Wednesday, December 21, 2011

weird photo

Practicing for my future swimming synchronisation comp? lol!
Tomorrow i will be officially starting job from morning till evening. The most i can go is six hours, but i think they will put two students at one shot ..XP i have to practice how to take bus from here to Perlis. Buy my own lunch and walk to the bus station. Finally, i will be growing up! No more being called a useless.

Ha! after i get my pay, i'm going to buy a sexy pink ukelele from the place i work. I saw it and i was very attracted to it. The boss would be laughing to think that i give him back what he had just paid, i find his wife very very friendly but he tend to be very scary at some time.
Photos were taken by my phone, so it's very low in quality..coz it's NOKIA.
i haven't bought my chinese new year dress yet, i don't get it why my mum kept buying things for my sister and ignore my needs. didn't she know that my sister is earning her own money while i am still struggling on to keep my wallet full?i just want a new year dress, i'm not asking for a new camera.

gonna google HD microphone on sale

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