Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MY short hair

i was wondering how i would look like with short hair..and this is how i do it..oh yeah, it's not a wig but i tie it into somekind of turnover that makes it look like i'm having an edgy bob hair..hopefully i don't shock you though..coz i love my tresses, cutting it off is like amputating one of my hand..

sometimes i wash my hair, my hair turn out really curly..and sometimes it look just like a broomhead..i wonder why my curls still last after two years..

I will be away for five days ..Am going to Singapore and how am i suppose to shop when i'm sooo gonna wear the best outfit and am gonna try my luck in asking for another trip to universal studio? Transformer new ride man!!!! there were rumours about HARRY POTTER..if it is!..BRING IT ON!! i'll be the first one to ride it fifty times !!!
Doing a domain is hard, so im keeping my blog because it had reached 50 followers..First you must have money to pay for a free website domain..second you had to extra buy GBs?and then you must have at least 300 views per day to keep your blog..or not they are going to delete your whole blog..
so forget it..
i'm sticking to you, dear bloggie..


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