Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wood on the mountain

it's one of that feeling again...i hope for safety, i hope for everything to be happy..i need to think, to ransack my ill accept the deny , to dig it out and try burying it..
somebody give me a shovel, how deep i dig, it will never cover every spot of it..
i know you know..
and we will keep quiet till the end
it will be our little secret

i cover it with a smile..thank you friends to let me discover who i am..and from that struggle and failure, i learn to become me and gain back love..gain self esteem..

"if only you are what you are last time." Some stupid said that to me and i realize how mess up i was before..i wasn't myself because i don't have any acceptance..i was afraid how people would judge me..i was afraid they hate me..

Kor Kor's boots..looks like one of Dr. Martens?
I am more jovial now, more confident, not more that stupid n shape mouth..and this is why you don't find me that appealing last time.(do i sound like a food to you? yummy).
Boo you..

what we share..add value..what we had..add memories..what we been through..add experience..and what we had regretted..add NOTHING..
because there is NOTHING  ahead..
i'm still tied up in the same string with you..


haha...hard to understand eh? i tried my own sentences..
go take a hydro, bro..

and hydro means BATH in my own language..

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