Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lend a helping hand

just made an account on and be a fan of me!!!! (coz i wanna earn 5 points) tap in a comment to my picture (1 point) here's my link ( :

i need another 169 points to be on STYLE COUNCIL!!! PLEASE!!!! ( : addicted to chictopia...=.='''

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


find me at!!!!!!
This website is awfully fantastic...For fashion lovers, they should sign up for it
I've already sign up for it and you can find me under the name as
Warning: they ask your measurement from head to toe, because they will reward you with clothing if you earn enough chic points by photoblogging


Straits Quay

New Shopping mall!!! just that it's a european looking mall and all the cafe is facing the sea...
Straits Quay is situated at Penang, near Island Plaza and 2 km from Gurney...
Can't wait for the shops to fully open..right's just a couple of shops available..
Every shops are push-in-doors..XD
my ideal shopping destination (in the near future)

I'm soooo late for christmas...=.=''
Mummy made that bag!!! XD and if you look closely..i hang my chicken pox toy there.
Can't open my eyes...glaring sun...*roar*

Yeah!Taller then Daddy!

Straits Quay..Straits Quay....
muah muah muah...

Dress: Forgot liao =.=''
Sweater: Mango a.k.a mng
Crochet bag: mummy made it ( :
flat shoe: Adidas@pavilion
Who's that clown?: ME!


U make me wanna- The pretty reckless (Taylor Momsen)

I can't believe 2010 is just going to end like that...somebody should sponsor tissues to me because i am not ready to step into 2011 yet! oh please ..*Ann had just hung onto a pole and never want to leave it* c'mon, i don't want to be 17..i don't want to face this ruthless SPM..i don't want to be the big sister in school..i don't want to leave my friends and face another set of strangers...
boo hoo!
Though my father said i shall get a laptop if i had 6 A's...(he was going to say 5 A's atcually) does that mean i shall get my freedom back? *nails bitting*..c'mon, this little girl needs a social life..she can't just sit at home and bang the piano all the time...=.=''
Rule number one when i walk into school, i'm going to sit in my chair and listen thoroughly what the teacher is saying...(even though it's my chemistry teacher who still speak 'molecule' as 'molecool')
oh sister, oh i wish i can gibber gabber just like you....
oh brother, oh i wish i can have brains like yours..
oh my, oh my, how i wish i can have a specialty on my own..
oh god, oh god, what ever happen to me? i kept stuttering here and there...
i just can't speak fluently..
) :


Sunday, December 26, 2010


~no Song~
Walau...why i look like a guy like that?....*silence* it's my last year hair if you wanna ask...i only wear huge headband over it until my hair outgrown the whole 'short' thing...and i can't believe i own this tight red skinnies..=.=''
twins...with different come my sister's dress look sooo familiar de?
we're 7 years apart ( :

i'm taller..i'm taller..ngeh ngeh ni bu bu...okay..that time i was 14 and a my dressing sense just suck horribly..enjoy the hair though, skip the way i stand..i just wanna look taller..

 *Smiles* *Love* i miss you, sister!
me, sis, and dad...we're wearing the same dress...( : i think there must be some mistake...god should make us born the same year together...what would happen if my sister become my twin? One will sing everyday and one will talk non-stop.... the whole house will crumble down..
Seriously..i think she should born 7 years later together with me...

*pictures during 23rd December 2008*


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Watch me!

Forget you- Cee Lo Green (my cover)
Please ignore my's a pain in the neck..and's just a fun cover..coz i've got no photos to blog about..i just put my video up instead..XD

Random Q

just read and i realize i love doing those random questions about myself! unfortunately..i can't copy her questions!!'m just gonna randomly form a question in alphabetically order

