Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make a wish

We'll be a dream...
Close up..
Exam just ended and i wasn't surprise that the marks are higher then Mid year..We had been stressing around Drama...I don't know why are they soo tensed up..i admit that we waren't that prepare for everything but we're going there not to compete, we are going there to show our best and make the best of what we can do.

I wish...I had my own hopes
life without anything to look forward
is meaningless.
might as well be dead then..

I knew it! i knew this would happen one day! When everyone's in different classes, friends will never remain the same forever..I knew it! but why am i not prepared? WHY?? i have to accept the fact that life last year is not going to be t.. i met a new clique of friends..thank you for the link and friend web they gave mehe same this year..with different surroundings, i met a new clique of friends but it takes time to atcually had that bond...
 my old friends..*sigh*
i will have to let you all go then left me speechless..
my foot..

can someone decipher me?
i asked my friends to imagine what will happen one day if all of us are twins? it'll be sooo cool, no more loneliness, an extra friend, another shoulder to cry on and no more mirror..I'll be sooo happy if i am able to have a twin me..but it'll be a pain to others right? Who wanna see double Ann shrieking out in stress at class? who wanna see double Ann sulking in the corner?
Who wanna hear Double Ann talking in third person?

I am a solid box
but i have feelings of remorse
Don't you dare say you know me
coz even i can't even see

If only i'm prepared
then i am able to face reality..
avoiding is never a result
but how could you??
You're not a human
You're a monster
blind people can't see you like i did before
but i can now


Mini Me

When i was just a little girl...
I, myself can't believe i looked like that when i was around 3 or 4 years old..Gosh, time flies sooo fast..Anyway..when i was young, i do not remember anything except playing with my toy and got sooo obsessed with Pokemon that i call all my toys with pokemon names..

Aren't my dad one old fashion rugged man? haha..and my sister look sooo lost..
All i remember was that i used to have all those Disney tapes at home and before i went for Kindergarten i would put in one tape and watch Snow White, Chip and Dale, Mickey Mouse and so on until i'm satisfied..
And yeah, i used to play with my brother a lot..He would talk with me using all the toys i had and i will talk him back..But now..he doesn't talk to me at all..How sad..
Don't i look like a dude?
Okay, so i wasn't that capable of doing anything and always got scolded for being useless and hopeless in everything...I was terrified of even going for piano lesson at Yamaha (that time) i kept shooking my head, refusing to go, crying and sobbing..then i went for the real ABRSM piano lesson next next next to my house..
Trust me, i was horrible in piano when i was younger..I even had to wait for another year to take my Grade One..instead my childhood best friend took it earlier then me..I am a slow learner..though i do no own a shell to be a tortoise..
So this is my childhood friend, Jia Ling..pretty isn't it? and i still looked like a boy over here..
Okay, i used to envy here because she is damn smart and parents adore her talent..unlike me, i wasn't that don't expect me to be a lightbulb eh?
i think this must be when i was 3 years old because my sister looks like she's 9, but wait! how can she be 9 when she's 7 years older then me? again, i looked like a boy..

I always have small Monolid eyes (which people don't look good in..) so, putting on Mummy's spec is the best thing to ENLARGE my eyes..XD
Ann started to grow up..and my bro grows way bigger...people cannot believe their ears when i told them i had a brother..Omg..did i forget about him, totally??
When i was 9 years old..
10 years old
11 years old
12 years old
13 years old
14 years old
15 years old
Recently...face changes..everything changes..
how i wish..


