Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hungry and Busy

Its 11.20pm and my stomach is growling, why am i hungry>.< i had to stand the hunger no matter what, because eating at this hour will make you grow fat twice the size. ARGH, but i'm soooo hungry, i ate rice just now, what happen to my stomach~40 minutes to go till my bedtime, bare with it..

everybody is in a christmas mood, exspecially this year. i rmber last year, it was sooo dead (well, to me) ..good gracious, i give up, i ate something...
Tomorrow will be a busy day, the day after tomorrow will be even worst. the only problem that occur in my mind is that, if mou mou they all go my house, how to solve the food problem unless my parents stay there lah..of course..

waiting for alien now~
Gonna reach my bedtime soon ady..



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