Age-    16 yrs, 3 months and 1 day old
Boy-   Can Ed Westwick who is 23 yrs old be counted as a boy?
Crush- XD
Death- comes only once in every human being
Exclamation- Holy wow
Friends- lazy to list down one by one
Girl-  Leighton Meester! her legs....oooh....
Hair- Long and curly, short and pixie
Influence- By music a lot a lot
Jokes- how do a dog know two languages? he "woof" and "Meow"
Kissing- ask me later
Love- is hurting and not worth it during the teenage years..
Money- I'm broke! ) :
Name- I only wanted to be known as Ann
Opinion- People should be made feelingless..This world is cruel!!!
Poetry- should be stop during the renaissance years
Queen- wears a lot a lot of corset
Rhymes- Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall..humpty dumpty ...
Sweets- Skittles!
Tooth/teeth- i miss my braces!
Undergarments- are made to wear inside, superman!
Volkswagon- looks like a car with a lot of bumps
Water- i drank loads, thank you
X-ray- teeth or body? i've done both liao
Yodel- Yodel yeah yodel yeah hee hoo..*ahem* i can't sing
Zone- time zone? huh? i don't understand my own question ..=.=''



Thursday, December 23, 2010


Topshop new makeup line
Lol..i can't believe they atcually had a makeup line..their clothing line had already struck one of my they're offering a makeup line? this must be crazy...
and the price is very affordable...


Basket Jeans

Elevator-David Archie
Mummy is obsessed with baskets...again..dang..each time she go Penang..she bought five baskets back...i'm soooooooo elated that i finally got myself a straw hat!!!! and it's eco-friendly too!! (note: i'm a tree-hugger) i waited a long long time surveying the perfect straw hat because you can't buy a lot of straw hats..all the straw hats looked the same! the one at Forever 21 sucks horribly..;talk about quality in brands..they are as soft as limp weeds! i'm glad i come across this shop called Materials where they are super eco-friendly and their bags aint the quality wise is super worth it after 30% discount..they even give you a free paper-bag that are way better then those at Zara's...

Penang lack of ZARA!!!! and COTTON ON!!! and...PULL AND BEAR!!!! and...the list goes on and on and on..c'mon dear Zara..please just open a branch at Penang..please....please *puppy eyes*
Okay, instead of whining about my itsy bitsy concern of my needs...i shall just type whatever happen's the list

1.Went to school to get my school books de...
2nd. New target to buy on shoopoing list is a very very washed out skinny jeans
3. Wish i get my result back, my mum kept wanting to see what i've got for the finals..
4.sick and tired of the song called 'waiting for the end' although it was one of my favourites..
5.Can't believe Johnny Depp looked hot in 'Public Enemies'

Left another week till school reopens...the only positive side i can see is that i don't need to climb four flight of stairs ..i onl;y need to climb THREE flight of stairs..much better than this year eh? to all the people who Celebrates Christmas: HohoHO..MErry Christmas!!!
Rudolph the red nose reindeer. had a very shiny nose...XD

Zipper Jeans dress: Shop@ Sungei Wang
Lace Basket: Some boutique at Queensbay
Basket no2: Some kiosk at Queensbay
Silver Shoes: Adidas@pavillion
xoxo Ann

Sleep in Wonderland

How dyou wear an ugly dress that are meant to be kept forever in a closet?
make it as a sleeping dress..
put a belt on it and brave yourself to walk out ..but it's nothing to be ashame of if you're walking out in KL..*yawn* very brored gonna open soon and i guess my frequent online will be off limits...gonna be Form five soon and then had to crack my head to think what career path am i going...this time, to please my parent's opinion..i just had to take up mass comunication instead of going off to the music industry..

I don't know how to live next year..not to mention about this important SPM thingy, i still had to balance up next year exams (music)..three exams in one to survive?Being 17 is like a huge step to step onto many of you had atcually step up and say, "boy..don't i sound like my grandmother?"

Gosh, i didn't know how long my hair had grown...can you imagine just last year, i  own a short hair that barely looks feminine anyway...right now, thinking of pixie cut just scares me off..i am never never never going to try that haircut at all..i don't have guts i don't have that face forget it..end of
Sweater: Mango
Ugly Rainbow Dress: Some shop at Time Square
Belt: unknown
who's that sick person?: ME!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Faces of Pix

We R we R- Kesha XD
Went to Kuantan to see my was an eight hour we stop by Gohtong Jaya and went up Genting and shop only at Mango was soooo tiring and trust me, when we took the road back to Alor Star again, i feel like throwing up all yesterday's meal...I can never never travel to the mountains again! NEVER! Don't push me or i rather vomit at you..

