Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What i bought , what i splurge, my shopping spree

 Brands outlet! i use to love shopping of their accessories.
so i bought two of the lovely ribbons (there are hell loads of other colour, if only i had more money, i would have bought every colour each)
each of the ribbon cost Rm12.90 and the sweet pink (they call it macaroon colour) cost me Rm69.90
and the red white hair band is from F.O.S
Rm13 which i suddenly think back, I"M HELL OF A SHIT TO BUY SUCH A TINY WEENY THING FOR RM13

i LOVE KITSCHEN SOOOO DAMN MUCH!! ahaham, the left grey blouse, i bought it in Gurney and the left skirt (for my photoshoot) at Queensbay.
grey blouse : Rm39.90
skirt: Rm69.90
yar, i purposely bought the skirt just for the shoot, because it is not meant to wear go out for casual. Its long at the back, and short infront, so its more couture looking.
and dang, the male clothing over there look kinda attractive too.

for a few pairs i must use it wisely , because its really costly..
once you bathe, the whole thing will come off already, so i must only use it on special occasion or long day event only.

 FourSkin <3
i bought the earrings.
three for Rm10 only..
 i saw loads of headband, but the colour doesn't suit any of my clothes.
but they had lots of male loafers over there, if only they had my size, i don't mind buying it.
i wanna try to be androgynous for once.

I bought this, finally!!
Philips, 13 heat styler, 5 hairstyles
i went to search for curling tongs, and all the shopkeeper show me one curling tong that cost Rm78 for one stick ==
i might as well buy a lot of heads with a price of Rm129
so i bought this.
i haven't tried it yet though~hopefully it works
i have loads of hair care product, so i won't worry if i over heat my so-called virgin hair

*glee like a big fat pig*
okok, i must put a stop to shopping now..this has been really too much for one day


the journey to Penang

 tralalala, my face look soooo sad )))):

ok, so i went to penang feeling happy, i finally get to go shopping. i have mental notes on what i want to buy, which shop i wanna go, and blah and blah and blah.
and i ended up buying stuff that i really think that it's not that vital for me to use for the moment ==''
i ended up spending Rm400 in two days..ahahaha, last month's pay all GONE

 They sayy if you wanna keep your girlfriend from shopping, HOLD HER HAND!
but you can't hold mine larh, i can even shop with no hands, i just use my mouth
"hey, can i have that pink sweet pants please?"
"can i have that pancake please? yar, and would you be kind enough to feed me too?"

girls and shopping cannot be seperated.Nope, NEVER..

ahahaha, i'm wearing that hot red lipstick..

so we went to Gurney first~~~~for the first time, mum let me shop alone coz she's always in the department store while i'm itching to go to the outside shops.
what is there to see in Parkson ==''
anyway, i think i will blog in another update about my whole shopping spree

 i'm totally BROKE!!!
yar, just one update before, i told you guys that i'm loaded..
and oh yeah, i went to F.O.S just for fun even though i know
they say F.O.S is (Full Of Shit)
i bought a ribbon hairband and went to the counter.
there was this cacausian lady getting mad over the cashier

"I do not need to sign anything, i've already had my pin number in my credit card"
the malay guy look blankly at her
"Oh for god's sake!!!" she yelled
i was beside her watching it like a soap drama..
so she grab the paper, sign it and threw it back to his face.
poor guy..~

So after Gurney, mum drove all the way to Queensbay~
i shop alone again XDDDD
it feel sooo free to shop alone, coz you don't have to worry if someone is waiting impatiently for you.
so we went home in a hurry to reach home in time for my piano lesson
then right after piano, i had to rush go Smiles Yoghurt to meet up with the dudes~

more updates coming up~~


Sunday, May 27, 2012

with lots of love and money

 i think this month i'm sooo loaded.
*money face*
i can't sit still when i have a lot of money in my pocket..i really had the urge to go shopping! you see i can't believe my eyes when my boss counted my pay
i think he miscounted =='' how can it exceed a thousand dollar? this job is easy man, i only got 8 days per month!
but during the process, its like im in a chamber of torture.==''\

 my recent splurge
Liese : Designing Hair Jelly. i haven't 100percent use it yet..though i work hard to make my hair curly again, its just stuck with broom straight.
so i plan to get myself a curling tong so that i can versatile my hair whenever i want.

i'm nw blogging with a swollen eye. there are a loot of possiblities that make my eye left eye swollen ...AGAIN??!

first: maybe  because i watch toooo much lovey gooey between my sis and her bf
Second: i ate tooooo many sotong (squid) last night. more than 20++ FAT squid
Third: i saw one of my student with a swollen i guess she pass it to me..
Oh hell..

