Thursday, January 31, 2013

i shoot myself *bang* !

it's been ages since i set the timer for my own photoshoot.
first: i got no time
second: i had to be alone in the house to shoot it if not i'll be too shy to strike a pose
third: make sure there is no neighbor around staring at me like i'm some kind of alien trying to freeze there while the timer sets off.

Top: Nichii
lace pants: A boutique shop
Oxford shoe: Vincci
Socks: soxworld

the back of my top. 

i opened a new photo album in my facebook account called "i shoot myself *bang!*" meaning 
i photo shoot myself. 

i'm getting very frustrated here. it's another week for chinese new year and i still didn't get ANY new dress. Its a tradition for us to wear NEW clothes during the first day of chinese new year and for once in my whole entire lifetime, 

excuse number one: i didn't dare to go out with my friends anymore ever since the beauty contest because my dad did warn me not to go out that often anymore
excuse number two: my mum had totally no interest in buying ANYTHING anymore so i had give up my bugs in trying to bring me go shopping
excuse number three: too little time!

seriously what is NEW YEAR without a NEW dress? 
it's like a bird without wings
a car without petrol 
a chicken rice without the chicken
something like that.
i can't help to feel envy that my friends had tons and tons of new year clothes while i look into my closet and see none.

moody moody..
anyway been trough ups and downs this week but i rate it 4/5. 
and oh ! i finally got myself a smartphone!
not a very expensive one since i doubt my mum would allow me to buy that. but nevermind, otherwise it's better than my old phone.
way better
so don't ask me what type of smartphone i had, i'll be too embarrassed to say it out.
no iphone 5 if you're wondering.

my current cover photo in facebook~

thanks PIXLR.COM for the awesome photo editor !
love the colour filled for the photo to give a vintage effect.

seriously hope i can get myself a really pretty new year dress


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life of an epic violinist

credits to my class monitor, Wei Chee for taking this with his photo app! i have to do a lot of poses in about a few seconds so this is the result of it.

so what is life after the beauty contest? first you get rewards! i've just went to the furniture shop called CLASSY GLORRY to "spend" my Rm200 voucher on furniture. in the end we got a special kind of floor seat after searching around at that expensive yet HUGE amazing furniture shop ( i wouldn't like to call it SHOP since it's like so huge i'll get lost in it)
as for the two boxes of tea, i doubt my dad had drank it all though.
i still have a Rm500 worth of 3 days 2 night trip to any hotel if i buy a LG smartphone.

me, akwardly writhing the wire out of my way while walking.

January is not really a month for me

first: i've been through soooo many fights!
second: I've miscut my stupid fringe bringing my face to pizza size
third: after the competition, my forehead pimple started to pop up again. i think it's because make up destroyed my skin
fourth: My phone died (the touch skin just went dead)
fifth: i'm so broke! the petrol is killing me
sixth: no fate

One pose. can't wait to get the disc for the whole performance! i probably *face palm* myself after watching how awkward the whole thing is.

after going through sport practice last Wednesday, i knew, i TOTALLY knew, i will be two shades darker. 
other than struggling or barely holding up a 5kg ball to throw, i ended up having two sore legs today.

snap snap snap. one with my hair still intact, another with my hair undone.
Left: me with Dan Right: me with chicken

a group shot with the judges!
why i'm so small here! T.T

anyway! chinese new year is coming up! it is a practice where you have to buy new clothes to wear during Chinese New year. 
i didn't have mine yet! and it's about 18 days to go till i reach that date!!
*biting my nails furiously*
when oh when can i go shopping?!?

anyway, besides learning how to play monopoly cards, i guess school is pretty interesting IF the teachers supposingly didn't enter class.
fat chance


Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Big Day part 2

tadaa!! as i promised, i will totally update this big night of my life!
here are all the pretty ladies for the finale of this competition. i was soo excited to try out the gowns because obviously it was my first time dolling up.

after announcing the final top ten, we were rush to this wedding shop at simpang kuala called "bai nian hao he" whom sponsor us 10 beautiful gowns for each of us. i didn't have much choice to choose because i was slow and choosy at some point. but well, beggars can't be chosen.
obviously, with not much of a booty, i had to go upstairs and had it adjusted. they make the top op the bust there as tight as possible so that you won't experience wardrobe malfunction when you're up stage.

after rushing to get our make up done, this is our opening dance which we had practiced six hours. Thanks to UNIQUE dance studio for teaching us!
the song: Hey Girl- B1A4

each time we had this catwalk, we must walk on this red carpet thingy with the CRSM opening the lane for us to walk trough. i love strutting my way trough there!

tadaa! our dance! 
if you can atcually spot me, i'm the one at the (computer screen left) end.
and oh yah, we all have "bird nest" hair sticking right behind our heads.