Kuantan is more like SP..super bored and thank god they had MNG, Padini Concept Store and *gasp* Roxy and QuickSilver...This kind of 'ulu' place also got Roxy arh? the god must be joking...well, much better than Alor Star anyway..WHY CAN"T THEY OPEN MNG at Kedah??WHY WHY???? c'mon...i'm sure if Jusco take over Stargate, all those brilliant branded store would open there...but...*sigh* Stupid Tesco..Go away..SHOO!

Well, the only thing famous over there is the seafood..i have been eating three huge steam fish for the following three nights and i swear i can never swallow any fishes anymore..the dinner we had with my bro is you know how fat the fish was??? i wonder what they feed the fish with..Human?
poor fish, die for nothing..we could have spare you..

Haiz, Mr Chan's work haven't finish yet..he gave me three songs made up of 1 2 3 4 5 that kind of music notes.. I have never never learn that kind of traditional music notes before, and i had to crack my head and re-write the whole thing in modernization notes...
what's the different?

Orange Mango

Whip my hair-nikki ft ...(derno the singer name)
Went to Mango a.k.a MNG to get my first ORANGE dress..i used to hate orange...REALLy freakin hate orange..but then i didn't know orange dress could really look so nice after all..striking and bright like a traffic light...BOO YAH!

Yeap, so my mum atcually bought it for me...because i'm really too broke to even pay for a plastic bag...this dress is only for Chinese New i guess i won't be wearing it for a very very very long time...
and oh yeah, i bought five ribbons finally..i just love love love ribbons...

Dress: Mango
Ribbon: some kiosk at Genting
Shoe: Adidas
Sock: Good Arch
Who's that dummy?: Me!
Camera: Nikon projector camera


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ernie Meenie Mymy mo!

Sesame Street Theme song
Never get obsessed over Ernie in Sesame Street just because it bears the same name as your sister's...
the dog symbolise me by the way...and that orange fellow is my sister XDXD

Freaky ways to distinct me and that orange "sister"..
one is orange in colour..and one is brown..
One has long hair and one has choppy hair
One doesn't have shoes stuck in one leg and the other had bunny shoes stuck in it forever!


Monday, December 13, 2010

A song to sing

Mama Do-Pixie Lott ft headmistress of SMK Convent..XD

Thanks Amal for posting this in Youtube..
this is a very very very funny cover of Mama do-pixie lott
with the headmistress voice at the background..
rawh rawh...!!


Ding Dong

Back to December-Taylor Swift
Here's a brief post of what had crossed my mind a couple of minutes ago
  • Happy belated Bday , Dear Sexy Chiu Yee...
  • Happy current Bday, Dear Annick
  • Happy very very very Belated Bday, Jia Wen
  • Happy Unbirthday to me...XD
 Here's a few lessons to be learned during this 'short' holiday...*yawn*
  • Never ever be obsessed over Johnny Depp just because your violin teacher looks like Willy Wonka...
  • Never bring your mum to a Guess shop full of bags...
  • Never watch Narnia in 3D at the backseat of the cinema..
  • Never laugh at some scenes in Narnia that are not meant for laughing..
  • Never read Guiness Book Of Records for one whole day...(i'm stuck with people's names and numbers and figures!)
  • Never drool over last year ViVi fashion magazine...
  • Never fail to use conditioner on a broom-looking hair

Children dear toys..sorry that you guys had to squeeze yourself in two small tupperware...
) :


Monday, December 6, 2010

21 with a basket

Closet No 1.
Mummy bought a dress for my sister at forever 21 and mummy only sponsor 15 dollars for my own dress ) :my sister wants to see how the dress looks like in case it looks like some lorry just ran over it with dog poo as their pattern..nope..IT"S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! sorry i had to wear it up, because when i saw it solo with no body to give it's really looks like a gunnysack...
how dyou rate that clothing, sis? it's perfect for your working age..(besides..if you don't want it..i'm soooo glad to sink my teeth in...i didn't try on my own dress and it looks like it's trying to squish my organs out of my body..really very dissappointed of my own dress..yours are way way way way better ) :)

and oh yeah, mummy bought four HUGE straw baskets and the two of us looked like some retail seller walking along Queensbay...=.=''here is one of mummy's recent favourite basket..
trust me, mummy had more then 10 baskets all ready to open one shop..she is obsessed with it..this is what happen when you give your mother read too much ViVi magazine..

