Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fatigue chic

Tomorrow, i will start a five day holiday sitting the Aeroline go..can't believe they atcually serve CHICKEN RICE shop as our meal..we will stop by at KL, 1utama ad then board the aeroline there to singapore..*yawn* it will be a very very long readers, i will be absent for five days..

i got my own mobile phone already!and just last night, i an cha mou men had a wonderful dinner at TM bidding farewell to Stupid who is going to work in genting for three sickening month..oi, do something wrong so that the bos can fire you! haha..because she feel heavy hearted to go, and i feel heavy hearted too..gbye!~

Just one of my pic..there's plenty but i got to keep it coming after five days of *yawn*..after that i'll be taking driving lesson..and guess what? I GOT A JOB!! i just need to go one week once and it count by hour.. one hour 16 dollars..(nothing much) as a violin teacher at PERLIS..god damn..sooo far..haha, but i aint complaining since the music shop owner is daddy's friend.then i saw Kedah Music Academy offering job too.. because i really need money badly, i think i wanna try my luck there too..

imagine lil ann teaching those toddlers how to hold the violin..i'm afraid they would either take it and hit it on my head, or think it's a giant chocolate and eat it..

Who's that stick? ANN TAN, me!


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