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brief Modddeelliinng

I didn't know what put me to snap this kind of photos...apparently, i am not tall enough..But i am utterly obsessed with clothes and it is really nice to snap pictures of your clothes and see how you really look's different if you just looked yourself in the can study yourself from the pictures...but mirror? erm...better think twice..
Instead of bragging about all these photos...let's talk about what i've been obsessing these days..
Songs: Dynamite-Taio Cruz (Five thumbs up for the awesome beat and rhythm)
Clothes: High waist pants? and a very very high ankle heels..
Magazines: Galaxie and those japanese magazines featuring pretty clothes..
Music genre: With great beats...
Fashion Genre: Earth Tone
Candy: Snickers..XD
Food: Eggs....
                                               My face spoils the whole picture...argh
Each time i heard my friend complaining about their relationships..I just shook my head..They say love is blind and it's really blind..because when you're inside the relationship, it will blind you and only outside people can see the problem..I can see the problem, but i did not dare tell my dear friend in case she turn out like me, flooding the whole school with water..just three months ago, she was telling me how great he was, and i agreed with her that she had chosen the right one..but damn, he turn out to be a cold refridgerator after that..i can analyse it, but i will not say a word..i hope that guy could just knock his head and stop ignoring her...
I still can't stand some people who think they're sooooo great and awesome when they really suck ..dude, it's just a game, why do you have to keep repeating 'idiot idiot' to me each time i'm thinking?? I don't hate that person because she is my friend..but sometimes, attitude can be really annoying
                        That dress is SOOOO ugly...and it's not a dress's a long skirt..i've seen a lot of people wearing heels with white socks..and i am shock to atcually think they wore it out like it's meant for their i tried to wear just like them and i vowed that i would never show myself outside with this kind of weird dressing..never
Try saying 'Alpha Q' quickly three times..
(don't say it loudly infront of your'll shock them)

Chiu Yee asked me to do this 'Vanilla Twilight' cover for her...and i still don't get the melody..
i figure out the chords already but i still can't get the melody..
so, i apologize to her over here..and sorry for abandoning you again this evening when we're suppose to go out cycling again..XD good luck for your badminton tournament 2molo..

Just informing you guys..
Every thursday OR friday..
i will update at least one post...
but if it's a holiday
then i'll be able to update more each day..


When it rains...

A big heavy rain at school today and gosh..after that, many people didn't act normally...
Guess what? for the first time this year, i atcually listened to my chemistry teacher at school from the start till the end..and i cannot stop laughing my ass off...i even record how she pronounce her 'GREAT' english...and this is what i learned in0 Chemistry today..

Periodic Table- VEGETABLE
Pulled nearer- Pull-led neaver
Form Coloured- Foam Kolot
Attract- Attack
Followed- Float
Reactivity- Rat-activity
Reacts- "BLEURGH" (Vomit)

And it is very very rude to laugh at your teacher's pronouncation...but i was rolling all over my seats while Jia Wen and Xin Ning were busy playing 'Battleship' behind a whole stack of books ...At the end of the class, i apologize to myself for being toooooo rude to the teacher (when she didn't even know i was laughing behind Jia Wen and Xin Ning's tower of books)

Public Speaking Inter-Class didn't went soooo well during my Impromptu..What is happiness? Happiness is where i can smile, laugh...what would the world be without happiness? it'll be full of people like TERMINATORS ..(people laugh) and then *BLANK* if only i could throw Arnold Schwarzenager (Don't know how to spell) in it and make him look like Sylvester Cat instead..

so here's a photo of MINI-ME...
and i have no idea the world is upside down...
my brain is upside down..
so when it rains again..
god knows what would happen...


Friday, July 9, 2010

Novel dialogue

When it's a blog, it's suppose to write words in it..or at least just stick your photo at the screen..When it's a blog, it's meaningless if people don't read it or at least just sway their eyes over your pictures..soooo please read..XD
I'm going to share how i wrote my novels..I don't know why but i always wrote it in figurative are some of the me, you might even need a translator..

Lea: Where's Jay Yo?
Freddie Jerk: Jay Yo is naked and covered in waters at the moment..
Lea: w-what?
Freddie Jerk: He is in the hydroroom, this phone ain't waterproof, y'know?
(Hydroroom ~ place for you to take your shower...bathroom)

Fred Jerk: Can't even get the courage to say I hearts you?My arms are all cuts and bruises  from your words.
Lea: That's because I'm having problems understanding your metamorphosis..
Fred Jerk: A normal ten year old can understand every word i spray.
Lea: Where did the ten year old come from? your son?

Fred Jerk: My words, have you seen Kimmie?
Lea: No, do i look like alphabets to you? (Fred just said 'MY WORDS")
Fred Jerk: I saw your photo with Jay Yo, you two looks like mushrooms.
Lea: Har? there's no mushrooms!
Fred Jerk: Exactly, mushrooms are cute
Lea: why don't you talk straight to the words. Skip the figurative speech..
Fred Jerk: My words are not figurative. It's an art of talking..