 I smile with a grim of pain behind my veil

tomorrow i shall attend MUSIC CAMP . My Johnny Depp look-a-like teacher said it like it will be a fun nice camp, which i hope for, but all i know is about practicing for our July Concert at RTM..(as usual)
9am-4pm in the cold cold cold cold hall with tempting grand piano and a super shinning spotlight drum behind.
super tempting, i tell you, i have the urge to just go and touch or probably lick the drum.

 what i've earn in my old school. A Parker pen, Rm100, Rm20 book voucher, a nice cert and a photo with me and the director of our education system..
mum and dad are both teachers, so i got another Rm200 frm the government
dad is a Kwang Tung association member (i have no idea whats that) so i get another RM100
then my monthly pay which i have just received yesterday
dang, i'm itching to go shopping ==

 how's my lip colour?
i love it!! even though i know it's soooo AMA (grandmother) looking, but i think it's more towards retro where Marilyn Monroe wore it during her days.
I LOVE how STRIKING the red colour is, it's just there.
put me in the dark and you can still see my lips!

 theere, the lipstick from Maybeline Red Revival (meaning SUPER SUPER RED)
it's moisturizing and sooo colour striking, totally in love with it..maybe i should get the pink one..

 the collection of lipsticks in my wardrobe soo far
Left: Maybeline red revival, Artistry,Red Earth@ Sasa, Fasio, Estee Lauder, Wet and Wild (this can throw away ady)

my recent status in facebook : last night eat otak otak with SOTONG, tomyam seefood with SOTONG, a plate full of fried SOTONG
and when i wake up the next day i look like SOTONG

but i still like to eat ...wakakakaka
give you all my love <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

trying to grow up

so what if i like to camwhore?
So what if i like to dress up?
So what if i like to be sooo full of myself that i forgot everybody beside me?
i am who i am, so what?
anyway i do not have any plans for these two weeks holiday.
I just need to get myself a nice perfect dress for this 7th of June photoshooting competition, held in Taman Golf. ==''
seriously, i dare not go to this meeting tomorrow to meet the organiser, he will either
1st: faint when he saw how short i am
2nd: wake up and faint again when he saw how 'beautiful' i am
but! he haven't seen me posing yet. imma great hooks on that!
what i have in mind to wear on that day will be this year trend,
a bright blazing red dress with a long rear end and a short front with white pumps.
for photos, you must wear bright colour clothing so that you don't let all the background swallow you up like a moth.


tadaa!!! our group for performance! credits to Jesslyn for the photos~
most of them become my classmates ^^
i really miss those moment where we enjoy arguing at each other, shouting, shaking heads, and even try banging our heads on the wall..
totally frusrating but FUN
can you spot me? ANN TAN??
i find there's a classmate who keep asking me weird question
Do you know who (singer's name) and ask me to sing all the songs.
and then ask me all sorts of survey question @.@ which i think i enjoyed answering.
are you racist?
can you accept multiracial marriage?
do you wanna have kids?
and he never bothered answering all of it himself.
and he even jot down all kind of brand names. i got a shock, you? ? as a boy, know what the hell is Prada, Dolce & Gabanna , Hermes, etc..
nah, he's just learning how to pronounce all those name
i went through his test like a pro..
AHAHAH, i fail on the D&G..

all sorts of classmates in my class^^
i hope we all LOVE each other like brothers and sisters..
cha mou men, i wish you all were here too~


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Please do not judge me

Class at Kolej is soooo dead boring man! haha, but it was total fun as we sit around each other and chat until there was nothing else better to talk about.
Just yesterday we were playing Truth or Dare to get to know each other well and it was a total laugh and well, it become boring again after sometime

sometimes i feel that i'm too sensitive and worries if they will like me or not.
I'm afraid they would dislike me, i just don't like people talking behind my back, if you had a problem with me can you just tell me right infront of my face so that i can change whatever it is to make everybody happy.
since we're going to be classmates, i hope everybody would love each other ^^
Please do not judge me. ^^
i like to dress up, play with make up , make me look presentable, that doesnt mean i'm (=.=)"
i think there's nothing wrong with making up go school, or anywhere, it's just to make you look confident and happy.  why judge people right?
people with big boobs get talk often by people wondering if its real or fake.
People who are ambitious and think great of themselves get talk as being arrogant
people who dresses sexily and camwhore all the time get talk as being a bitch?i think she's only trying to feel great about herself.
so why judge?
why judge when you can easily see yourself in the mirror?

i think i look real ugly without eyebrows=='' but i don't want thick eyebrows too, its just look like a bush (my sis always said so, my eyebrow look like a forest==)
but i do not have time to have it trim..and using the tweezer hurts.
but anyway, i'm just waiting to grow up so that i can dye my hair brown, and had a pair of brown eyebrows ^^
a potrait~
so anyway, tomorrow i'll be going to school again. then it will be the start of a two weeks holiday~ WOO!!!
during the holiday, i would be able to know the result of whether i'm going to UPM or the teacher training thingy..
and if the answer is positive, i won't be going back to school anymore..
so tomorrow will or maybe not be my last day of school?
*nails biting*