and i did one terrible mistake. i went too forward and tadaa, the ending pose where i was really TOO out of the place from my group. T.T
not to mention, i feel sort of LONELY overthere too..haha!

speaking my biodata! seriously, i can't recognise myself here.

strutting the sporty look! we were all suppose to bring our sports equipment. 
some took squash , some even took golf sticks, dumbells too!! and even do a little kung fu!
i was partner with this girl who has a leg to die for. she was sooo thin i feel like a fat elephant beside her! definetly feel some tension being partner with her, but hell yah, she was really friendly. 

our ending poses together.

the pretty host and hostess
bobson and kie kie ..erm..(did i spell correctly? )

the moment we had all been waiting for! wearing our gowns!!! that moment where everbody would transform to become pretty brides!
first up: contestant number 1
the youngest of all 20 of us.
and honestly, she did extremely well judging by young she is! she's only 15!

tadaa! this was one of my favourite gown!
red booms everything. i jot it down in my future wedding planner.haha
contestant number two : phoebe
she's the oldest among us (doesn't look old) and she's really friendly.

tadaa! contestant number 3 : albee
my partner for the catwalk thingy? pretty babe who has a rose drawn on her back.

and me, ANN TAN. contestant number 4. somebody told me i didn't choose the right dress, so i was pretty disappointed. 
but well, again, beggars can't be chosen. i still feel like princess .

contestant number 5
this girl is one load of personality. so it is not surprising she is the CHAMPION for the competition!
and she has a figure of a model, no kidding.

contestant number 6! this cutie pie!! haha
she has a really sweet smile and i use to buy food from her parents store.
tom yam mee! yum yum!
she got 4th place in the competition

my darling friend esther! contestant number 7.
the only special and one of a kind dress. i had only one word to describe it

another of my darling friend, shi yun!contestant number 8
i keep saying if her boyfriend sees her in this dress, he would marry her tomorrow. 

contestant number 9, another cutie pie with the sweetest smile i've ever seen.
no surprise, she got 3rd place in the competition, plus she's a vegetarian!

between the gap of the result, they gave prizes to all the important people and guests and well everybody involved! 
the lovely judges.
From left: (guy with blonde hair) famous hairstylist, Derrick Kee, Ice Ku the dance instructor from Unique dance studio, Miss Katerine Loo from Swiss Loo, Mrs Malaysia from Cheah Dance Studio, Pola Cosmetic boss, our beloved catwalk instructor.

this is the winning talent contestant!

she even got two prices! one for miss most talented and miss popularity! 

miss facebook popularity!

a fat rounded picture of me for miss most wise? erm..something like that. 
didn't know i would bag that prize seeing that i've answered the question in pure english.
and of all 10 questions, this is the ONLY question that i didn't even look at , or prepare before hand.
did it impromptu like a boss.
i spend most of the time didn't know what i was bragging about anyway.

miss Care heart? hahaha
lucky girl!

another price for bagging 6th place in the competition.

the obvious final two. i've already know it from the start that either one of them will bag the winning title.

and tadaa!! the winner!!!
congrats !

the three of them! awwhhh.

and the expensive crown the winner get to wear. 
*envy envy*

but anyway! this was a really great experience! special thanks to Pola cosmetics for doing our make up! D'style saloon for doing our hair! Unique Dance studio for teaching us how to dance! our pretty teacher for teaching us how to strut the catwalk! and most of all, thanks to YMM for giving me this priceless opportunity! 
i salute those ymm members that work day and night just to make sure this competition works out without any flaws.

i'm elated for getting this experience, no doubt my parents didn't bat one eyelash over me joining it. 
but hey, it's a platform towards my passion!


Friday, January 18, 2013

my new hair and look

just after facial complimentary for joining this bright model competition!
and a picture of my bangs.
OKAY, last night was the bomb,but i didn't take my camera with me, so i'm only waiting for someone or ANYONE whom got pictures of me in my final top ten model show. so, be patient!! i'm sure i will post about it!

the arch of my new eyebrow.My hair is getting really long already, maybe i will go and curl it right after chinese new year when i get ang pow  for extra money! the car petrol money is sucking all my money out from my wallet!!! T.T
anyway, i have a big tendency of writing what happen last night, but i just can't because i do not have pictures of it!!! T.T so it's not relevant with my post today.

