion blogger program!

Today i be blogging about this fashion online store that hits the blogging market pretty fast : Sheinside which is call "She Insider" in Facebook
i think the whole site is full of clothes that i always dream off having it  everyday, i mean clothes are never enough for girls right? haha
so here's a brief description of what Sheinside is about

1. they update daily on their new arrivals 
2. fashion inspiration from the high street fashion cities like London, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York 
3. Selling clothes (dress, top, bottoms you name it), jewelries and accessories

and here's my favorites among them all!
i wish i can pick all of the clothes from there, everything seem to be my favorite over there. haha
Tops that i love!
(click the words to get to know about the clothes in detail: clothes from left to right)

(i cannot believe my eyes that this has 286 reviews! this dress is so popular!)
3. Vintage collared printed dress

and lastly my favorite piece of all ! (i'm always melting over dresses because i'm such a girly girl)

This dress is the bomb! i don't mind having it in different colors beacause i really like the top part of the dress! 

do check out Sheinside official website :
and they have a fashion blogger program for you to apply ( :