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Leaf Cafe

 ahahaha, taking a poll in posing at the loo ==''
Ladies with the BIG RIBBON <3

 Cha Mou us~
this is our last gathering before Ning, Jia Wen and Sandy go to UTAR leaving me and Hwa back here alor star for Form six ==''
bye bye *sob*

 a bit blurry eh?

 ahahaha, jia wen say my face look very hiao..
again ==''
i guess this 'hiao' face will be my signature look already ever since it got stuck since last year.

 see the bottom left and the top right food??
DANG!!! It was soooo delicious as usual!!! i ate it two times already and i still want more!!!
its called erm...EGG Quesidella? wat? i dont know the second word..ahaha..mexian food filled with vegetables and tomatoes wrapped with taco with salsa sauce..OH SOOO YUMMY!!!!!!

 Oh yeah~ the nachos Ning treat us..
its tooo cheesy for my taste, so i only ate one

 what i wore. i saw a lot of models in magazine wore socks over EVERYTHING. even heels, peep toe, wedges, slippers???
so i tried =='' and it definetly look extra weird on me , exspecially walking in Alor Star~

Lace Top: SELECT
high waist skirt: Emcee Couture
Brogue: Vincci
bag: Shop@ Sungei Wang

 AHAHA!! pose with the Gents~

 Strike a pose  ==''

 Mou Mou me3n, MISS YOU ALL!!!!
you all enjoy life hor~~~~~ ==''

Sexy Shey Hwa with Noob Ann
anyway, In kolej, we had our classes already! i'm in Pra U1 Omega with 9 chinese girls, 6 chinese boys and the rest malay.
the malay boys creep me out *shiver*
instead of studying or diving into a bunch of books, we had a BIG gossip on practically everything!
our class is really fun^^


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My photos can be deceiving

 FINALLY!!! BLOGGIE!!! *hug*
this is my "bak pau" (FAT flabby) face if you don't know.
orientation starts sounding like it would be a fun thing, but
hell no
we sit on the chair until our butt hurt
it's worst than staying at home and shake our legs
thank god i finally know how to pass the time
by reading DAN BROWN: lost symbol that look like a book of dictionary~

 Smile with my long long fringe <3~
i change from science stream to art stream since i really do not want to see myself ending up as a doctor, engineer, chemist or whatever related science field.
so my class will be L6 Omega == ''
sounds like an egg brand.~

anyway, three of us, me, Yong and jesslyn were walking to the toilet at Kolej. There were a bunch of malay juniors hanging out at the canteen. As soon as we walk pass them, this is what they call us
"nen nen pau" (which is bra in hokkien)
In The States, they call boys Dudes and girl Chicks.
In Kedah ALL BOY"S school, they call girls BRA??
then what do they call themselves? jockstrap? Boxers? Briefs? (erm, sorry larh, if this joke is rather obscene)

 ahh~ my curly hair~ <3 i miss you!!!

Seriously,  i can't see myself taking form six until next year. I pray hard that this June the UPM result is out and accept me in! i heard that they will promote us SPM leavers straight to DEGREE! faster than Matrix!? like seriously??
because they say music students in UPM is dying and if they do not have sufficient students in that particular university, they are force to close down that faculty.
so they open up for SPM leavers.

 see my fat face!?
on the other hand, i will also wait for this teacher trainee thingy. I figure out that becoming is a teacher is not bad after all == since i'm sooo lazy to work, i rather choose a job with the most holiday offered ever!
work early morning till noon then the whole afternoon till night you are free!
students got school holiday, all public holiday, i'm free!
see? easy job! >W
but mine is music course, so i guess i'll be going to CHeras if i get choosen

 walking the streets of Marina Bay Sands

so first choice: UPM (this is really worth it, since they straight promote you to DEGREE! no bullshit foundation or diploma)
Second Choice: Teacher (music)
Third choice: UCSI/form six

sounds like a plan ==''

 my fringggeee soooo looongggg~

anyway, there was a "big" competition to earn a slot to perform in Hari Guru (teacher's day)
unfortunately, our group leader is a total jerk =='' all he do was to talk, blabber, jerk here and there , exactly like a girl. Our group sang 1 Malaysia while i played on the piano >w<
and at the end of the day, Eze told me that i was very brave..
Brave? why? the piano can eat me izzit?
and here's wat he reply =='' The piano is haunted, during the night, the piano atcually play by its ownself.
wow!~ thank you for the 'early' information ==

love this shot. Looks like there's a blaze of wind blowing over me but the truth is, i have no idea how the wind effect can be produced here.

My MUET exam is this JULY, my PIANO practical test is this coming JUNE 5th, and my theory test is on August.
and i think this thursday i have to skip school again to go back to my old school to rehearse for prize giving day.
guess i'll be going back to take a few bucks! *money face* and this friday dad had to go collect a few bucks from KWAN TUNG association for my result *double money face* and the government give Rm200 bucks to me because both my parents are teachers.

*triple money face*

haiz, tired~~~~