scrunching my face.
okay, so i wanna talk about what happen last week instead .
i was getting ready to go to spa, i knew i told my parents the day before that.
but the next day later did my mum found out that going spa, you have to wear nothing but a towel. i see why is that a big deal, since it's a beauty parlour with only female at present, and i'm not going alone, i'm going with my classmate. 
but i guess i can feel my mum being paranoid about it, so i phone her in the middle of going there. guess, it all came to "QUITTING THE COMPETITION"
can u imagine that?!?! i cried my eyes out in the car.
bawl, burst out into tears, from afternoon till night.
i was in the room the whole night, didn't want to speak to my mum, because she would have just told me not to go before that, or maybe NOT TO EVEN JOIN THIS COMPETITION FROM THE BEGINNING!i have come so far, nearly a month, and i can't have the heart to pull off this thing!

i phone my sister, bawl at her, and by night, she manage to persuade my mum and yay!! three cheers to my darling sister! she's always my life savior.
my mum had a heart to heart talk on why she couldn't support me in it.
so i understand, but at least i can still GO AHEAD with the competition, but my parents won't be there.

okay, i think i look extremely funny or ugly here.
just focus on my eyebrow!
love it thick and beautifully arch.
thanks Pola Cosmetics.

so i receive a lot of people asking me how's the result last night. i appreciate my fellow friends that stick with me from morning till night to watch me! thanks!!
but some couldn't make it at night, so they remain clueless on what happen.
this is what i have won!

Left: Zhui Jia Zhi hui jiang (miss smartest?) really?..really really?, i didn't even dream of that!! NEVER! but i'll update what really happen on that night when i got the pictures!
right: number 6.
so ya, i got number 6 out of 20 beauties.

tadaa!!! i love this! ! this is what i have dream of wearing the whole time, minues the tiara ( i didn't win the first, so i don't have a tiara)
but nevermind, it was a great ultimate experience!
for a miss shorty!


the big day PART ONE

this is it! the final day for 2013 bright young girl modeling contest? har, i really don't know how to translate it into english. this is the bright stage!
i have to wake up as early as 7.30am to get myself going to AS mall to get my hair and make up done.
it's going to be a very very , trust me, very very long day.
of course, i do not put too much hope on anything. i didn't even think of getting into the final top ten.

the beautiful and stylish judges. 
after one month period of great training and grooming (from catwalk classes, make up lessons, spa treatment, facial treatment, and everything)this is the VERy final day!
everybody was rushing to get their make up done, trust me, it was a long and painful process to just sit and wait patiently while you know you still have heaps of things to do after that.

first walk, we were suppose to wear this orange and red t-shirt. goes up stage and introduce ourselves. seeing that my mandarin language really sucks, all tangled over, i decided to go trough the safe pace by speaking my "about me" in pure English.
so here it goes

"good morning to all the audience and the fellow judges! i'm contestant number 2 , my name is Tan Wei Ann (although i prefer Ann Tan) and i am 19years old. I live in the land of paddy field which is Alor Star, i am currently still a student studying in my upper 6. My hobby is to write songs, write blog, and play my musical instruments. my life philosophy is that i want to be successful in what i am passionate about, and that is blogging and music. i know the road towards that is hard and tough, but when there's a will, there's always a way. i hope i can get a PHD in my music course, so all the audience out there, i hope you can feel my passion for it, vote for me! thank you"

no kiddin,g we're suppose to say our biodata according to NAME, AGE, LOCATION, OCCUPATION, HOBBY and LIFE PHILOSOPHY.

i'm so short T.T
but still not the shortest, thank god!

i'm so short T.T
those ladies up there ranges from 15-20 years old. i can't believe i have to say i'm 19 years old even though i didn't pass my birthday yet, but , oh well, it's just an accustom to them.

the final top ten!!!! i was one of them!!!  can't believe it!!
no wait, seriously, they must have make a mistake, those who didn't get are like superb! but later did i found out that they wasn't looking for a model worthy girl, they're looking for someone who has this "BRIGHT" personality, because that is what the competition is about. But of course as the competition goes on and the final result were revealed, LOOKS does matter too.

my talent show. LOL i was nearly in tears when they told me my wire wasn't long enough to reach the stage. after begging with my eyes, the chairman decided to let me perform it on the floor, right face to face with all the judges! 
but my clip on microphone quality was TERRIBLE. (cheap thing, i didn't have much money to buy a better one)
all the while , i can hear banging sounds when i go too over the board with my violin.
but i heard cheers when i started dancing while playing oppa gangnam style in heels.
guess it was the toughest and craziest thing i ever did.

(the host were saying "oppa vanna style" and i was like O.O?!?!?! i guess she read it wrongly. it is suppose to be oppa violin style though T.T

the scoreboard for another type of award. Miss Popularity .
i didn't get much though, around 20 red stickers while the winner has 103 stickers.
big diff eh?

in the newspaper!!!

this is part one! the final was at night where we get to wear beautiful wedding like gowns! i post about it later!!!