Drunken Kim in the pool: Ooh, it's water! I'm thirsty! I want to drink all of this!
Lea: Look what happen? The next thing i know, she must have walk into an uncovered manhole and fall inside, thinking that somebody had close the light instead!

Kim showing Lea her tattoo
Lea: what's with the angel's wing?
Kim: Symbolize you, silly. Next time you should have a devil's tail or horn. We could have a friendship bond or something.
Lea: I rather have Spongebob Squarepants.

Lea fell hard on Liam's chest and bang her head right on it..
Lea: That's hard. What did you put inside? All your coins saving?

Lea: I can't believe it. She kissed Justin Bieber and this is what she gets. Fame and status
Kim: Next time you could try another way to get famous. You can stalk him, kill him overnight, cut his head and bake it for the world to eat.

Jay Yo: You come for the money, but even for the money, there's always a price
Robbers: what's the price? Your life?
Jay YO: Your identity. I can see behind your sunglasses that you're as timid as some kid in diapers back at kindergarten. But that'll be an offence to them.

Jay Yo: What did i miss for the past two days?
Lea: You miss me getting my head muddled by Freddie Jerk, Kim's infamous stripping dance and our principal eating the school's grass because he was too hungry to wait for lunch.



Boo yah! We got poor third for state level..Sin Min SP was damn good..the minute they went up the mouth couldn't stop closing until the end of the day..They just WOW me, they deserve it for staying over at school till midnight for practice..

URgh...i look sooooo DARK sitting beside WEI YING..
EVERYONE of us kept saying to pack our bags and go home when we heard Sin MIn SP team sang during practice..they even bought their music out to practice on the grass..just imagine that, under the sun, no stopping till it's time for their turn to compete...We practice too, trying to push the other oponent team out of our brain

trust me...i look sooo weird!! ~.~
Anyway, there's nothing wrong with us. we didn't do anything wrong during our's just that we got beaten by a better team..nothing to be sad about..
T.T (just trying to comfort myself..)

AFter this picture of me, SU YIN AND WEI YIng..

Su Yin : Will you marry me?
Tree: Find someone your age...
So Su Yin went to find the Pillar instead and got married..
(Not tall enough)

Ann: The pillar doesn't want you! SHOO!
Since Ann didn't want to leave Su Yin's 'husband'..Wei Ying came to the resue..
Then Ann hit her with a chair..BANG! Boo Hoo went Wei Ying

Then Wei Ying got up and threatened Ann with..erm..what's that black thing she's holding?
Ann got scared so she made amends with Wei Ying...
Leaving Su Yin back to her husband XD


after choir competition, fall sick, 39'c more celcius and you can make toast on me XD
all these lasted for four days...
after that i'm not allow to have any hectic lives anymore..must cut down all my activities..(which i love..)


Thursday, July 1, 2010


(100% by ear, no scores, no notes and within five minutes of fresh listening XD)

sorry if it was pitchy..XD

Crushing hard

Falling Slowly
Heck, i have never never never never felt that way before to some random guy i barely know..DUDE, i was shaking soooo violently, i can't even hold a pencil..I'm trying hard to avoid him, because i'm afraid if i ever walk beside him ever again, i might forgot how to walk..

My whole body trembled even when i'm sitting without doing anything..i didn't breathe..or maybe i forgot how to breathe..LOL =.='' and i just found out he knows how to play the guitar..that is making me even more OBSESSED and CRAZY over him..i have always always wanted someone who can share their interest in music like me..
I can't believe my junior atcually knows, practically i squash a lot of information from her..huh..I gotta admit that i am a stalker..but i won't put too much hope..she says that he is extremely girl-friendly..lots of girls had been crushing hard on him the same as i do.

He is making me feel worst because that night, he turn up with this extremely tight white T-shirt with white bermudas shorts and white shoes..It emphasize his body and that was the time i atcually turn like a human-vibrator..can't stop trembling all over..

it's such a painful experience...

A random pic of my darling sis ..(did i just wrote 'Darling'??yikes...)
Guess what? Pizza Hut charge the NON-muslim extra 5% for tax..My Dad is extremely mad about it, not because of the price but to think that they DISCRIMINATE us!!!


ps: i wrote a song for him.