Monday, December 19, 2011

I am happier

Music? check. Clothes? check. Blog? check. Friends? check. Family? check. Job? check. with all that, i shouldn't be sad because of you. finally, you gave me a proper goodbye and answer that i manage to get myself to eat again. I loose weight tremendously to 90pounds (but my face still looks like it is pressed upon a mirror)

Damn, i'm going to view the world from now on. I'm going to meet new friends, expand my horizon, the world doesn't revolve around you. I'm going to grow up, meet new people, i'm not going to be shy no more. I'm going to wear a smile, i'm going to ask strangers 'how do you do?' i'm going to focus on Ed Westwick, i'm going to write a meaningful novel to build spirit up.
so i went for my job trial today at Perlis. it seems like the boss daughter needs to go America soon, so the job is vacant, practically throwing 30 students to me. He expect me to teach GRADE 5 students?!?! omg, omg..i don't even have a diploma in my first student was a grade3 girl whom i talk to her and she just stare at the score. Later, my parents said that she may be english educated that she may not understand what i said just now..Oh, what a blunder.I hope i look old enough, she looks like she's 10 and she's as tall as me..=.=''

my sexy red bow shoe. they have leopard too, but i figure out i really need a red shoe for cny. I haven't shop for my clothes yet. Maybe that will keep my mind distracted for a while to plan what i'm going to wear. tomorrow going for Japanese night rehearsal, computer test too.


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