Really suitable to hold if you're wearing a very very feminine dress..this does not look good on someone who happens to have mohawk hair and wear a michael Jackson suit..
 Readers: I'm adding a new label to my blog! i decided that my style issue label just never seemed to operate at this is my new label called 'Closet'..
i took clothing out of my closet and try to pair it up and post it up and blah blah blah
NOTE: style issue is clothing OUTSIDE my closet
closet is clothing INSIDE my house (which includes mummy's, sister's, blood related's...)

Dress: Sister's
Basket: Mummy's
Shoes: Sister's
Who's that zombie?: ME!!! (Ann)
ShopS: 4ever 21 and a kiosk at QMall

Friday, December 3, 2010

School Reunion

Zombie-Taylor Momsen (The pretty Reckless)

Venue-OldTown (next Keat Hwa)
People: 14 girls and 2 boys..
HA! 2nd time reunion! and this time i meet people that i've never see for four solid years..
i was in doubt whether to go or not to go...seeing these people are really scary because you might think they would just talk to their own friends and treat you like a wall that happen to be painted red...

Me and Lini...
Current school: Sultanah Bahiyah
yeap, she was the organizer..and my primary school best friendXD..without her, i wouldn't even know the definition of 'DANCiNG...i still remember when we were Std 6, she formed a group called 'four Stars"..compromising with me, lini, miao huan and Evon...She is a wonderful dancer,seriously, take a look at her performance and you will wow wow..i'm blind!

Miao huan and me
Miao huan..(i'm scared i spell her name wrongly!) we call her Catwoman, because she miao miao miao...current school: Keat Hwa
During those days, she was very very tall, lean, and a model XD

Me and Aun Ling
Current School: Somewhere in Singapore...
Dude..that girl had changed like someone i don't know...She came in taller, hair longer, eyes bigger, thinner and ..stylish! XD Haiz, she is still the same inside though...
dissappointingly she told me, why so few boys only?'s still her..

 Me and Evon..
We never talk at all...but silence keep us a photo together...Dang, that girl is very pretty..she used to be our primary school singer..Current school: Sultanah Bahiyah...
Oh Wan can i ever forget you?
She's our head prefect with an orange tie, roamiing around the school..that girl is one Einstein ..till then, she always give me lots of advice..she's wise, and mature..everything you can depend on..i'm so sorry if i ever walked past you without achknowledging you..i'm just soooo scared to approach you seeing that we are no longer in contact...
current school: Asma
Thanks for phoning up me to inform me of this reunion!

Half the people gone..haha..this is Lini's mum's studio next to Keat Hwa...right before we had our food at Oldtown..we wonder where did the other go..then i and Lini went outside and saw that the others atcually went to another restaurant eating deserts...God Sake! didn't they eat enough?
Then we didn't know what else to do..and some clever people approach the hotel next door, asking if we are allowed to stay at the Lobby? The guy said YES...
and we started playing...TRUTH OR DARE..
that time there was only me, WanTing, Su Shan, Shin YIn, Aun Ling, How Kit and Zuray..
lol...that was fun...reeally fun...but it was such a short moment though..

From left, me(red), Lini(black), Miao Huan(white), Evon(polkadot purple white), Aun Ling(white), YiTing(grey), SoonSze(grey), Wan Tiing(purple), Shin Yin(red) and SuShan(grey)

Su Shan pay for all of us without letting us know about it..She paid the whole meal AGAIN! she did it last year..and now she did it again...So paiseh larh...and then they were planning to do another reunion again because this reunion not many people come...i bet SuShan will pay again..
Ellyssa said that i still got that stupid english accent in my mandarin..Zuray say that i still talk like that ....well be thankful that i didn't come up and talk in Tamil slang to you...

I will miss you all..

The high waist shorts who would want to write that kind of short story..?Take note people..She is shorter then me XD...

Please please please..make more reunion...i really can't wait to see you guys !!!!